America – Civil War 2.0

America – Conservatism v. Liberalism – Civil War – a Conservative’s perspective…

Born in 1957 to a “democrat” family; raised in Houston, Texas, a perverse, godless, democrat majority municipality; attending Houston’s public schools through middle school and Houston’s University relevant to a graduate degree… all of which are filthy, perverse, democrat rooted; as a young man seeking to fight communist tyranny, volunteering for the United States Marine Corps Infantry – a once honorable institution crippled by WOKE Progressivism; subsequently, dedicating my youth and middle age years (31.4-years) to Houston’s police department which is filthy blue democrat, sexually perverse democrat, a godless democrat controlled social experiment.

In my wilful blindness and ignorance, I could never understand why I did not fit-in socially, was socially the odd-ball in my family – my career – because “politics” was NOT “my thing” and I was willfully ignorant of the spiritual chasm that existed between my strict conservatism and belief in a God and the liberalism that has inundated my life for 65-years.

Having been made acquainted with the American Civil War (1861-1865), I could never, NEVER, comprehend how a family, a father and son, two or more brothers, could sit for breakfast or an evening meal then decide to walk to opposite sides of a grassy field, one wearing a gray uniform and the other wearing a blue uniform, and without apprehension shoot one another to death in war over political, ideological, theological, differences. Now…I fully understand.

Now, over the previous couple of decades, I recognize the enemy that walks among me; that is, the Democrat-Progressive-Socialist-Marxist-Darwinist-Liberal. America has returned to 1860; the Democrat Party is once again become unmanageable, unsustainable, and only another Civil War will right this perverse, arrogant, demonically possessed, ship – a Constitutional Republic experiment.

There are 100-million “Americans” who understand my words and stand ready to fight and if necessary to die for our posterity as the current Democrat Party is demonically possessed and offers a future of tyranny, suffering and Hell for our children.

All American Patriots require is a modicum of coordination and a declaration of Civil War making our actions historically legitimate and our response spiritually acceptable for conscience sake; if not, America will die in Democrat-Progressive tyranny morphing America into a communist police-state resulting in unfathomable suffering for our most innocent…our posterity, our children, our heritage.

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