America has reached a breaking point; what are Christian Patriots to do?

America has reached a breaking point, what are Christian Patriots to do? Where is our leadership?

America’s Constitutional Republic was created specifically for a moral and religious people and it is wholly inadequate to govern those who choose to follow Satan, his WOKENESS agenda, represented by the Democrat – Progressive – Marxist Party of the United States.

Our Founders collaborated with the intent of constructing and implementing a very limited form of Federal Government, a representative republic or representative democracy where the tentacles of Government were prohibited, by design, from intruding into the personal lives of the citizenry thereby permitting every man, woman, child, maximized freedom to pursue their God-given talents as contributing members of a capitalistic society with the right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness.

Our Founders were fully cognizant of the fact that a limited Government exercising limited intrusion into the personal lives of the citizenry mandated that an overwhelming majority of the citizenry be morally and ethically constrained by the indwelling Spirit of God; hence, the presence of a Church steeple visible from almost every quadrant of early townships throughout the Colonies.

Our Founders, many represented by Christian men who possessed an abiding faith in Jesus Christ, understood that unless Jesus was King and the Holy Spirit was the logistical support in constraining the sin-nature of man through sanctification via the “new-nature” in Christ, the American experiment of maximized freedom for the individual and maximized restraint upon Government intrusion would ultimately fail and be replaced by tyranny e.g., subservience to totalitarianism.

Beginning in the late 1800’s-early 1900’s under the leadership of progressive nitwits like John Dewey AKA “the father of modern education,” a radical shift from freedom of the individual to conformity to the the group was introduced first into the American classroom and proved successful as a form of control over the thoughts of the individual who was coerced into acquiescing to the will of authoritarianism, the “elite” in society, a subtle form of the bourgeoisie who found Progressivism a valuable tool for power, control, over the newly forming proletariat comprised primarily of lower-to-lower middle class American students.

Subsequently, Dewey and Darwin and Marx and Sanger were slowly infused into the heart and minds of American youth via education/biological sciences-humanities, Hollywood, print media, the GRU/KGB post WWII, the Democrat Party that whored itself to Marxism and Darwinism-Atheism and Racism.

Today, in America, the Progressive-Marxist-Democrat Party of WOKEISM has finally captured the hearts and minds of Gen-X, Millennial’s and Gen-Z far too many of whom represent the Devil via societal immorality and these are the antithesis of sustainable American values; therefore, America has finally reached a breaking point where either a day of reckoning resembling America’s war with the Democrat Party from 1861-1865 is repeated and the Democrat Party is systematically dismantled, reorganized as a political party espousing some form of American values or America dies in apostasy, abortion, perversion, confusion, atheism. Christian Patriots will stand now or our posterity will suffer in unconscionable tyranny until our Lord’s 2nd-Advent. Where are our Christian leaders?

This current breech in American values is nothing less than the war between good v. evil and though Jesus is our victory our Nation and our posterity are our responsibility; therefore, do we surrender our posterity to Satan or do we fight?

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