Liberalism v. Conservatism – Comparison/Contrast w/brevity…

Liberalism is a mental disease of demonic deception…a facade of philanthropy absent knowledge or intelligence or wisdom or discernment…Liberalism is a bastion of mental illness, abortion-murder, narcissism, WOKENESS, sexual perversion, Marxism-Progressivism where an overwhelming majority of these mental midgets would be interned in insane asylums if not for the unfortunate consequences of the 1963 Mental Health Act. Liberalism-Marxism in America is primarily the resultant of John Dewey, Darwin, the GRU-KGB, elitist perverts frothing for power and control over the masses…liberalism is comprised of Marxist puppets, the ignorant and naive proletariat who unwittingly subject themselves to the perverted narcissism of societal elites i.e. the bourgeoisie…these liberal puppets are mostly comprised of Millennial’s and Gen-Z brainwashed men and women who have been subjected to years of Darwinism i.e. atheism and Marxism in our schools and institutions of “Higher” learning.

Right wingers?

There are mentally ill fringes in conservatism as well but for the most part, those who internalize a conservative worldview honor God, a Christian Nation, the law of the land, limited-non intrusive government, fairness, “equality” NOT equity, a free market, entrepreneurship, clean-safe neighborhoods, opportunities for all irrespective of color, race, creed, religion…most conservatives want a Biblical family…a mom-dad-children living in community, a home, property, in peace and respect and honor and loving their neighbor. 

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