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“Sabbath is necessary because it is also part of ten commandments.” Is this Scriptural, is this True?

Theological inquiry concerning the Sabbath: “Sabbath is necessary because it is also the part of ten commandments. It is equal to other 9 commandments. Law doesn’t give us salvation but it is necessary to be followed.”

Christian response…

If you are a practicing Jew, the Sabbath Day is relevant as you have placed yourself under the Law; therefore, you must keep the Law perfectly, including the Sabbath’s mandates; that is, if you seek to find righteousness (a right standing) with God the Father; unfortunately, even if you could keep the Law perfectly from a designated point forward in your life, you have already violated the Law and are condemned because there is no atonement for sin in the Law as the blood of animals is not sufficient to forgive sin (Hebrews 10:4); therefore, even if you were able to keep the Law perfectly, your sin remains and death in sin and Hell is inevitable (John 8:24).

Jesus Christ-Yeshua is our Sabbath’s rest for everyone who trusts in Him as God, Intercessor, Messiah. Jesus’ life and Crucifixion fulfilled the Law perfectly and made atonement for sin; therefore, the one who trusts in Messiah as God is not under Law but under Grace (Romans 6:14). The Christian is therefore free to worship any day, eat anything, wear any form of mixed-fabrics with the only concern being that we’re not to cause our Christian brethren to stumble by our freedom in faith in Jesus (Romans 14).

When you require others to keep a Law that does not pertain to them, you become legalistic and you are opposed to the things of God who suffered and died to set us free from the death of the letter of the Law (2 Corinthians 3:6).

jesus - do not let anyone judge you by what you eat drink new moon sabbath

Does God/YHVH =Jesus/Yeshua=Holy Spirit/ Ruach HaKodesh?”

Theological inquiry on FB: “Can we have a calm discussion about the Trinity theory? Does God/YHVH =Jesus/Yeshua=Holy Spirit/ Ruach HaKodesh?”

Christian response…

From Genesis 1:1-2 forward to the Revelation, the Scriptures clearly affirm Elohim has presented Himself within the Realm of Time as One in essence and Three in purpose. The Father is all consuming LOVE (1 John 4:8) and authority (Mt. 28:18) and that LOVE and authority is manifest in the Son and that love is shared in the Spirit (Col. 3:15). In order for our God, who is Spirit (John 4:24) to accomplish His purposes and fulfill His Plan to-and-for a life, cognition, constrained by Time and physics, the Tri-unity of God is essential for mankind’s understanding, for purpose, for meaning, for clarification. Void the Triune Godhead that indwells the faithful through the Spirit (Eph. 1:13-14), mankind could never know God personally, intimately, as God-Creator-Intercessor-Judge.

jesus - holy spirit - i will ask the father and he will give you another helper

Warning to Trump Supporters: 2020 is NOT a certainty…an explanation why…

Warning to every Trump supporting, red-blooded American Patriot…FYI…

Having policed this “progressively” sick society for 31-years and having returned to the University late in life to complete a graduate degree, observing what our institutions of higher learning have become and being a student of apologetics and one who loves the Lord Jesus Christ…I feel a need to warn my honorable fellow Patriots…

Unbeknownst or unclear to some faithful, hard-working, dedicated, God-honoring, American Patriots across this Nation, there has been an injurious metamorphosis manifest in the fabric of our Nation that has resulted in that fabric becoming weakened by Progressive Socialism introduced into America’s sociological framework as early as 1900 by a gentleman named John Dewey. The ideology of Progressivism envisions a New World – a transformed America where true nirvana is found in the equity of all things, no winners and losers; imagine no religion; no disparity of income, no hunger, no shame, no law, no race,…a virtual utopia that is manifest through communal agreement, sharing, equality in the distribution of all goods and services by a strong central governmental entity managed by loving, equitable, men and women of stature, wealth, intelligence. The early Progressives believed that their ideas for attaining social harmony and pervasive happiness were superior to those of our Founding Fathers.

The Progressives were successful in influencing a number of American Presidential Administrations and they infused their ideology into America’s governmental bureaucratic entities through the educational system. In conjunction with the Progressive-Socialist movement in America, the KGB, subsequent to the 2nd-World War and throughout the 1950’s, were successful in implementing strategic reeducation initiatives through America’s Hollywood, media, academics; this movement was referred to as the “Red Scare” or “McCarthyism.” Both Senator McCarthy and FBI Director Hoover were lambasted as nut-cases for suggesting such a strategy by the KGB had any validity but today we understand that McCarthy and Hoover where right on target.

The Progressives were most successful in their agenda of morphing America from a Christian Nation into an atheistic, secularistic, socialist, Nation by infusing Progressive-Socialists into America’s classrooms across the United States. Madalyn Murray O’hair and America’s Courts were successful in the early 1960’s in removing Jesus Christ, prayer, Bible reading, from the public schools (Engel v. Vitale – 1962 is one example) and one-year later, 1963, Progressives infused Darwinian Evolutionary Theory into the classroom to replace Jesus Christ and the Creation narrative. Our students were and are taught that God does not exist, there is no Genesis creation narrative and that humanity is a cosmic accident from a big bang and our genetics finds its origin in a “primordial soup” that somehow gave-way to a simple celled organism as the genesis of all life and diversity on planet Earth i.e. abiogenesis.

As Darwin was and is taught as a biological science/empirical truth to our children, simultaneously in the humanities, our children are taught Leninism – Marxism – Revisionist American History and they are taught that America and its founding was and is incorrigibly racist and shameful. Our children are taught that there is no God and that America is irredeemable, racist, shamefully inequitable and must be restructured and reformed into something more equitable and fairer for all people of all races, not just “privileged White citizens.”

Subsequent to 1963, America’s educational system has brainwashed, methodically corrupted, the minds of many millions of American youth and morphed them into godless, atheistic, nihilistic, progressive socialistic radicals and the majority will NEVER be convinced of their brainwashing, their naivete and many will die in their atheism and in anti-American deception. The Millennial and Gen-Z generations today are currently the most destructive resultants of Progressive brainwashing and they are entering the voting booths across America en mass by the millions and like robots they’re pushing the button for Progressive Democrat Socialist candidates in our Federal, State, County, Local, elections.

I tell the American Patriot that information to tell you this information…DO NOT THINK FOR ONE MOMENT THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP IS GUARANTEED A VICTORY IN NOVEMBER 2020. President Trump is supported primarily by the Boomer Generation of Conservative American Patriots and we’re dying-off daily. Our numbers decrease every hour and the Progressive Socialist Democrats increase with every graduating class from our institutions of “higher brainwashing.”

Remember, wicked Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in 2016 and if not for the Electoral College, Donald Trump would not have been elected President. I say that to say this, America is headed to death in Progressive Socialism as Her brainwashed youth will inevitably outnumber Her Patriots; therefore, if you desire four-more years of America’s Constitutional Republic, please don’t be lethargic and too sure of yourself; PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE AND TAKE A CONSERVATIVE WITH YOU!!!

Please permit our posterity to mature four-more-years in some semblance of sanity before the Progressive-Democrats completely destroy America’s Constitutional Republic?

democrat - democrat v. republican compared side by side

democrat - american students celebrating socialism

De-fund the Police? What is the true agenda of Progressive Democrats?

More information on the Progressive Democrat Socialist agenda of “defunding the police.”
The strategy of “defund the police” resonating throughout the United States is a ruse of the Democrat Party. This is a tactic of the Democrat Socialists to remove the local and State law enforcement agencies…a majority of which supports President Trump and replace them with WOKE, Politically Correct, servants of the Progressive-Socialist-Democrat Party.
Tonight, 08/June/2020, Tucker Carlson discussed this Democrat agenda and he made a good point. The liberal left hates the police because law enforcement is the one institution that the Progressive Democrats do NOT yet control. The military is owned by the Progressive Democrats who have captured the Pentagon through un-elected bureaucrats; the military belongs to the Democrats…NOW…the Democrats are seeking total control over the police as well.
It’s NOT truly a “defund the police” agenda as that’s only a ruse as their true objective is to “replace the police” with men and women and LGBTQ fashioned in the image of Progressive Socialism; a new police force that is easily controlled by the Democrat Party via shared ideological values; liberal, WOKE, morally-ethically deceived and compromised/atheists-LGBTQ men and women with police authority willing to infuse the Progressive Socialist agenda while denying your right to self-protection.
(Start at about 9:00 minutes on the video timer for a summation of Tucker’s analysis of “defunding the police.”)

False Teachers-Healers in the Name of Jesus Christ. A personal experience…

Many years ago, I was invited to attend a Benny Hinn “healing revival” at the Dallas Convention Center. As a Houston LEO, I would be a security usher in the isles keeping an eye-out for potential problems. I was blown-away by the demonic teaching and deception and theft from a packed house of hurting, crippled, elderly, people who were giving their precious dollars to this scam artist in the Name of Jesus Christ in hopes of receiving healing and relief from their suffering.

While performing “usher” duties and watching the scam show of casting-out sickness and the lame walking and Benny Hinn throwing spirit power into the audience and people falling onto the ground, some convulsing like rabid dogs…I wandered into a back room looking for a toilet when I observed numerous tables set-up and people counting money and checks…money stacked all over the tables…prayer requests intermingled among the money…these poor people were giving their poverty to Benny Hinn and his demons…I was devastated and that weekend is one I’ll never forget and it was an experience that changed my life forever concerning apologetics and the necessity of rightly dividing the Truth with wisdom and discernment.

jesus - false teachers photo

Atheist logic: A dog is a good boy yet has no god

Atheist logic: A dog is a good boy yet has no god.

Christian response…

“Many” “good” people will live-out their life in the Realm of Time and die in their sin and die in Hell (Matthew 7:13-14). God’s forgiveness and His saving righteousness and grace are not given to the good because we’re all sinners (Romans 3:23) and there is no one that is “good” but God alone (Matthew 19:17), but God gives mercy and grace and redemption to the one who humbles them self and repents of their sin and acknowledges/believes in Jesus Christ as God who died to pay their sin-debt (Romans 10:9-10).

It’s not about being “good”…it’s about Jesus Christ as our Lord and receiving His “goodness” and perfection imputed over our life by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and receiving God’s forgiveness of sin and thereby being prepared to enter the Kingdom of God through the process of sanctification (John 3:16). Without Jesus as your Lord, it matters NOT how good of a boy you are, if Jesus is not your Mediator for sin (1 Timothy 2:5), you will die in sin and die the “second death” in Hell (John 8:24; John 14:6; Rev. 20:11-15).

atheist logic - dog is a good boy has not god

Jesus - you will die in your sins

My “White Privilege” and Black America…some Truth PLEASE?

Concerning my “White Privilege” and Black America…

There is NOT a race of people on the face of the Earth that has more privileges “given them” by legislation than the 21st-Century Black American yet they have squandered and defecated on every opportunity provided by the White tax payer. How many White men and women were and are currently denied jobs, raises, promotions, due to reverse discrimination i.e. “Affirmative Action” mandates and these families have lost hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars in income and retirement benefits simply because their skin tone is pale? How about the White children of White fathers and moms who were denied benefits and monies they EARNED because they’re White in a Nation of mindless, guilt-ridden, Progressive Democrats that have lost any semblance of wisdom, discernment? White privilege? Really?

How long will the guilty-minded White liberal pander to a people who refuse to walk-away from the slums and refuse to stop suckling the government tit and refuse to stop murdering one another and refuse to stop mutilating their babies in the womb and refuse to stop perverting the family unit and permitting their children to grow up fatherless, addicted and in filth culminating their lives in jails and prisons?

How long will Black America remain slaves to the Democrat Party?

Until Black America decides to get with the program and become citizens of the United States and strive to live a life espousing sustainable mores, norms, values, essential to the sustainability of America’s Constitutional Republic…until the Black community in America decides to seek a life of honor, respect, dignity, morality, patriotism…I’m sorry, but God and White America and protests and riots cannot help you.

How can Black Lives Matter when LIFE does not matter to Black America?

black abortion
democrat - black crime statistics not racist

White “racist” Cops killing Unarmed Black suspects – What do the Statistics say?

Do the actual statistics substantiate the allegations of Police racism, systemic Law Enforcement RACISM concerning the shootings of unarmed Black males in America?

The race-baiting Democrat Progressives, the lying mainstream media, liberal mayors, liberal police chiefs, liberal governors, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, globalists-socialists, guilt-laden liberal White-elitists…they will all cry systemic racism and bemoan George Floyd as just another example of White-racist cops murdering innocent, unarmed, Blacks…insisting that racism in American Law Enforcement is out of control…BUT WHAT IS THE TRUTH?

Are America’s Police murdering unarmed Blacks at an alarming rate…do we have any proof that the Democrat-Progressive-Socialist-Liberal-Atheist-Abortionist-Sexually Perverse-Nihilist-race guilty White Liberals are telling the Truth or is this racist hype and just another HOAX designed to fracture America with hate through racism and lies?

2019 Crime Statistics (Washington Post Data Base)

Concerning unarmed Blacks shot by police,

2019: Total of all police shootings, all races = 1004.

2019: Total of 802 police shootings documenting race of suspect/victim and officer as recorded by the Washington Post.

371-killed by police were White.

236-killed by police were Black – vast majority of Black suspects were armed with a weapon.

Blacks suspects were overwhelmingly more likely to be in possession of a weapon than White suspects yet more White suspects were killed by police.

2019 – Total of ten (10) cases of unarmed Black suspects killed by police > 9-Black males/1-Black female

Circumstances surrounding these ten-shootings of unarmed Blacks in 2019,

1) Black male suspect used a taser on the police officer before being shot by officer. Five-witnesses corroborated the officer’s testimony. Officer was “No Billed” by the grand jury.

2) Career criminal, Black male, wanted on drug charges ran from police and when confronted in wooded area, suspect fought with police and was shot and killed. Officer was “No Billed” by the grand jury.

3) Female officer approaching a Black male suspect was attacked and knocked to the ground; suspect was shot and killed by the female officer. Officer’s body camera substantiated the officer’s statement. Police officer was “No Billed” by the grand jury.

4) Black male suspect evading officers backed his car into a deputy who was then trapped by the back door, suspect was shot by deputies on the scene. Deputies were “No Billed” by the grand jury.

5) Black male suspect drove at officer at a high rate of speed and the suspect was shot. Officer was “No Billed” by the grand jury.

6) Black male suspect, completely naked, broke into a home and when officers arrived the suspect fought with officers; suspect was tased but kept attacking officers and was eventually shot and killed. Officer’s were “No Billed” by the grand jury.

7) Black female calls police in reference to a possible prowler or burglar. Police arrive and noticed door to residence ajar…police perform perimeter check and see armed Black female through the window and officer immediately discharges his weapon killing the Black female. Black female was the home owner and the officer was charged with homicide.

8) Black male robbery suspect fought with arresting officer and the officer’s weapon accidentally discharged in the struggle. The officer was also Black and was “No Billed” by the grand jury.

9) Black male suspect who had history of shooting at police was barricaded and threatening to shoot the arriving officers. Suspect was shot and found to be unarmed. Officer was “No Billed” by the grand jury.

10) Officer alleged that Black male suspect had pointed a gun at him but no weapon was found on the suspect at the scene. A weapon was later found in the suspect’s car. Officer charged with aggravated manslaughter.

Of the ten-deaths of unarmed Black suspects, five-resulted from the Black male attacking the officer, one-was an accident, two-officers were charged.

Understand that out of 225-million people in America, ten-unarmed Black people were shot and killed by police in 2019…IS THIS WORTH RIPPING AMERICA APART FOR FALSE ALLEGATIONS OF SYSTEMIC POLICE RACISM AS PER POLICE SHOOTING UNARMED BLACK SUSPECTS?

Since 2015, police shootings are declining. 2019 was the safest year since 2015 (Washington Post records) for unarmed suspects.

In 2019, 48-police officers were murdered…that’s more than all unarmed suspects of all races killed by police in 2019.

In 2018 there were 7407 Blacks murdered in America. If this trend continues to rise for the 2019 statistics totals; that will mean for every Black shot by police there were more than 700-Blacks murdered by someone else…overwhelmingly by another Black male.

A police officer is 18.5-times more likely to be murdered by a Black male than a Black male is be killed by a police officer.

minn - meme about lies of msm

What’s Happening in American Culture Today? What can we expect in the near future?

What’s happening in American culture today? What can we expect in the near future? Just a brief snap-shot…

Currently, the future Bourgeoisie i.e. today’s ruling elite, are conditioning American society for the infusion of Leninist Socialism, Communist Marxism as the prevailing sociological-economic ideology. Socialism in America and the eradication of America’s Constitutional Republic has been the goal of Progressives for 120-years as well as KGB – GRU initiatives during the early Cold War years which resulted in McCarthyism, the Red Scare (late 1940’s – through the 1950’s)…touted as a conspiracy theory then, affirmed as truth today.

Who were the major players?

John Dewey, Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Woodrow Wilson, Bill Clinton, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Obama…are just a few…

Who are the major players today?

1) The Progressive-Socialist-Democrat Party and its leadership having sold their soul to China; Globalists, Special Interests in America & Europe.

2) The “useful idiots” of America’s Millennial and Gen-Z generations having been methodically trained in Marx-Lenin-Darwin-Revisionist History and subsequently brainwashed into nihilistic-atheistic-morally relativistic-sexually perverse-abortionist advocating-naturalists-gender confused emasculated socialist puppets and mindless servants of the Bourgeoisie. These are visibly represented currently by anti-American fascist groups such as ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, ACLU, SPLA, Communist Party of America, Socialist Party of America and many more…

The Wrench in the Works…

President Donald J. Trump, from the moment he descended the escalator in Trump Tower (2015), was perceived as a threat to the Socialist-Globalist agenda of America’s ruling class; therefore, Trump has been under constant bombardment and harassment by the Ruling Elite, Globalists, seeking to undermine his election, success and his tenure in office by the implementation of a subversive coup d’état; a three-year Russian conspiracy hoax; abuse of a façade pandemic i.e. COVID-19 used to destroy America’s economy and decimate America’s middle class and small business; currently – organized riots in numerous large metropolitan areas across the United States are Democrat led and organized, Globalist inspired and funded, designed to further weaken the U.S. economy and foster growing hatred for President Trump by falsely accusing him of fascism, racism, hate, bigotry, murder, malfeasance, treason.

The Nationwide destruction of America’s largest metropolitan areas via violent civil unrest will been seen as the resultant of America’s failed economic, political, justice, systems thereby mandating, by necessity, absolute societal control by an all powerful federal government with absolute control over the military, economy, law enforcement, judicial system, the means of production and distribution of all goods and services.

2020 Presidential Election…

The 2020 Presidential election will be the deciding timeline relevant to how quickly America falls into the throes of Socialism. The “useful idiots” of the Bourgeois, trained by Progressive socialists in America’s high schools and Universities over the previous five-to-six-decades, will be multiplying exponentially as a voter group and they will infuse Socialist leadership into all three-branches of the Federal Government including State, County, Local leadership.

Once the Bourgeois/ruling class are firmly in control of America’s Government, the middle-class in America will have been decimated and the Nation will be divided into the ruling class – Bourgeois and the Proletariat – the working class. The “useful idiots” will, at that time, realize their error when the socialist boot is firmly fixed in their anal sphincter and they will retaliate in response to the years of methodical deception but these “useful idiots” will be neutralized by incarceration and/or death through execution.

America’s future in Socialism…

The American citizenry will suffer under the tyranny of mindless buffoons represented today by abortionist bloody, spineless mongrels, in the memory of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, AOC, Omar, Tlaib and the power mongrels of local and state leadership exposed by the current COVID-19 hoax and the annulment of the Bill of Rights.

Christianity will be forced underground; gun confiscation will be instituted which will result in the death of incalculable numbers of middle-class American patriots – veterans – police officers as they will refuse to surrender their weapons to a tyrannical government. The production of all goods and services and the distribution of same will be completely controlled by the Bourgeois and there will be zero-tolerance for political dissension and disobedience from the working class – proletariat.

America will be decimated monetarily, militarily, economically, spiritually. America’s posterity will suffer horrifically and the Boomer-Generation of America will be seen as the weak and impotent generation that failed to defend America’s Constitutional Republic from the moral rot of Atheistic-Progressive-Socialism. The infusion of a Socialist-Islamist-Communist Government in America will orphan the Nation of Israel and prepare the way for the 2nd-Advent of Messiah-Jesus, the Apocalypse and Messiah’s Millennial Reign. MARANATHA!

jesus - in the last days perilous times shall come for men

Is God’s Will always Done? How many “wills” does God have?

Theological inquiry on FB: How many wills does God have? Is God’s will always done?

God’s will is NOT always done, allow me to explain. Broadly speaking, God has two-primary objectives (wills) concerning the Realm of Time:

1) Defeat the works of the Devil (1 John 3:8b).

2) Demonstrate to the faithful angelic creation the horrors of sin and demonstrate to those angels His all-encompassing love, mercy and grace by giving Himself as a sacrifice for the salvation of His created beings in Time that have been ravaged by the works of the Devil, a former cherub angel endowed with tremendous authority (Matthew 26:28; Ezekiel 28:11+).

God’s immutable will concerning His Plan for the Realm of Time and Eternity will be accomplished without fail as God has defeated the works of the Devil via the Crucifixion (Genesis 3:15) and God is actively calling all men to repentance and salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord (John 3:16).

The process by which God’s Plan for the Realm of Time comes to fruition is fluid. In other words, God has infused free will into both His angelic and human creation in order that love and relationship with Him can manifest in purity with authenticity (John 3:18). God allows you and me to choose our destiny in life and God, in His omnipotence, is perfectly capable of bringing His eternal Plan to fruition by working through and around our individual choices in this life.

So then, is God’s will always accomplished? No…not in everyone’s individual life as “many” will unfortunately choose to reject Jesus Christ as Lord for the mediation of sin and die in sin and die the “second death” in Hell (John 8:24; Rev. 20:11-15); this is NOT God’s will who desires that all men be saved and come to a knowledge of the Truth (1 Timothy 2:4).

Jesus - Enter through the narrow gate
jesus - all men be saved