Arkansas’ Attorney General Points Finger at AR Dept. of Environmental Quality: therefore I asked…

little girl loud bikes[24 October 2015] Attorney General of Arkansas, Leslie Rutledge, has pointed the finger at Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) as having jurisdictional authority over my concerns for the vehicular NOISE debacle assaulting the citizens of Arkansas. With that in mind, I’ve asked ADEQ the following questions:


I am a retired 31.5 year veteran of the Houston Police Department who has been battling the out-of-control vehicular noise debacle for some seven years now – this, with an emphasis on illegally equipped, illegally modified motorcycles. I have made four attempts to receive answers from AG Rutledge and Governor Hutchinson relevant to the vehicular NOISE debacle assaulting the citizens of Arkansas. Finally, as of yesterday, 23 Oct. 2015, AG Rutledge answered my correspondence with a letter of impotence and advised me that I should contact ADEQ for assistance. Please respond to the following concerns:

1) Arkansas’ Motor Vehicle Laws strictly forbid the operation of a motor vehicle upon the roadways of Arkansas with a muffler that does not meet FACTORY OEM specifications, yet thousands of motorcycles, automobiles, trucks operate daily on our roadways with modified OEM or aftermarket exhaust mechanisms that emit incredible noise emissions. Motorcycles operate on our roadways completely unencumbered by law enforcement emitting decibel levels that are two-four-six or more times the legal total motorcycle noise emissions of 80 dB(A) – stipulated as the “minimum” level of protection for the general public as per the EPA (decibel level differentiations calculated on logarithmic scale). Why is ADEQ not interceding on behalf of the citizenry of Arkansas and stopping the audible assault on our children, our elderly, our handicapped, our families? NOISE which violates the rights of Arkansas’ citizens promised them in the Preamble to our Constitution and NOISE that has been confirmed to be hazardous to the health of Arkansas’ children, our elderly, our handicapped, our families – this physiological injurious noise assault confirmed as harmful by the World Health Organization and audiologists.

2) Why is ADEQ permitting the operation of illegally equipped motor vehicles, especially illegally modified/illegally equipped motorcycles, to operate on the roadways of Arkansas completely unencumbered while knowing full well that one (1) modified large displacement V-twin motorcycle that has had its catalytic converter removed during the installation of an illegal aftermarket exhaust mechanism emits up to ten (10) times the particulate pollutants into the atmosphere as one (1) compliant compact automobile?

3) Why is the ADEQ not enforcing the Arkansas Motor Vehicle Code restriction that clearly forbids the sale/retail of exhaust mechanisms that fail to conform to OEM-Factory specifications? How many modified-aftermarket exhaust retail/installation establishments are there in Arkansas? I would hazard to guess perhaps hundreds, yet you do absolutely NOTHING to stop this stark violation of Arkansas’ Motor Vehicle Law!

I can only assume that the Legislators for Arkansas enacted the Motor Vehicle Laws, relevant to noise and particulate emissions, as a result of “quality of life” concerns and concerns for the health and safety of the citizens of Arkansas – if so, why are these laws not being enforced? The Attorney General says that you are culpable, are you?

We have Mayors who prostitute themselves with the LOUD motorcycle cult[ure] via biker rallies where thousands of LOUD, illegally equipped motorcycles flood area municipalities and assault the tax-paying citizenry without remorse or care – WHY?

These are issues that MUST be addressed and personally, I’m am tired of getting the run-around from our impotent law enforcement community and our compromising leadership. Enough!

Your response and answers to my concerns would be most appreciated.

Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired

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