Loud Biker Comments to C-CALM FB Page – The Wall of Shame

As the creator and moderator of the “Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles” Facebook Community Page, I have written numerous articles/letters/comments regarding the utter absurdity of tolerating the operation of illegally loud/illegally equipped/illegally modified motorcycles on our public roadways, within our communities and on our Interstates.

Motorcycles that were originally equipped with a compliant/legal/quiet factory installed muffler that meets the 80 dB(A) total motorcycle noise emissions mandate of the Environmental Protection Agency.

EPA muffler label

I have diligently attempted to shed light on the hubris of an individual who, with volition, operates an illegally loud motorcycle on our public roadways and uses his illegally equipped motorcycle as a phallic extension to assault our children, our elderly, our families with noise levels that are two-four-six-eight times or more the legal 80 dB(A) maximum (logarithmic scale) stipulated as the “minimum” safe level of exhaust noise emissions for the general public.  I ask you why?

Why is the American Citizenry tolerating this bully-irresponsible behavior?  Our law enforcement has failed us, but I ask you, where are our men who are willing to stand-up and shout, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”?

if it feels good do it biker creedtoo loud too bad

Below, I have included some recent “comments” (deleted comments) from the Loud Biker Cult[ure] as they respond to the articles posted on Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles – Facebook.  These comments are offensive, “adult only” comments and if you are easily offended – PLEASE DISREGARD THE FOLLOWING COMMENTS!

Rickey Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired

me at lubys

Comments from the LOUD Biker Cult[ure] 


This photo was posted on a biker-site suggesting one approach to silencing my NOISE enforcement efforts while on patrol.  The Harris County District Attorney’s Office representative (ADA) said the photo and related content was “protected speech” and charges were not accepted.

Warriorsauce 1:43 PM+1 (Sept. 2)
Please kill yourself. Do it.

Devin Bidwell 2:03 PM (Sept. 2)
He is like one of those brainwashed libtards.

Robert West
Aug 26th, 11:53am
If you would shove your head deeper in your ass you probably wouldn’t be able to hear the motorcycles. So do us all a favor and just try it. Thanks, have a great day.

Michael Loggins
Aug 26th, 11:52am
My harley says go to hell

Joe Stevens
Aug 26th, 11:24am
Hey do u even live in Arkansas u fucking fool

Ramon Juh Torres:Lmfao only 67 likes…i guesse ur olady ran off with a biker so now you hate bikers

Michael Loggins Go: go Bikes Blues and BBQ and spew this. See how long you last. Punk bitch

Amber Nichole King: What is your address? Is sure like to annoy you with my pipes!!

Amber Nichole King: No the world doesn’t have bigger issues!!! Let’s target pipes that save lives! Tit bags!

Ramon Juh Torres: Douche bag Fuck off you fucking douchebag fucking pig

Michael Loggins: Stick your lips on my pipes while it sings you the song of its people. That carbon monoxide would then solve your problems of hearing loud pipes. DILLIGAF

Tracy Walton: You’re a special kind of retarded, aren’t you?

Michael Loggins: Rick sucks cocks in hell while his mother gets tag teamed by the devil and a few Mongols and Hells Angels

C-CALM: Thank you Michael. Michael, my mother is deceased and it’s very unlikely that where she is the representatives of the Mongrels or the Hell’s Angels are also.

Michael Loggins: No problem. May she get ass raped for eternity 🏼

Michael Loggins: Also it’s Mongols*

Michael Loggins: I’m sure your 67 followers give a damn lol. You need a gf or a new hobby. Like knitting so the little bitch in you can be released in a different manner

Michael Loggins: 🏼 <~ your mother in hell 😛

Ramon Juh Torres:  Rickey holtsclaw you are a moron and like most pigs you dont even know the law. In my lob i take care of elderly people every day and i stop n see my grankids at elementry school so yea you know nothing you judgemental piece of shit using god to spread your hatred and narrowminded thinking fuck off you fucking pig fuck you and fuck your list

Adam Schwarz: this group eats dick
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Adam Schwarz: fuck you
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Adam Schwarz: piece of shit fuckers
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Adam Schwarz: cock lickers
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Adam Schwarz: suck dick fuck heads
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Adam Schwarz: Loud Motorcycles Suck fuck youre moms mom in the ass youre mom in the ass youre dad rape you fagg??
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Adam Schwarz fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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Dan Fridenberg: Your wife makes about 103 dB when I plow her from behind and she likes my bike aldo.

Jim Fuller What’s the difference between this guys wife n Jesus………..the look on there face when your nailing them!!!!

Chuck Bosma You’re a fuckin goof!Im certain you suck dick and ride a vespa.Retired or not im sure you were a goof cop too.Go suck some more dick loser!Anyone who likes this page sucks dick too.Bunch of fuckin wankers!Loud pipes will never die!

Ed Gray This page sucks !! How’s your mother or wife or daughters like looking at some idiots underwear because their pants are down around their knees , go fuck with some other things besides loud motorcycles.

Rob Simpson shitheads like this EX cop are fuckjobs if they wanna cry about loud pipes..#1 rule when riding a bike..Have cagers know your there!!Loud pipes save lives!!
Ex cops blow dicks after they retire,no more whistles..any member who believes in this JACKOFF is a fucking pussy too!!

Eddie Diaz Shit,sounds like he was a rat in his dept Too!! Wow!! I bet your peers where happy you retired!! Finger pointing ,crying,snitching,you my good friend are a fucking pussy and a rat!!Houston and Houston PD are better without you on the force

Matt Wenzel Whoever started this page is a waste of life and an oxygen thief. Fuck you very much

Drue Nuccio This is the way I see thing . No matter what you say Bikers with loud pipes do more for kids and people in need.
So why don’t you look at the hole picture.
Don’t be a cock sucker the rest of your life

Michael Mc Connon U all realize that almost half of the likes on this page are so we can see what bullshit is being said by a pig with a vengeance….

Jeff Holder Fucking pig. What did daddy touch u or some shit. Fuck u I ride in Houston all the time ain’t no law ever stopped me. Take ur bitch ass to some other libtard heaven leave Texas u pussy.

Mike Burke I’ll keep mine loud and yes it sets off car alarms……. LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES!!!! IF IT’S TOO LOUD YOU’RE TOO OLD!!!!!!!

Gregory G Goettlich I have straight paugcho pipes on my road king ,I love seeing people’s windows go up at a light or on the road,,nof because loud pipes save lives,but because anyone who gets offended should stay the fuck away from me.


Joe Chase  [2 October 2015] GO CHOKE ON HORSE DICK AND DIE

Neil Rapp [2 October 2015] Why don’t you suck this fag’s cock punk ?

KJ Luttrall  [3 October 2015] Yall are about as dumb a a fucktard can get. You yuppie douce bags. Come to my shop and say something. More Bikers are run over due to you idiots on the phone than babies are woke up. You have car wrecks and don’t give a damn who you hurt. Fuck you you idiot.

Mohammed Jihad [4 October 2015] Fuck your children fuck you elderly and fuck your family go fuck your mother’s grave you fucking scumbag
Rlooijer [14 Oct. 2015] Rickey Holtsclaw just shut the fuck up go ride your vacuum cleaner you fagget

I would like to be as articulate as possible. Suck a bag of erect cocks!

Daniel Bennett 22 Oct. 2015

Do all 241 people that like this page jump on their gold wings and jerk each other off in a rain of bukake cum guzzling doo doo splatters?

Danny Damico 23 Oct. 2015

Fucking idiots

241 likes? A video of my cat licking his ass gets more likes than that!! GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!
Bradley Todosyuk 23 Oct. 2015
Smh…You have way too much time on your hands.. if your main concern in life condemning loud pipes… You’re everything that’s wrong with America stuck-up suburban asshole.. go suck a dick
Gerry Fitzgerald commented: 23 Oct. 2015 (Youtube Video – Philanthropy or Thuggery?)
Why are you such a fucking penis, Rick?
Gerry Fitzgerald 23 Oct. 2015
You’re still a fucking penis, Rick.
Cody Focht 23 Oct. 2015
You’re a vaginal blood stain
Danny Acab Zee 4 Nov. 15
You have the ears of a bitch
Danny Acab Zee 4 Nov. 15
Loud pipes save lives ya dumb cunt
Wes Dutton 4 Nov. 15
What a homo

Roadking Ray 4 Nov. 15

Roadking Ray's photo.

Roadking Ray 4 Nov. 15

Roadking Ray's photo.
cjf334 8 Nov. 2015
your obviously a pig ass bitch
Logan Johnson 12 Nov. 2015
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Logan Johnson 12 Nov. 2015
Your a punk bitch old man.
Logan Johnson 12 Nov. 2015
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Logan Johnson 12 Nov. 2015
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Jeff Smith Faggots 24 Nov. 2015
johnny killmore 25 Nov. 2015
No one cares about your bullshit. you send a long ass reply like im gonna waste my time reading it. nothing you do matters to anyone stop wasting your time. #ACAB   #LoudPipesSaveLives  #RideFreeOrDie  #FastN‘Loud
Chad Hamilton to Loud Motorcycles Suck 27 Nov. 2015

6 mins · Suffolk, VA ·

Fuck you
Dec 10th, 12:50pm
Fucking faggot, dont pm me,

raymond dilanchian 12/15/15 10:37 PM

 +Rickey Holtsclaw Complain all you want pensioner, there is absolutely nothing you can ever do in regards to exhausts. For whatever reason individuals cherish the sound of symphonies and orchestra, which are exhaust systems, you and your pathetic egotistical and comedic viewpoint will never have even the slightest impact on the industry and law.
Raymond Dilanchian – Proud off-roader and supermoto hobbyist
Suckballs- your sounding a little( a lot) like Ebeneezer Scrooge- you seriously should seek the psychiatric help that they offer veterens, you see I’m just play’n- but you ARE SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP!  Loser. Oh yea, and in a year I’ll be going “HILARY! HILARY!” and you’ll be crying like the pathetic loser you are, so suck it, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Oh and by the way sucky shitsballs, I WASN’T TALKING TO YOU! I was replying to Jam Big cocks in his asshole’s post- but thanks anyway, now go get that pyschiatric help- your rants are getting a little creepy and nazi like. Even though I am concerned about having a murderer like you running loose on our streets, and I have empathy and sympathy, it still doesn’t prclude me from saying one more time,”EAT A SHIT SANDWICH”!  (uncontrolable laughter….snickers..vulgarity- hedonic, self pleasuring laughter, ha ha ha ,cough,cough, ha ha ha cough ha ha, exhale AAAAH fuck you bacon boy.
Hey piss’s on nuts, aka shitsballs,fuck lips, nannybot,little dicky,marginal marine,whirly pig, 69 degrees of kevin bacon,bacon boy,pig,peckerhead and my personal favorite, cat penis-to answer your question, I’m a Buddhist, so……no, and  I’ll try Jesus’s patience as long as I’m alive, you see, me and Jesus are cool on a level shit bricks like you can’t even fathom.  I find your self righteous rants insulting to the One whom you postulate upon.  So called go gooders like Deputy goforth, who are held upon a pedestal, but in reality was a lying cheating dispicipal man, who lied to his family and God, that’s the character of the Christian Texan rightwing.  That is fact. No amount of vulgarity or childish word games will change that FACT.  So again, until your next stupid retort where you call me pathetic and childish, GO FUCK YOURSELF! From very much more man than you. (more laughter HA HA HA HA, cough,cough ha ha HA HA for ever….

OH yea, and go get you some of that Blue Bell Ice cream, you stupid fucking pig, I’d bet a thousand dollars you love that shit don’t you peckerhead?
John Miller to Loud Motorcycles Suck 6 Jan 2016

Community is a lie based bunch of libtards that can suck my white cock

Todd MinardWhat a fucking moron!!! 2/14/2016
Eric Bakker Facebook Message: Will ya stop wining bout motorcycle noise. Gay assfucker. Get a life or fuck off and go to hell. 2/15/16
Josh Moore Eat a dick 2/17/2016
Evan Sennett

Evan Sennett Loud pipes save lives you sensitive pussies

Scott Acab McDyna

Scott Acab McDyna If you haven’t got the memo….

Scott Acab McDyna's photo.
Like · Reply · Message · 2 minutes ago 2/16/2016

Mike Frouge  Fuck you. You fucking twat.  2/16/16

These nuts
eastbaymoore@gmail.com Your a fucking joke old man 2/16/16


Eric SondermannFuck you, we have the right, close your doors and stay inside 2/18/16

Mark WisemanFuck u loud bikes save lives 35 years mind ur own business 3/13/16

Mark WisemanGeting blow jobs from hookers lying their ass off 3/13/16

Stan SmythFuck you and your whole bitch ass page. Fuckin retard. Suck a fuckin Dick I’m gonna do a burn out in your driveway f@ggot

Stan Smyth's photo.
Scott Greenaway Fuck that burnout got my dick hard

Mar 18, 2016 4:50pm

Lololololol lol fuck yo couch nigga

Ryan Spankie Cruse Harley riders are some badass fucking bikers

Joe Forsyth 3/25/16 Fuck all the motorcycle haters. What would think if i gave the hells angels your names, then what are you gonna do when a gang of them are at your door? I know alot of people in the hells angels and they wont take kindly to all the people who are hatinSee More

Joe Forsyth
Joe Forsyth Donald trump is a pussy, faggot ass racist. I hope someone shoots him.
Rlooijer – Whahaha i think he sucks a cop his cock as well fucking hell 😅this guy is a joke  April 3, 2016 Google  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJcGv1E-z9k
Dan DB Stolar (facebook) 4/9/16
Andrew Edwards Why am I getting this shit from whining cunts? (Facebook 4/10/2016)
Duane Schiwal Like I said.. A whiny cunt, looking for something to bitch about. (Facebook 4/10/16)
 Mike Kruzona Fuck off and die loud pipes save lives (Facebook 4/12/16)

Mills John We can tell that at some point in your life a biker fucked your wife …. You are a dick ….. (Facebook 4/12/2016)

Mills John's photo.
Mike Frouge Fuck you cunt. (Facebook 4/14/16)
KENLIVELY SAID: +Rickey Holtsclaw Fuck off!:) 4/16/16 see her Google Site at https://plus.google.com/u/0/105426460476812902112/videos?cfem=1  in response to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYX9NC5eY7I  (one of the few female comments)
Gus Mal +Rickey Holtsclaw FYI some states have no restrictions on motorcycle exhaust sound level and you are a dumb fucking troll.  4/27/16
Robert A. Davis
Email radavis10@cox.net
URL https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/1642520249/
In Response To Glorifying Biker Gangs – I Don’t Think So!
Submitted on 2016/05/02 at 4:10 am
Comment You are a brazen bigoted judgmental idiot. You are one of the assholes that take it upon themselves to be the judge and jury of a particular element of our society. How many cops have been killed by bikers? Riotous? You described the inner city hoodlums ya damned bigot. Sure, there are bad apples, yet there are bad apples in every segment in our society, I’ll bet you did some crap while under the ‘Color of Law’. You are the type to be a dick to bikers because you don’t like their loud bikes. I’ll bet you voted for that turd in office both times too. You are a hypocrite. Piss Off Numbnuts!

Article: Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs oldschoolheartblog in Uncategorized April 29, 2016 Excerpt: Before a person can begin to …

Ever heard of “Loud Pipes Save Lives”?

It’s not just to annoy fucking pigs like you. It’s to help distracted, asshole drivers notice us. If it prevents even one clueless dipshit from swerving into me, it’s worth it. I don’t care if it does offend your prissy sensibilities, fuckmouth.

Typical piece of shit cop with an opinion no one gives a fuck about…go fuck yourself pig.
Typical piece of shit cop with an opinion no one gives a fuck about…go fuck yourself pig.

Austin BarleyLoud pipes save lives because you bitch made fuck faces dont pay attention ps your post on omcs sucked thanks for being a prime example of y bikers hate the cops. FB on 5/3/16

Article: Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs oldschoolheartblog in Uncategorized April 29, 2016 Excerpt: Before a person can begin to …

Typical piece of shit cop with an opinion no one gives a fuck about…go fuck yourself pig.

Lacy ‘Clutch” Weeks
Lol… Get a life … Fuckin jerk off asswipe wannabe CHIP’S …. Kids and the elderly love us….❤
You SIR are a fucking duche bag !
Christian my ass ! A true Christian doesn’t judge !
As long as I’m not breaking any laws where I live I’m gonna tell you it’s our right to have our bike as loud as we like. And since your a former PIG states that have loud pipe laws also state that as long as the bike was purchased with the pipes on it makes it legal. So sit back a drink a talk glass of learn what the FUCK YOUR TALKING ABOUT !

robert166201 day agoLINKED COMMENT 5/4/16

Would just go fucking die and b happy u miserable crochity peice of shit

Robert Griffin Yall r some crotchety fucking miserable people go somewhere and fucking die and take ur fucking pussy kids with u so the rest of society can enjoy life and u will never b offended or b butt hurt agian you’ll be happier 5/5/16

Jason Kapn Kirk 5.5.16 Facebook



Yesterday 10:54 PM

+CHeath go suck your mom’s dick 5/7/16
Robert Machnikowski commented on Concerned Citizen: LOUD Motorcycles? Laws?
you sound like a bitch crying 5/13/16
 Travis Scarborough on 5/18/2016
“Its funny how you bitch about how they turned their bike into a loud bike but yet your profile picture says “Harley Davidson turning gas into noise” and its people like you that have turned this society into the gay ass I need a corner to hide cuz my feelings are hurt type of fucking world we live in! Your parents must be so proud knowing that you are the catcher of your relationship cuz you sure as hell aren’t the pitcher! Think before you speak! Use that thing on top of your neck for more than just a place for your boyfriend to cum on!”
Joey Sparky KnittleBunch of fucking faggits with a rat punk page just asking for trouble. Facebook 6/10/16
Vince Ward: This entire page is UNAMERICAN!!! You pussies really need a hobby,a life maybe???Do you also cry on the 4th of July? What a bunch of sissy lalas!!!!! Facebook 6/10/16
Jordan ThomasLook at our tax money going to work. Fuck the police and ride on 6/11/16 Facebook
Chad Hamilton So let me try and understand this. Your a ex cop now running a campaign against loud motorcycles? First off FTP, second fuck you in particular. STFU please start walking up to bikers on the street and saying something so you go away. You live your life a certain way and have your things so do we. We all have hobbies and passions why try and take ours? Let’s take the shit you love away from you and tell us how it makes you feel. Shit pisses me off. 6/12/16
Daniel Garner fuck this guy and the police bikers are good people 6/12/16
Daniel Garnerthere is no problem this guy is just a piece of shit 6/12/16
Jason DunnSo you’re saying who gives a fuck about all the jobs lost and families that now lost income? Your a special kind of fucking stupid!  Facebook on 6/15/2016

crashdjmc74 Your entire life is futile and worthless. Typical cowardly response from a faggot. By the way it’s Jim “Crash” Wilson, Minneapolis, MN in case you ever grow balls and want to pay me a visit, dick smoker! Now, go lay by your dish like a good little bitch. LOL           Ps GFY 6/15/16

7:02 AM

 Have you ever considered NOT taking it up the ass, faggot? Probably not. You enjoy being a “catcher” too much. Run along now, pansy and ask your wife if you can have your balls for the day! LOL Worthless little piggy.
Rhys Thomas (bear) https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007644618465Suck me off you bunch of fuckwits. The reason we have loud pipes is so you ignorant cunts don’t kill us on the roads.  6/17/16 Facebook
Zach Mason Choke on a dick 6/17/16 Facebook
crashdjmc74 Jun 16, 2016
Truly “faggot” you are right, thank God. You’re a worthless cum guzzler and I’m not. Run along, piggy and ply your insignificant lifestyle down in Orlando, where no doubt, you’d fit right in! LOL

Eddie Wilbur You got to be full of shit you piece of shit mother fucker if I knew where you were I would go buy another motorcycle just to write it up to crack your ass and park that mother fucker 6/27/16

Kevin Lopez This guy is a true fuckhead and has know idea what he is talking about another dumb fucking cop who is retarded. 6/27/16
Eric Aiken You fuckin hypocrites can KISS MY ASS! I just traded my old bike that had Vance & Hines longshots on it for a new Heritage Softail with stock exhaust. Since then I have been close to DEATH more times than in ALL MY 45 YEARS OF RIDING! If you assholes would get off the phone, stop having lunch at 60 MPH, doing office work on the computer and just pay attention to what you’re doing (DRIVING) I wouldn’t feel the need to LET YOU KNOW THAT I AM THERE! I drive a semi daily, so I see all the bullshit you idiots do and it dumfounds me at your “it won’t happen to me” attitudes! So again, YOU CAN ALL KISS MY ASS! 7/7/16
Robert H Edwards All respect you being a police officer but you are a fucking douche leave me and my pipes alone 7/21/16 FB
Hey Rick, Too bad you didn’t take one in the face while you were on duty. Its not to late for us to hope.  7/29/16 in response to video Biker Rallies – Your Rights
I don’t have any shame. You, I am sure are a bully pig with a badge. So screw you and your mentality. Loud pipe have never hurt you so leave us th hell alone. 7/29/16
David NaplesWhat a fag.Dude get a fucking life! 8/10/2016
F*UCKTHE5-0  8/10/2016
You’r a fucking idiot and surely you have better things to do than worry about folks fucking exhaust on their bikes??? If you don’t like loud exhaust, move to some stick up the ass community down in Florida and whine and bitch like an old woman down there and leave folks alone. if I were there and heard you whining like this I would rack my pipes just for you and invite you to wraps those cock sucking lips around my pipes! lmao!
Mike JacksonGo fuck yourself moron loud pipes save riders every day. What a douche going to whine over some loud pipes. FUCK YOU!! 9/2/16
Thomas A. JonesFuck off pig. Get a fucking life. 9/2/16
Paul RushFUCK YOU!!!! I have to put up with CORRUPT no good cops, you can put up with my loud pipes!!!! Kiss me ass!!! With all the violence, racial unrest and hatred towards the police, you giving tickets to a loud motorcycles does nothing to make anybody respect the police!!!! Go catch some gang bangers, drug dealers and illegal Mexicans who are here trespassing in this country breaking federal law!!!!!! Officer Asshole!!!!9/2/16
Mikey BraymanRick Holtsclaw retired pig/ pussy faggot who’s old lady get wet when she hears our loud bikes, go die…9/2/16
Ty TurcotteGet a fucking life twit.9/2/16
Gary PrescottDear rick holtsclaw, you are a cunt.9/2/16
Jose UresteYou are a little fucking bitch. Plain and simple  9/2/16
Dave GlasbyThis is the funniest shit ive heard for a while. I’m actually physically going outside right now to rev the fuck out my bike (with straight pipes) while I laugh even more. 9/2/16
Jason EakerLmao. Mf need to kill ya selves. Gayest shit I’ve ever read 9/2/16
David ThomasFucking douchebag cop9/2/16
Justin ForroLol. You are so god damned full of shit it’s hilarious.9/2/16
Patrick JohnGo fuck yourself, pussy. Send that wifey this way. I’m sure she’s in need of a real man9/2/16
James DennisonMake all the laws ya want. I’m still going to be a loud mother fkr9/2/16
Ron HowdyshellFuck him and anyone else who agrees with him9/2/16
Adam OwenYeah, I’ll join everyone else with a big FUCK YOU!!!!! This is America ass wipe!!! We need less micromanaging from government as it is!! I’m sure you’ll look for our tax money to fund your fight too!? Stay retired and get a hobby that actually interests you and doesn’t impose your opinions on others!!9/2/16
Chris TomanelliBunch of whiney pussies….. fuck this bullshit9/2/16
Jon HinesFuck you! Put in earplugs fuckin nazi!9/2/16
Matt GilletteEven from the other side of the world you are a dickhead.9/2/16
Dave RadloffFuck yourself old man, move to Canada & stfu9/2/16
Denver RinehartHey Rick, Blow me
Can hear me now cause those deer can, they freeze where they stand. Every damn night.
Jed LeclaireYou know its people like you that move or have a cabin close to a farm and bitch because they smelll shit. Im srry if you dont like it move. Its part of life load bikes and cars have been around before you were born. So fuck off and deal with it. I dont like you pussy pompis fucks but i dont bitch have a good day. 9/3/16
Sgs KodiakAnd people wonder why I hate police. This article has motivated me to drill out the baffles in my already loud Vance & Hines pipes. This guy can eat an entire bag of dicks. Also, I hope he chokes to death on his doughnut. 9/3/16
Bert Slobys: “drink poison and feed it to your families the planet is being destroyed by you life wasting pussys please for the good of humanity take your bloodlines out of the genetic pool” Bert Slobys 9/3/16
Julie Greg Brenemanpretty much go fuck yourself you worthless dbags.9/3/16
Chris LoweYour a fucking pussy, get you some ear plugs cause I’m bumping 130db on this Heritage! 9/3/16
Concerned Citizens Against the Liberal Pussification of America You’d better change that tampon before you get TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). Sounds like it’s been in there since birth. 9/3/16
Lars VanKessel Fucking faggot nazis. Our position is the only one that’s right. All these so called cunt bikers are all too pussy to say anything to those that choose loud pipes, they need to bash online like 13 yr old girls and ban/delete opinions that disagree. 9/3/16
Josh Henry The difference is simple. We don’t give a fuck about you. Do whatever you like. Play shitty house/trance/garbage off your iPod. We don’t care. You fucking people who have to get your panties twisted over something have now chosen loud pipes? Suck it up.
Have you ever seen a kids face when a bike rides by? They love it. They point and wave. This whole article is just ramblings based on assumption and the SJW just follow suit. 9/3/16
Chris Lowe Eat a dick 9/3/16
Dustin Maton Oh fuck off 9/3/16
Ross Edel Shut the fuck up. Loud pipes save lives. Go soundproof your house and stay in it. My bike will be loud no matter what the law says. And there no baffles in the pipes so go head and fuck them since y’all ain’t getting any pussy with your stock exhaust. Oh shit, your dick wouldn’t reach the baffle anyway, BITCH!!! Did that hurt your feelings as much as my pipes? 9/3/16
Jonathan Anderson Fuck all y’all 9/3/16
Rob Supinski Jr I going out to terrorize the streets on my Harley. Setting off alarms & and rattling windows is what I love to do!😘😘😘😘
comment: Sorry for your inferiority complex, bro.
Rob Supinski Jr nothing to be sorry about….. I love it and so does your wife! It makes her panties moist.
Jonah Freedman you fucking piece of human garbage! 9/12/16
Robert Groves These fuckin people have got ta go ass’s got ta get their faces out of my shit there’s enough laws don’t need y’all fuckin cuess in more liberal ass’s just away ta rib more people off 9/13/16
Concerned Citizens Against the Liberal Pussification of America This crybaby talks about freedom of speech, yet blocks me from commenting on his page. Sounds like the only opinions he concerns himself with are the ones support his ideals. Yet, he has the nerve to call me and anyone who opposes him “hedonistic.”Someone needs to pay this dude multiple visits and smoke all of the tires in front of his house. Not only to annoy him, but to give him some content to cry about.Bitch should have been a librarian, not a police officer. 9/13/16

 crashdjmc74 Jun 16, 2016,

Truly “faggot” you are right, thank God. You’re a worthless cum guzzler and I’m not. Run along, piggy and ply your insignificant lifestyle down in Orlando, where no doubt, you’d fit right in! LOL
John Bostdorf This jerk needs to go fuck himself in the ass! ! 9/18/16
Jeff Rholl Prepare to be bombarded by these people they will belittle you and use a bunch of big words to sound smart. Fuckin idiots with nothing in life to excite them. Have fun ride LOUD!9/18/16
Leonard McDermott I hope your ears explode and your face melts cock sucker!!!! 9/18/16

crashdjmc74 Blow me, bitch. Fucking disgraced, limp wristed piggy. 9/19/16

Leonard McDermott Go fuck yourself!!! I hope your prius batteries explode and you die a slow and painful death!!! And when i not on my super loud gas guzzling bike i drive a ram hemi that guzzles even more 9mph on the hiway you hippe bastard 9/19/16

John Earl OH fer fuck sakes…….stop being PUSSIES !!!9/19/16

Pan tera cop, don’t twist the Lord’s word to suit your predatory practice of collecting ‘noise complaint bylaw’ fines my bike is loud as all hell breaking loose, and i ride it REAL fast wherever i can…and WHAT I RIDE AND HOW I RIDE is a judgement reserved for THE LORD ALONE. the apostle paul would slap the shit out of you for attempting to use his life’s work to justify theft from the common man to ‘give caesar what is his’KISS MY SAVED ASS, PAL HOUSTON P.D. ARE AS MUCH A BUNCH OF THUGS THAN ANY GROUP OF BIKERS WHO DISREGARD YOUR B.S. FINES FOR WHAT THEY REALLY ARE-REVENUE GENERATION (a.k.a. EXTORTION UNDER COLOR OF LAW) 9/21/16

doug n pauline L you’re a fucking whinner, must have gotten bullied in school you fucktard!!! 10/15/16
crashdjmc7450 minutes ago Eat a dick, faggot. 10/17/16
Travis El PhillipeFuck off. Cunt 10/17/16
Clif Bassett You fail to comprehend my point. You and your trash article is a waste of space here. I don’t give two shits about your argument. You should take it to your Westborough page instead. Yeah right. I hope you have a shit day molesting children uncle touchy 10/29/16
Ladd OrrFork you. ..slimey scumy prick.  11/19/16
Ladd OrrFU bitch boy.. 11/23/16
Mario-2700 Dude did some dude on a harley with loud pipes fuck your wife or something?12/28/16

Fuck off and die!

Jersh Haig 2/8/17 FB Message: You sir are a fucking asshole

Jeremy De 2/8/17 Your on fucking drugs buddy my Harley is as loud as I can get it and when I come across dumb fucks like you I rev them even louder…. LOUD PIPES SAVES LIVES!!!!! learn it dumb ass.

Level Mike 2/8/17 Go suck a dick!!!

Robert Eyre 2/8/17 TBH i like the fact women’s ears bleed and OAP’s piss them selves when i ride past…. make’s riding a lot more interesting don’t you think?

Hunter Coon Fuck you
Like · Reply · Message · 4 · 9 hrs
Alfred Justo
Alfred Justo You all idiots for following this page
Like · Reply · Message · 3 · 8 hrs
Luke Yeti Siwicki
Luke Yeti Siwicki Remember to change your tampons frequently
Like · Reply · Message · 4 · 6 hrs
Charlie Paine
Charlie Paine Loud pipes save lives..
Like · Reply · Message · 6 · 5 hrs
Brian Foote
Brian Foote ^ poor poor stupid manjina baby boy.
Like · Reply · Message · 1 · 4 hrs
Kris Carter
Kris Carter Braaaaaap
Don Grant
Don Grant Loud pipes, save lives !
Like · Reply · Message · 2 · 3 hrs
Tamas Eger
Tamas Eger This absurd selfabsorbed , asshole, busy with motorcycle noise , the same people who don’t mind take there undisciplined children In a nice restaurant and subject the rest of us to listen to them fucking scream THAT is fine with them , but a bike is horrible nuisance,
Delusional selfinportant little dworf of people have the panty in bunch over the noise
Get a f life and stop tell the rest of the world how we should live
Get a f ear plug , or move to la la land
Barry Lloyd
Barry Lloyd 2/8/17Bitch please. The sound of your thighs rubbing together make more noise pollution than any motorcycle.

Rick Whittingstall There are plenty of laws that are on the books and not enforced. If you’re going to push for one, then might as well start cracking down on everything. Like this one:

Vibrators are Illegal in Texas. Under a 1973 Texas law, sales of “Obscene device[s]See More

Like · Reply · Message · 1 · 7 hrs · Edited
Luke Yeti Siwicki
Luke Yeti Siwicki My R6 idles at 98 db 🖕🏻😂😂
Like · Reply · Message · 4 · 6 hrs
Cødy Payne
Cødy Payne They hear me brappin’…they hatin’
Like · Reply · Message · 7 · 6 hrs
1 Reply
Chris Stock
Chris Stock Is this where I come to share stories about the simple joy of rolling on the throttle underneath highway overpasses?
Like · Reply · Message · 7 · 5 hrs
Cameron David Gowey
Cameron David Gowey You’re a moron loud pipes save our fucking life you idiots in your cars texting on your fucking phones and messing with your radios swerving around the roads with no idea what you’re doing just mindlessly driving down the fucking road are dangerous are loud pipes make you aware of us dick heads
Like · Reply · Message · 7 · 5 hrs
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith I think you should find another way to spend your time, something a bit more productive. The loud pipes in the bike world are known as loud pipes save lives! As in “our own lives” I have seen first hand at a time where a friend of mine was almost ran oSee More
Like · Reply · Message · 5 · 5 hrs
John Holly Rivera
John Holly Rivera Just another stupid liberal Bitch!
Like · Reply · Message · 10 · 5 hrs
Michelle Beardman
Michelle Beardman Imagine if the guy running this page and the authoritarian idiots who agree with them actually put this much energy into helping someone else. What a better world this would be.
Like · Reply · Message · 1 · 4 hrs
Jake Splinter
Jake Splinter 2/8/17 Imagine if they help the homeless or veterans with all this energy about exhaust we should start a petition about the carbon monoxide that their Flippin lips causes.
Matthew Sharon
Matthew Sharon imagine if they put this much effort into going after the clowns who don’t look for motorcycles when driving or those who text and drive. oh wait i bet this is one of those who text and drive.
Like · Reply · Message · 1 · 3 hrs
Martin Sinneave
Martin Sinneave Bahahahahahahahahahaha
Julie Salaneck Britt
Julie Salaneck Britt I am a doctor in my field. And you sir are stupid.
Jeffrey Mix
Jeffrey Mix Now I’m going to strait pipes!! Lol snowflakes!!!
Brian LaForte
Brian LaForte I ran shotguns the moment I got my new Harley. Off with the stock pipes and fuck the neighbors. Loud pipes do save lives. The deer sure didn’t like them.
Jeffrey Mix
Jeffrey Mix I have longshots now!! Needs more decibels!! Lol
Like · Reply · Message · 1 · 31 mins
Brian LaForte
Brian LaForte None of the weekend warriors wanted to ride next to me or with me. That was fine by me. I had the loudest bike in cedarville. Never hit a deer though.
Brian LaForte
Brian LaForte 2/8/17 The only downside was the ol lady knew which bar I was at. Had 3 within 1 mile of my house.
Jeremy De
Jeremy De 2/8/17 Give up buddy now LMAO vp pence is a biker hahahahahaha your never going to win this pointless fight hahahahaha
Martin Sinneave 2/8/17 Love the picture of shit head on the phone while driving.
Who’s a danger to society???
Bunch of wanks! !
George Schulz Loud pipes saves lives!!!!!
Jester James
Jester James But hurt snowflake ears
Like · Reply · Message · 1 · 3 hrs
George Schulz
George Schulz 2/8/17 Fuck your feelings snowflakes
Christopher Couch Put your ear by my scorpion pipes and tell me if you go deaf..I have baffles, they are legal, they are loud…Go and fuck yourself!
Andy Ash
Andy Ash 2/8/17Whining fuckwit page! Grow some balls you maggots
Justin Shewchuk 2/8/17 Wait…..now I’ve pissed off god with my Harley…well better make friends with satan, he doesn’t care how loud my bike is…..HAIL SATAN!!!
Jerry Wilson It is definitely not illegal to let you know you are a whiney little pussy. Why don’t you take a stance on something that actually matters?
Like · Reply · Message · 3 · 3 hrs
Andy Ash
Andy Ash I agree the maggot dicked snobs! Ucc?
Jerry Wilson
Jerry Wilson I’m pretty sure a biker fucked his ole lady back in the day, post traumatic stress lol
Like · Reply · Message · 1 · 3 hrs
Tim Walsh
Tim Walsh Jerry Wilson Sad!
Like · Reply · Message · 1 · 1 hr
Shelley Bean

Shelley Bean Just mad because the only time his old lady gets wet is when her hard wood floors vibrate everytime a biker drives by.

Also i bet god has a harley…

Like · Reply · Message · 2 · 1 hr
Jerry Wilson
Jerry Wilson Lol nice
Like · Reply · Message · 2 · 1 hr
Rafael SantamariaGayest post of the day….
Like · Reply · Message · 1 · 3 hrs
Luke Yeti Siwicki

Luke Yeti SiwickiBoo fuqin hoo

Bible thumper

Like · Reply · Message · 1 · 3 hrs
Jason Tesch
Jason TeschWhat is with everybody being whiny little pussies, it fucking ridiculous. I will have to go on this page.
Like · Reply · Message · 1 · 3 hrs
Travis Kingspade Williams
Travis Kingspade WilliamsAnd fireworks are loud. So your against fireworks.. Your against the 4th of july. Your against america u hate the ppl that fight for our freedom u are fucked up bro
Like · Reply · Message · 1 · 3 hrs
Jerry Wilson
Jerry WilsonLooks like you have quite the following pansy! 😂😂
Like · Reply · Message · 3 · 3 hrs
Chris Hall
Chris HallYour bike is too loud!!!! What I didn’t hear you
Chris Hall
Chris HallStu is this your page
Like · Reply · Message · 1 · 3 hrs
Chris Hall
Chris HallMichael what do you think about this shit
Michael Dunmoyer
Michael DunmoyerIf I’m committing any kind of crime I ride my honda with mufflers
Like · Reply · Message · 1 · 3 hrs
Chris Hall
Christopher CouchPut your ear by my scorpion pipes and tell me if you go deaf..I have baffles, they are legal, they are loud…Go and fuck yourself!
Andy Ash
Andy AshWhining fuckwit page! Grow some balls you maggots
Matt Leimert
Matt Leimert 2/8/17 What a bunch of pussy’s who actually follow and believe in this page.
Straight pipes baby. Reallllll loud
Rick DessicinoBunch of whiny little fucking pussies.
Christian Burris III
Christian Burris IIII don’t feel this is the correct response to someone with a differing opinion. This will not help in the least bit to even begin to sway someone to our side of this issue. This just further elaborates their opinions
Rick Dessicino

Jesse Olson 2/13/17 Did your wife fuck around on you with a loud piped biker? Is that the reason for all your delusions?

Nick Smalls McCalla 2/26/17 Try crying about it, bitch. Maybe you won’t be able to hear the motorcycles over your pussy ass wails!

Nick Smalls McCalla 2/26/17 What do I have to say to you to get my comments shown to eberybody?! I want people to see what a fucking retard I think you are!!

Nick Smalls McCalla 2/27/17 Maybe they also think you’re a giant bleeding vagina!

Nick Smalls McCalla 2/28/17 Retired Houston douchebag discusses a topic nobody gives a shit about! You suck horse cock!

Michael Lewis Salsman (messenger: friends with Keenan Winters) 2/2/17 Are u the guy filing claims against the Steel Horse Rally? Tell Me yes…. Ill be out rhat way this summer and would like to meet u in person for some discussion and pimple poppin..

Michael, just received this message from you on my messenger: “Are u the guy filing claims against the Steel Horse Rally? Tell Me yes…. Ill be out rhat way this summer and would like to meet u in person for some discussion and pimple poppin..” Okay then, it’s been recorded and you’re allowing your entitlement to overstep your good judgment – not appreciated…do not contact me in the future, either by social media or in person…mind your own self-righteous business…if your associated with Keenan – stay at Keenan’s don’t approach me or my family! 3/8/17 at https://www.facebook.com/michael.l.salsman

Walter Zumbrennen 3/10/17 What a bunch of fucking pricks. Loud pipes save lives.

GrtSatan20 hours ago  3/12/17 I ride and I have decided that immature, self-absorbed shit stains like you are a disgrace and a blight on our sport. Fuck you and your loud, slow noise generators. They sure as hell aren’t motorcycles by any reasonable definition.

Ric Aldrich on 3/13/17 commented on The TRUTH About Loud Motorcycles the Police Won’t or Can’t Tell You -Wow what a fucking dick. I’m not a fan of loud pipes but you’re a dick (comment deleted and moved to trash)

Vic Allen 3/29/17 FUCK YOU!!! Retired PIG should do just that. Lay down and stop fucking with other peoples per-suite of happiness.
Turtle Greer 4/1/17 Loud pipes save live so go fuck yourself
Turtle Greer 4/1/17 You guys are a joke why don’t you concern yourselves with more important issues. Its your own damn fault you are scared of loud things you Fucking pussy’s
Arthur Vick 4/5/17 Fuck you all. They are loud for people like you to hear us comeing. You realize your car truck and suvs pollute the air more than a bike. When your bitching that is just hot air . as for the walmart bike i believe you are stocking . your just another profiler. Takeing pictures and video tapeing people without permission also against the law since your so good at blameing others
Tyson Potter 4/5/17 Bahahahaha, but if you ever want to do what your little heart desires, feel free to look me up sugar. Id be more than happy to teach you about respect. So keep calling us names. You hide behind a bible and a keyboard.
My dick is big enough, I don’t need an extension. But hey, come feel if you don’t believe me. My loud pipe are here to save me from people violating texting while operating a motor vehicle. Where is your campaign on that? I don’t care what you say, loud pipes saves lives. Why else would they put beep beep on reversing commercial vehicles? It’s to make people aware of their existence. And dude we don’t care if you are impressed. And the looks we get, lol, we love it! Eat shit and jump off a bridge. No one cares what the fuck you are talking about. That’s why millions laugh at you in Twitter, FB and YouTube. You probably got your ass kicked by a real motherfucker, so you have a vendetta. Poor fucking baby. Why don’t you tell these nice folks why you got fired from HPD. You were and continue to be a harassing bully. Is that why your ass moved to Arkansas? You didn’t retire, you were fired. Lol So stop lying to these people.
Logan Johnson 4/13/17 I ride a sport bike with ear piercing exhaust. So loud that my ears ring after a 5 minute ride. I love it, and so do many others. So fuck you
Dean Whitfield 4/27/17 You stupid cunts can fk of and die from aids get a fkn life ffs
Holtsclaw sucks elephant dick 6/2/17 WordPress in response to “The Truth about Loud Motorcycles the Police Won’t or Can’t Tell You:
If people can’t hear my bike, they can’t see me. Had a stock exhaust on my SV650, you literally couldn’t hear it from less than a block away. It was a safety risk, because no one could even HEAR me coming, so they weren’t looking for me. Bite me, Holtsclaw.

Scott Wildash commented 6/10/17: “hey shut the fuck up rick I’d rev bomb you straight into hell you old fuckboy”

Dan Stolze 6/23/17 Facebook – CCALM:  “Dan Stolze [threatened] i would watch who you accuse of assaulting children. I am not only a biker, I am a gun owner and I have no qualms about using them. You stupid fucking pussies have no idea.” [FB post/video regarding biker kicking automobile in driver’s door on HOV lane in California resulting in major accident and the biker fled the scene…on camera.]

Kristopher Heerdt 08 July 2017…Loud pipes saves lives!!!!!! What a shit of a site lmao. Even if loud pipes become illegal do you really think people will stop having loud bikes…..um fuck no. People break the law all the time. So BRRRRAP BRRRAP bitches!!!!

Aaron Laird 09 July 2017…Fuck you, fuck your page, BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAP!!!!!!!!!!

flipstyledsm22 View Post 10 July 2017:  I’ve got loud pipes on my bike and I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about it either. My property, my money, my choice to live how I want to and do what I want to. It’s my American dream, so you can eat a fat dick if it’s too loud for your queer ears.

Peter Higgins 12 July 2017 FB: Fuckheads only allowed to join pussy group.


Chris Blue 16 July 2017 Go suck a bag of dicks. Loud pipes save lives.

12 thoughts on “Loud Biker Comments to C-CALM FB Page – The Wall of Shame

  1. I agree with all who hate motorcycle noise. These guys behave like children. I assume they must be of lower intelligence due to the drugs they use. They are certain not members of any responsible human race.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Steve,

      Subsequent to policing these narcissistic bullies, I understand your positioning. I was surprised to learn that these two-wheeled derelicts span the entire socioeconomic strata…but it’s the illegal NOISE that has, over the decades, become their icon, their little god…it is the cohesive element that bonds the “biker brotherhood” and compliments/validates the Group Dynamic. Pathetic, un-American and juvenile behavior reminiscent of those childhood years when I clothes-pinned playing cards in the spokes of my bicycle.

      Thanks Steve,

      Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired
      Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles – Facebook

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for supplying me with so much information concerning biker noise. This helps me to make the most of my efforts to fight it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Steve for reading the article and THANK YOU for standing against these vehicular NOISE thugs in our society that destroys the quality of life of our most innocent. If I can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask.

      Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired
      Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles – Facebook

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for shedding some light on those unacceptable behaviours. To nail them solid we’ll need to considerer first the constitutionality of their defence before tackling any legislative reforms.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Why do I pay taxes? Why do I pay car insurance, etc etc? And this huge group
    of misfits is allowed to break the law? When will we have a class action lawsuit
    against this huge group – so we can get back some money for being daily

    Liked by 2 people

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