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Trinity; Deity of Jesus, Holy Spirit, salvation v. deception…

The Trinity, the Deity of Messiah Jesus, the Holy Spirit, salvation v. deception…

The Trinity is extant from Genesis 1:1 to the Revelation as Elohim introduces Himself in plurality by the very “Name” (Elohim) chosen by the Spirit who first introduces Himself as part of the Trinity in Genesis 1:2; the Trinity makes this abundantly clear in Genesis 1:26-28 using “Us” and “Our” as they create the complex human genome in their spiritual image. The Son is first introduced in Genesis 3:15 as well as One who will do battle with Satan (1 John 3:8b).

The Trinity and Covenant Relationship,

Those who possess the Holy Spirit in covenant relationship with the Father (Ephesians 1:13-14) know and understand the necessity for the Father, Son and Spirit working in three-distinct Persons as one-God to accomplish the Father’s eschatological will in Time and in Eternity; also, the redeemed in Jesus Christ know and testify that Jesus is Elohim, God-I AM (John 1; Hebrews 1; Colossians 1; John 8:24); this divine knowledge is the differentiating knowledge, understanding, anointing, differentiating the truly redeemed from those who have a facade of relationship but lack true substance, an enduring-abiding faith that will endure to the end (Matthew 25:13).

Jesus as Elohim,

Furthermore, if one does not see, believe, internalize, the necessity for the Trinity and/or they reject Jesus as God, Elohim, I AM, they are NOT in covenant relationship with the Father as they do not possess the indwelling Holy Spirit given as Guarantor of that relationship (Ephesians 1:13-14) as it is the Spirit who reveals these truths to the redeemed in covenant with the Father (John 16:13-15; 1 John 2:27).

If one denies the deity of Jesus Christ yet suggests they know Him as Messiah, they are deceived, they are destined to the “second death” in Hell as they do not possess the indwelling Holy Spirit (John 8:24; Revelation 20:11-15).

Father – Administrator

Son – Messiah – Warrior – Judge

Holy Spirit – Logistics


The demise of Humanity…God’s will?

Is the demise of humanity attributable to Elohim’s will?

Elohim infused free will into the human genome on the 6th-Day by necessity and design for His eschatological purposes and knowing humanity would relent to narcissism and compromise with the Devil, Elohim ordained the Gospel “before Time began” in order to destroy the works of the Devil (2 Timothy 1:8-10; 1 John 3:8b).

It’s not that God wills the demise of human kind (2 Peter 3:9) but that Elohim is demonstrating to the faithful angelic creation, those angels who did not rebel in the great war raging in the Kingdom, the consequences of sin, disobedience, to Elohim’s perfect plan and will; also, it must be understood that Time, physics, humanity, were created in response to the great Kingdom War and that war’s destruction was removed from the Kingdom and the Earth created as a temporary repository; therefore, humanity is a major player in the cosmic/spiritual war raging around us (Ephesians 6).

As a result of the weakness of the flesh, “many” will perish in the “second death” (Revelation 20:10-15) subsequent this cosmic/spiritual war and only a “few” will find life with Elohim through faith (Matthew 7:13-14); that is the nature and purpose of/for our creation and we’re free to choose death in Hell via the rejection of Messiah Jesus or choose eternal life by faith in Jesus as our Lord who died for us (John 3).

The previous 6000-years of human existence will not be in vain but will be purposeful as Jesus has destroyed the works of the Devil at Golgotha (1 John 3:8b) and the horror of sin, disease, suffering, death, will have been methodically exposed and that horror, suffering, will subsequently act as a bulwark against future rebellion in the Kingdom where free will exists by necessity.

Messiah, Rabbinical Judaism, forgiveness of sin, eternal life…

Messiah, Rabbinical Judaism, forgiveness of sin, eternal life,

No one is saved by law-keeping (Romans 3:20; Galatians 2:16; Galatians 2:21); that is a deception promulgated by ancient and current Rabbinical apostasy leading to the death in Hell of an overwhelming number of Jacob’s children (Isaiah 10:22; Romans 9:27; Romans 10).

If you desire forgiveness of sin and eternal life, you must trust in the One sent by the Father to provide you blood atonement as per the mandates of Leviticus 17:11; that is, Yeshua our Messiah as Lord and Savior; otherwise, you will live and die in sin and ultimately the “second death” in Hell (John 6:29; John 8:24; John 3; Revelation 20:11-15).

Saving Faith – verb or noun?

Saving Faith – verb or noun?

Much confusion concerning “faith” and salvation and works; so then, what is saving faith?

Mankind’s inability to please our Heavenly Father by the works of his hands, works of deceptive self-righteousness, was first made evident by Elohim’s rejection of Adam’s futile attempt to cover or conceal his sin and shame (nakedness) with fig-leaves in Eden (Genesis 3:21). Elohim demonstrated to Adam and all of humanity that He Himself would shed innocent blood and He HIMSELF would clothe fallen humanity in an imputed robe of righteousness (demonstrated by animal skins) and this eschatological prophecy manifest 4000-years later at Golgotha with the words of Messiah “It is finished” (John 19:30). The Father imputes the righteousness of Jesus into the life of the one who sincerely believes by faith (noun) that Jesus is Lord and they are clothed with this imputed righteousness manifesting in the covenant promise of forgiveness of sin, forever (2 Corinthians 5:21; Hebrews 8:12).

Mankind’s propensity to exercise faith as a verb,

Subsequent Genesis 3:21, mankind has repeatedly attempted to find favor with Elohim via self-righteousness; that is, working and striving to be sufficiently “good” to please God while Elohim has clearly warned that on our best day our works of self-righteousness are interpreted by Him as a “filthy garment” (Isaiah 64:6); that is, a bloody menstrual cloth in His nose when interpreted properly from the Hebrew text (ed: filthy -עֵד) ; therefore, what is man to “do” to earn God’s favor? Truth is, there is nothing you and I can “do” to be sufficiently “good” to earn our redemption from sin and escape the “second death” in Hell but as demonstrated in Genesis 3:21 by Elohim, Elohim HIMSELF provides a Way of escape through the shedding of innocent blood HIMSELF in Messiah Jesus and offers salvation, eternal life, forgiveness of sin, to the one who “believes” by “faith-noun” that the Son, Jesus Christ, is Lord and that He died to provide mankind forgiveness of sin and covenant relationship with the Father by “faith-noun.”

What is saving “faith”…a noun or a verb? Both?

Saving faith is a noun as salvation cannot be earned, worked for, but saving faith is simple “belief” and “trust” that our God is true and that He will do exactly as He has promised in His words. Once simple faith (noun) is manifest by believing in Jesus as Lord and Messiah, the redeemed receive the promise of the Holy Spirit who takes up residence within them and begins a good “work” in their life through the daily process of sanctification (Ephesians 1:13-14); this, where the Spirit incrementally transforms the redeemed in Christ into the obedient image of Jesus as the Spirit prepares the redeemed for service in the New Jerusalem (Galatians 5:16).

It is during the process of sanctification, subsequent saving faith (noun), that saving faith (noun) becomes a “verb” where good works are performed by the Spirit through the redeemed as the Holy Spirit does a good work in and through the “new creation” in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17); most importantly, it is ONLY the works of the Spirit performed through the redeemed in Christ that are considered honorable and worthy by the Father; in fact, the works performed by the redeemed in Jesus will be judged by Jesus at the BEMA Judgment for their authenticity and rewards given or denied contingent upon whether or not those works were done in self-righteousness or through the Holy Spirit.

In conclusion,

Saving faith that initiates covenant relationship with the Father is a “noun” as salvation cannot be earned but is a Gift of Grace (unmerited favor) (Ephesians 2:8-9).

Faith (noun) in Jesus that has resulted in covenant relationship with the Father then becomes enduring faith (verb) as the Holy Spirit begins a good work in the redeemed in Christ via the new nature and those works (verb) verify, validate, substantiate, the reality, veracity, of saving faith (noun). It is the one who believes (faith-noun) that is righteous before our Heavenly Father and that belief-faith (noun) manifests in good works (verb) done through the Spirit given by faith (noun) in Messiah Jesus.

Does Commandment-keeping evoke righteousness with God?

Is Commandment Keeping a path to righteousness with the Father?

The Commandments etched in stone don’t evoke righteousness (a right standing) with the Father (Romans 3:20; Galatians 2:16) because we’re sinners by nature (Romans 3:23) and the law mandates absolute perfection in order to attain the Father’s mercy via obedience to it (James 2:10; Galatians 3:10); therefore, if one desires to please the Father via righteousness they must approach Him HIS WAY which is the ONLY WAY to achieve saving righteousness in this life (John 6:29; John 14:6; John 3:16); that is, by placing sincere faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Messiah, believing with a sincere heart that Jesus died for you to pay your sin-debt owed the Father and believe with a sincere heart that Jesus was resurrected from the dead for your justification leading to eternal life (Romans 10:9-10; John 3).

It is through sincere faith in Jesus that you receive the perfection and righteousness of Jesus IMPUTED into your life (2 Corinthians 5:21) and enter into covenant relationship with the Father and receive the forgiveness of sin via that covenant (Hebrews 8:12); then, receive the indwelling Holy Spirit as Guarantor of covenant relationship (Ephesians 1:13-14) who will invigorate the new creation within you, that new creation having manifest as a result of your faith (2 Corinthians 5:17); it is then that the Holy Spirit will begin a good work in you, a work of righteousness, by enlivening the moral law of conscience written upon your heart at conception (Romans 2:14-15) and using your conscience to methodically guide you in the Father’s will for your life…this is defined as the daily process of “sanctification” where the Holy Spirit walks you in righteousness, good works, honorable behavior, that is pleasing to the Father as the Spirit prepares you for service in the New Jerusalem (Galatians 5:16).

Righteousness with the Father does not manifest through human effort or chasing after letters etched in stone (Galatians 2:16; Romans 8:1-2; Ephesians 2:8-9) but righteousness manifests only by faith in Jesus and subsequently allowing the Holy Spirit to work HIS righteousness in your life, forever (Galatians 5:16).

Understanding Matthew 7:21-23

Understanding Matthew 7:21-23: to the legalist who believes Jesus is espousing a works salvation…

21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ Matthew 7:21-23 (NKJV)

Why were these apparently “faithful” servants rejected and prohibited from entering the Kingdom? Answer: Relationship

Jesus was speaking to those who did many wonderful “works” in His Name…they probably sought the law, maybe they were Sabbatarian addicts, much like many today who seek same as a facade, as they worked to earn their way into the Kingdom via self-righteousness…these people worked and worked to serve the Lord and when judgment came, they were rejected, why?

These workers of the law and slaves to letters and good deeds NEVER ESTABLISHED A COVENANT RELATIONSHIP with the Father by faith in the Son, Jesus Christ…much like the legalists in these forums? Therefore, Jesus rejected them as they were workers of iniquity, they were lawless because they never surrendered their will for the Father’s will and believed in the One the Father sent into the World to provide atonement for their sin and receive the righteousness of Jesus imputed into their life by covenant promise (John 6:29; John 3; 2 Corinthians 5:21; Hebrews 8:12).

Their “works of righteousness” were equated as a “filthy garment” (Isaiah 64:6) by the Father as they performed those works motivated primarily by self-righteousness as opposed to the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit who is given the faithful in Jesus as Guarantor of covenant relationship (Ephesians 1:13-14).

Christian’s follow a “law” that is infinitely superior to letters etched in stone and scratched upon parchment…Christians follow the Law of the Spirit in sanctification as arbitrated by the conscience…something that legalists and self-righteous Jews and Israelite’s and Hebrew Roots fanatics and cults and sects know nothing about.

To every Jew/Israelite claiming the New Covenant is for Israel, alone…a Christian response…

To every Jew/Israelite who claims the New Covenant is for Israel alone as per Jeremiah 31, a Christian response…

Jesus Christ – Yeshua initiated the New Covenant in His blood at Golgotha (Matthew 26:27-28; Luke 22:20). Israel was to be the proselytizer of the New Covenant of Grace and fulfill Yahweh’s promise to Abraham as through Abraham’s seed would come One who is a blessing to every family of the Earth (Genesis 12:3) and that Blessing, Messiah Yeshua, came specifically to the lost sheep of Israel (Matthew 15:24) to ordain and proselytize them in the Gospel as Israel would assume responsibility for the Great Commission (Matthew 28) but Israel rejected Messiah, they murdered Him upon a tree and demanded that His blood be upon them and their children (Matthew 27:25); therefore, the Gospel was taken from Israel and given to the Gentiles until the fullness of the Gentiles has entered the Kingdom (Acts 13:46; Romans 11:25); also, for this reason, only a remnant of Israel’s children will escape the “second death” in Hell due to unbelief as Israel continues to pursue self-righteousness through law-keeping while denying the imputation of Messiah Yeshua’s righteousness by faith in Him as Messiah (Isaiah 10:22; Romans 9:27; Romans 10).

YES, Jeremiah prophesied of a New Covenant through Israel but Yahweh’s covenants with Israel have always been predicated upon national obedience (Deuteronomy 28); therefore, Yahweh’s eschatological plan for Time and Eternity will NOT be thwarted or stymied by the unfaithfulness of Israel’s children; therefore, Yahweh honored Israel’s free will rejection of Messiah and the New Covenant Gospel and subsequently turned to the Gentiles to honor the Gospel via the Great Commission.

Sabbath Questions…

1) If the origins of the Sabbath predate Exodus 16, please provide scriptural evidence of a Sabbath edict given humanity from Adam forward till Exodus 16?

2) Please provide scriptural evidence for anyone observing a Sabbath edict from Adam to Exodus 16? If the Sabbath was a day of observance subsequent Adam, why was Yahweh required to methodically spell-out the process of observing the Sabbath day to Moses; that is, if prior precedent existed?

3) Please provide scriptural evidence for a Sabbath edict given any Gentile from Adam forward lest same sought inclusion into Israel’s society under Law?

4) Please provide scriptural evidence where a redeemed Jew, Israelite, Gentile, is commanded to observe a Sabbath edict in the New Covenant?

The Sabbath, Constantine, the Holy Spirit…

The Sabbath, Constantine, the Holy Spirit…

Constantine had nothing to do with Sunday worship, worship that was initiated by the Holy Spirit in the first-century AD based upon precedent. Constantine was a 4th-Century Roman Emperor who sought religion as a method to control the masses through conformity and observance. Constantine, seeking to make Christianity attractive to the masses, initiated the Edict of Milan (312-313AD) and merged Roman/Babylonian Paganism with elements of non-Christian apocryphal doctrine and elements of Christian doctrine to form the World’s second largest religious cult, second only to the cult of Islam.

The Sabbath edict,

The Sabbath as an edict was never given anyone, from Adam forward, until Exodus 16 and that edict given solely to the Hebrew Tribes and sojourners with them; ultimately, as a sign between Yahweh and Israel’s children (Ezekiel 20:12). When Moses received the Sabbath edict from Yahweh in Exodus 16, our Lord was required to provide Moses with exacting details as to how the Sabbath Day would be observed, why?….BECAUSE no prior precedent existed.

There is ZERO Scriptural evidence for a Sabbath observance until Exodus 16 and Messiah Jesus never commanded Sabbath observance for the New Covenant Church nor did the Jerusalem Council who decided protocol for Gentile Christians in Acts 15; interestingly, Messiah did infuse the nine-moral laws of the Decalogue into His ministry and added mens rea (the thought life – Matthew 5:21-45) to enhance culpability but Messiah never infused the Sabbath, a civil-ceremonial law given solely to those under the Law Covenant.

The Holy Spirit and the First-Day,

The Sabbath edict applies ONLY to those under the Law Covenant. In the New Covenant, the Holy Spirit sanctified (set apart) the First Day (Sunday) as the Day of Pentecost…the Day the Spirit chose to initiate the New Covenant Church as documented in the Acts of the Apostles. The Holy Spirit chose the First-Day to resurrect our Lord from the dead. Elohim separated light from darkness on the First-Day and in Genesis 1:2 we see the Holy Spirit as the logistical overseer of the creation narrative.

Paul and the Sabbath…

Paul, our Lord’s chosen Apostle to the Jew and the Gentile, met with Jews, Israelite’s, on the Sabbath in Synagogue where they congregated under Law in order to proselytize them in the Gospel but when Paul met with the New Covenant Church, they gathered on the First-Day to break bread, to reason the Scriptures, to collect tithes.

Sunday v. Saturday,

The reason Sunday is set-aside for Church services today is because the Holy Spirit ordained it and separated it from the failed Old Covenant and its darkness (Hebrews 8:7). The New Covenant is NEW as it divides the light from darkness via our Savior, Jesus Christ. The New Covenant is new wine in new wine skins yet far too many who will read this insist that a dead covenant (Hebrews 8; 2 Corinthians 3) be resurrected and those who adhere to same die in Hell, why?

Reasoning for peace…

Why can’t people simply allow the Holy Spirit to rule and reign in their lives and honor the Father through faith in the Son, Jesus Christ, and walk in peace knowing that the Father simply wants intimacy with His created beings? The Father wants peace and love and joy to reign in our heart in covenant relationship with Him and He’s NOT interested in days, food, ceremonies, fabrics, temples, but the Father wants OUR HEART seeking obedience to His Spirit who indwells us and walks us in the daily process of sanctification. Jesus is our Sabbath’s rest when we trust in Him as our Lord (Hebrews 4).

Concerning Islam, Allah, Muhammad…

Concerning Islam, Allah, Muhammad,

Islam, the Quran, are the products of Islam’s Allah who is Satan masquerading as an angel of light via the Arabic moon god (2 Corinthians 11:14). Islam was born of adultery between Abraham and Hagar producing the “wild donkey” of a man named Ishmael who is the father of the Ishmaelites who are the progenitors of Muhammad, a 7th-Century demon-possessed nomadic thief, murderer, pedophile, who stole doctrine from the Torah and Christian theology to create the Quran and the World’s largest death cult. The Allah of Islam is Satan, the enemy of Elohim.