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Experience: (1) United States Marine Corps 1/1 - 0311 - NCO (2) 31-year retired veteran of the Houston Police Department (3) Education: Master's Degree/University of Houston at Clear Lake

DebateIsland – a debate forum inundated by demons…

As a Christian – Conservative; Husband and father of three beautiful children and a handsome grandson; former Marine Infantryman (NCO-0311); retired Law Enforcement Officer; it is heart-breaking to see the filth and perversion and deception via Marxism-Darwinism-Progressivism-Socialism-LGBTQ perversion that inundates “DebateIsland”…in this cesspool of demonic deception I find the most vile of sexual perversion, the deadly demons of Marxism, the deception of Darwinism-Atheism-Secular Humanism represented in overwhelming numbers…this forum is truly the Devil’s representative and tragically representative of what America has become subsequent to 100-years of Dewey-Marx’-Lenin’-Darwin’s influence. I am sickened. Void another civil war to once again take custody of the demons in the Democrat Party and once again restructure that Party of Demons into some semblance of sustainability, America will surely die in atheistic-Marxist-LGBTQ insanity.

Every Homosexual-Lesbian intuitively knows their behavior is Immoral, how?

“Natural Law” or “Moral Law of Conscience” is that law that has been extant as an arbiter of free will from the creation of the angels forward. It is this law that judged Satan of covetousness; this same law judged the Adamic and Noahic generations of sexual, moral, defilement where all but eight were destroyed by water in judgment. The natural law, moral law of conscience, was infused within human kind on the 6th-Day of Creation by Elohim who created human kind in His spiritual image thereby imparting certain communicable attributes to humanity (Genesis 1:26-28).

The natural law was infused within humanity for,

1) A bulwark to prevent societal implosion via unrestrained narcissism.

2) Eschatological purposes concerning our Creator’s plan for Time and Eternity.

3) An adjudicatory standard by which due process would be observed at the Judgment of the Condemned manifesting subsequent Messiah’s Millennial Reign (Revelation 20:10-15).

The Natural Law – Moral Law of Conscience provided the foundation for the Code of Hammurabi and the Decalogue given at Sinai.

You intuitively know good from evil, right from wrong. You intuitively know that licking on another woman’s vulva is perversion and a man’s penis does not belong in the rectum of another man…the deeper recesses of your conscience bear witness to this and you are culpable before the Father and will stand in judgment for your sin lest you repent and trust fully in Jesus Christ as Mediator for your sin by faith in Him as your Lord believing that Jesus died for you (John 3).

“Pride” Month is SHAME Month in America – a mental illness on display…

The United States has become a bastion of demons seeking every form of immoral behavior that not only brings shame to our Founding and our Founder’s intent for America, but our Nation actually celebrates the mutilation of babies in the womb; LGBTQ sexually perverse mental illness; gender confusion; the death and hopelessness of Marxism; worships at the throne of the Climate Cult while lacking the ability to define what a woman is, what a man actually is.

This incredible insanity is wholly endorsed and promulgated by the demonic Democrat Party in the United States; therefore, it is past time to repeal the Mental Health Act of 1963 and reopen state-run insane asylums that were inadvertently shuttered via the failed policies of community based mental health facilities. If insane asylums were to be re-opened and staffed sufficiently, there is no doubt that one-half to two-thirds of the Democrat-Progressive Party, its leadership and constituency, would be comfortably interned therein and no longer allowed access to a society seeking morality and common decency and sustainability. Progressivism-Marxism-the Democrat Party is complete lunacy and defines mental illness. Enough!

The New Covenant & the Lost Sheep of Israel (Mt. 15:24)…

The New Covenant and the Lost Sheep of Israel (Matthew 15:24)

The New Covenant was to be used by Jacob’s children to proselytize the entire Earth in the Gospel; this is why Yeshua came only to the lost sheep of Israel, to prepare them to fulfill the promise made to Abraham as through his seed “every family of the Earth will be blessed” (Genesis 12:3); unfortunately, Jacob’s children rejected their Messiah; rejected the New Covenant established in His blood (Matthew 26:28); Jacob’s children murdered their Messiah upon a tree and exclaimed that His blood be upon them and their children; therefore, the Gospel, the New Covenant, was taken from Israel and given to the Gentiles until the fullness of the Gentiles have entered the Kingdom (Romans 11:25). The New Covenant is not the property of Israel but the Gentile.

Trinity Doctrine: is advocacy for same ignorance or faith?

Concerning the Trinity doctrine, my advocacy for same: I am told to “stop exposing my ignorance”…a rebuttal,

I understand, but to deny that Elohim has introduced and revealed Himself in three-distinct Persons within the Realm of Time is simply rejecting what the Holy Spirit has provided us. How does the human mind fully comprehend the Trinity? I don’t know but if my three-pound brain could explain our infinite, omnipotent, Creator…He would not be God; therefore, as much as I would prefer to simply say the Father has completed the totality of Creation, Redemption, that is NOT what the Holy Spirit has said but that Elohim, represented by the Father – Administrator; the Son – Warrior-Messiah-Judge; the Holy Spirit – Logistics, is the plural unity implemented by “Elohim” to accomplish His perfect eschatological will within the Realm of Time.

During our spiritual intermediate state between death of the body and the resurrection, will we see and commune with the Father, Son and Spirit as individual Persons of the Trinity? I don’t know but I do believe that post resurrection we will commune with and serve our resurrected Lord in resurrected bodies forever in the New Jerusalem; therefore, I cannot deny what is written and placed before me in order to pacify mankind’s inability to understand or accurately define the Trinity. Simply because the Trinity defies human comprehension in NO WAY suggests the Trinity is not Scriptural or Elohim’s perfect will in Time and Eternity; therefore, by faith, I believe what is written as I trust the Holy Spirit void apprehension.

Is “gun control” an effective strategy to reduce gun-crime?

Is “gun control” an effective strategy in controlling gun-crime?

Does restricting the law-abiding citizen’s access to firearms reduce gun-crime? Subsequent to 31-years in law enforcement, I say NO…when firearms are regulated-restricted-banned by the government only criminals will possess them and the law-abiding citizenry made victims by government fiat. The ONLY solution to gun-crime is assured punishment through lengthy incarceration without parole.

Must America fall for the Tribulation to manifest?

Is America’s collapse essential for the Tribulation era and Messiah’s 2nd-Advent?

Has anyone pondered why the United States is not an integral player in end-time events but China-Russia-Iran/Islam-Israel play a focal role? Is the current ideological-political-financial-moral-ethical-decline in America essential for the Tribulation to manifest?

Is it possible that our Creator will eliminate the United States as an ally of Israel thereby making Israel wholly dependent upon Jesus’ intercession when the nuclear armed nations attack Jerusalem prefacing Messiah’s 2nd-Advent and the Millennial Kingdom?

Nuclear War between Russia-China-Iran/Islam v. Israel is coming, are you ready?

A Nuclear War between Russia-China-Iran/Islam v. Israel is coming, are you ready? Fox News reports that Iranian enriched uranium is 18X greater than what the nuclear deal permits. The Holy Spirit tells us that there is a horrific nuclear war coming and apparently the major players will be Russia-China-Iran/Islam v. Israel. This unfathomable tribulation era will ultimately trigger the 2nd-Advent of Messiah Jesus where He will defeat the enemies of Israel and proceed to establish His Millennial Kingdom. Are you ready? Is Jesus your Lord for the forgiveness of sin and passage to eternal life?


In the Beginning, God Created…Why?

In The Beginning, God Created…why?

The Universe, Earth, the human genome, were created by Jesus Christ for cause with rapidity (John 1; Hebrews 1; Colossians 1). The entire creation narrative is the resultant of an unfathomable coup d’état having manifest in the Kingdom before Time began and was extricated – placed within the constraints of Time and physics to be dealt with by our Creator apart from the Kingdom while that spiritual war rages-on around us and through us (Luke 10:18).

Every man and woman is a warrior who will ally with our Creator or His nemesis, Satan; therefore, choose wisely as your eternal destiny is wholly contingent upon whom you choose to serve i.e. Jesus as Lord by faith or Satan through unbelief.