WOKE Democrat Party and the Mental Health Act of 1963…America’s death

Democrat Party =

1) Marxism – Tyranny to replace America’s Constitutional Republic of “We the people.”

2) Attacks on – elimination of free speech rights.

3) Abortion advocacy, murder-mutilation of babies, up to the ninth-month of gestation.

4) Gender confusion – inability or refusal to define what is female and male.

5) Forcing gender confusion/gender transitioning on elementary students in public schools.

6) Advocacy for genital mutilation for children, puberty blockers, gender transitioning counseling in public school as early as elementary grade level.

7) Same-sex marriage advocacy via Obergefell v. Hodges (2015).

8) Imposing the lies and destruction and racism of Critical Race Theory/1619 into public schools thereby teaching all children to hate America, White children to hate themselves and their parents and their ancestors.

9) Insisting on packing the SCOTUS in order to bull-doze through their Marxist-perverse agenda.

10) Forcing/infusing the lies of Darwinism-Atheism into public schools as a “biological science” while advocating for SCOTUS decisions like Engel v. Vitale (1962) to remove Christ Jesus from the classroom.

11) Infusing the death of Marxism into our high schools and universities under the auspices of a “humanities.”

12) Infusing historical revisionism at all grade levels to foster hate for America.

13) Infusing liberal prosecutors into local, state, federal, jurisdictions to protect criminals from prosecution; advocating for little to no bond mandates; unconscionable recidivism rates as the citizenry suffers and fear controls their life.

14) Touting an insane form of “compassion” that has resulted in the streets and sidewalks of our major municipalities being overrun, polluted, with homeless waste and drug paraphernalia, unconscionable forms of crime, harassment, abuse, of the law abiding citizenry.

15) Movements to defund our law enforcement agencies allowing criminals to run amuck and destroy the rights of the citizenry to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness.

16) Advocacy for open borders allowing millions of illegal aliens to flow into our Nation unimpeded as terrorists, drug cartels, criminals of all sorts enter our Nation and are transported to selected areas of interest by bus and airplane…leaving them essentially unsupervised among the citizenry to rape, pillage, abuse, at will.

17) Advocacy for “gender neutral” bathrooms where little boys can pee next to little girls.

18) Funding and advocacy for Marxist organizations like “Black Lives Matter” and “ANTIFA”…thuggery and hate and communism and violence and intimidation, destruction of property, looting, burning our cities to the ground, all espoused by the Democrat Party.

19) The furtherance of blatant racism as Democrats moved the plantations of old to the inner-city ghetto along with a majority of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics to extinguish the Black populous in a bait-n-switch of welfare for votes while murdering unconscionable numbers of Black babies in abortion mills. Same racists, same story, different faces. 

20) Climate change fanaticism, a WOKE agenda of the globalist-elitist, a deception that suggests mankind controls the weather while rejecting the cyclical nature of our climate; this, costing billions in wasted money and the suffering of a Nation that is poised upon the greatest stockpiles of energy known to mankind. The “Green New Deal” of AOC and the “squad” of Progressive mental patients and those who worship the created rather than the Creator…insanity in a skirt and foolishness espoused as care for the “environment.”


This limited list of Democrat-Progressive-WOKE policies finds their genesis with socialist John Dewey (the father of modern education), the “elites” who supported Dewey’s progressive agenda in public schools; the GRU/KGB post WWII and their agenda involving Hollywood, print media, public education, mass media, Darwin in public schools in 1963.

With that said, I truly do believe that the presence of the current WOKE, Racist, Liars, of the Democrat Party in the United States finds its roots in the demonic, the mentally ill. One of the worst decisions ever made by our Federal Government, the Courts, was the 1963 Mental Health Act which supplanted the authority of state-run insane asylums in lieu of community-based mental health facilities and inadvertently defunded the state-run asylums which led to the absence of mental health intervention for millions of American’s as the community based programs were unsuccessful and underfunded; this led to the absence of treatment for the mentally ill who were essentially driven-bused to major municipalities throughout the United States and dropped-off in their inner-city/downtown areas to roam the streets like zombies. Subsequently, our jails and prisons have been overrun with mental patients who do not receive adequate care but are recidivist and abusers of the system and abusers of the citizenry perpetually…and…NOTHING is done.

IF NOT for the Mental Health Act of 1963, two-thirds of the Democrat Party’s leadership, legislators, representatives, supporters would not possess the freedom to exercise their insanity in Washington D.C., our State Houses, as they would be confined or under the direct supervision of State-run insane asylums; unfortunately, the inmates are now running the asylum i.e. the United States of America. The Democrat Party and its supporters…these are an evil people to be feared as the Devil himself.

Rick Holtsclaw, USMC/Retired LEO

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