Leadership of Fort Smith and Fayetteville Compromise Safety, the Law, for… Money!

Fort Smith, AR is already advertising the annual “Steel Horse Motorcycle Rally” to be held on April 29th & 30th, 2016. If you are a man or woman who approaches life with an ideology that engenders care and concern for your fellowman and his family, I ask you, why would the leadership of a Municipality like Fort Smith or Fayetteville, AR (Bikes, Blues, BBQ Motorcycle Rally) invite thousands of LOUD bikers into their Cities?

The tax-paying citizenry within the jurisdictional boundaries of Fort Smith and Fayetteville certainly placed their trust in Mayor Sanders and Mayor Jordan at the voting booth, yes? Don’t these Mayors and the Council persons have an obligation to serve and protect those within their respective areas of responsibility? Do you think that inviting thousands of illegally equipped/illegally LOUD motorcycles into these Cities is fulfilling the oath of office taken by Mayor Sanders and Mayor Jordan?

Fact is, Mayor Sanders and Mayor Jordan are openly prostituting themselves for the money/tax revenue generated by the Loud Biker Cult[ure] attending these annual thug-fest gatherings. Yes, I am fully aware of the philanthropic endeavors of the Loud Biker Organizations and their “charity” work, but philanthropy is not a defense to usurping the State Law and the basic moral tenets of respect, common decency and a love for one’s neighbor.

Arkansas’ Motor Vehicle and Traffic Laws (Sub chapter 6-Mufflers, 27-37-601, pg. 313) prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle upon any roadway or alley in Arkansas that is not equipped with a muffler meeting factory/OEM muffler specifications. Yet, Mayor Sanders and Mayor Jordan, along with their respective Police Chiefs, thumb their nose at the State Law and, with knowledge and intent, invite thousands of illegally equipped motorcycles and their faux-barbarian operators into their area of responsibility. Motorcycles equipped with either modified or aftermarket exhaust mechanisms in direct violation of State Law and emitting two-four-six or more times the legal limit of 80 db(a) – the “minimum” level of exhaust noise emissions stipulated as safe for the general public according to the Environmental Protection Agency and the World Health Organization; excessive exhaust noise that is especially harmful to our children and our elderly.

Let me share with you the financial statistics from the first annual Steel Horse Motorcycle Rally in Fort Smith and ask yourself, what is Mayor Sanders’ priority, the safety and welfare of the citizens of Fort Smith or the health of the City Coffer?


First Steel Horse Rally Spins $4.2 Million Economic Impact, Benefits Local Charities
The Times Record | Published 5/14/15

The inaugural Steel Horse Rally had an estimated $4.2 million economic impact on the Fort Smith region, according to the Fort Smith Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.

The May 1 event attracted between 8,000 and 10,000 bikers with a two-day attendance of about 25,000 people. Sales tax revenue for the region was estimated to be $1.2 million with a triple multiplier equation on a 9.75 percent tax of $400,000.

“We made history,” Steel Horse Rally President Dennis Snow said. “It’s never been done on this scale here. … For a first-year rally this is better than I’ve ever seen.”


Shame on Mayor Sanders and Mayor Jordan for bowing at the throne of compromise, thuggery and greed in lieu of honoring, serving, protecting, those who placed their trust in their leadership and guidance.

Rick Holtsclaw, Loud Motorcycles Suck



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