Noise Enforcement Initiative Thwarted by Duty Status Change



TO: Charles A. McClelland, Jr. FROM: R. D. Holtsclaw, Police Officer

Chief of Police Westside Division

VIA: M. Mikeska, Sergeant DATE: December 16, 2010

Westside Division

SUBJECT: Question regarding removal

P. E. Ryza, Lieutenant from patrol duty

Westside Division

M. E. Lentschke, Captain

Westside Division

J. H. Chen, Assistant Chief

West Patrol Command

K. A. Munden, Executive Asst. Chief

Field Operations

I, Officer Rickey Holtsclaw, employee #68560, am currently assigned to the West Patrol Command, Westside Division, Shift

On November 19, 2010 at 0630 hours, Lieutenant Paul Ryza advised me that I was under investigation for harassment and would be assigned to administrative duties until the investigation was completed. I can only assume that my removal from patrol duty is the result of complaints from area motorcyclists relevant to my vehicular noise enforcement initiative that includes the issuance of citations to vehicles equipped with illegal/defective exhaust mechanisms.

Seeing that I received permission from City Legal and the Office of the Chief of Police to pursue a vehicular noise initiative after a five-month examination of the applicable ordinance by City Legal, why am I now sitting a desk? No one has taken the time to explain to me why I am under investigation or who it is that has alleged harassment. I am regularly on the top performer list at my station and have diligently served the citizens in my area of responsibility. I am currently in my 31st year of faithful service to the City of Houston as a Houston Police Officer. Why am I being treated with such disrespect?

R. D. Holtsclaw, Police Officer

Westside Division


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