If Black History is relevant, why is American History being destroyed?

Question concerning America’s history: “If Black History is history and must be kept alive, why is [the] history of USA and Founding Fathers being deleted?”

Patriot’s response, (video below)

Because a Marxist agenda is in play in America and Blacks are the puppets of the communist left and have been since 1964 and now the Marxists are importing Brown slaves from the southern border to be their faithful proletariat and keep the democrat communist in power in perpetuity while our history and the middle class is relegated to the annals of ancient history to be forgotten in the ruse of Darwin, racism and stolen land i.e., the 1619 Project.

America is dying in communism through Biden, Harris, our House/Senate, SCOTUS, MSM, social media, Hollywood, Big Tech, Big Corp, Academia, Soros funded prosecutors, Blue-State Governors and Mayors, while God-honoring Patriots are sitting at home with thousands of rounds of 5.56, 7.62X51 and 39, 9mm, and they’re without coordination, leadership, financing, angrily watching our Nation die daily in a COVID hoax, a Chinese Communist-Globalist strategy to destroy our economy, our will, our history, our children, our hope…tragedy upon tragedy and NOTHING IS DONE! I explain this in more detail, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVpXP1-dToE

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