Is America a Christian Nation today; Is America the protector of the Jew?

Someone on FB said Jesus is now the protector of the Jews because America is a Christian Nation. Is this true?

The United States is no longer a Christian Nation and has been degrading, dying, in secular humanist apostasy for 50-years; as of late, the United States is becoming “progressively” antisemitic and welcoming Israel’s virulent enemy, Islam, into our Nation, our Government, into the Halls of our Congress…America is no longer a true ally of Israel…America is a Nation replete with weak, ignorant, debased, atheists, secular humanists, narcissists, Darwinists, Marxists, who worship the environment, science, perversion, the Devil…America is a Nation that is dying daily in its own immoral and narcissistic filth.

Israel is blind to the way of God in Jesus Christ as Messiah and only a remnant of that people group will be saved from the “second death” in Hell due to unbelief. Israel, throughout its tumultuous history, has been consistently a stubborn and obstinate people who have defiled God’s Covenants, murdered His Messiah, rejected His Truth via self-righteousness. Ultimately, a coalition comprised of Russia-China-Islam/Iran will soon come against Jerusalem, Israel and trigger a horrific nuclear war that will initiate the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ.

May God have mercy on the few and may His wrath be displayed over the many. May God’s glory be displayed throughout the Universe through His wrath and may His Kingdom of peace and righteousness ultimately reign forever. May God’s will be done! AMEN.

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