Increasing Racism toward White America, why?

Comment on FB concerning anti-White racism pushed by Communist Democrats: “I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of racism against white people. I worked hard for everything I have…”

Patriot response,

Hatred for White America will only increase unless civil war is declared/legitimately authorized and the communist culture, Marxist ideology, of the communist democrats is driven into the oceans without apology or mercy. White America comprises the majority of the middle-class, fly-over country, and a vibrant, thriving, middle-class espousing God, the Biblical family unit, a love for America and our Constitutional Republic, is the antitheses of what is mandated for Marxism to rule through the Bourgeois controlling the subservient Proletariat; the Proletariat being a slave class subject to the communist collective mindset that is completely dependent upon the State for sustenance. Marxism mandates the eradication of middle-class America. In the following video, I explain how this scenario has manifest in America and the threat facing White Conservative Christian Patriots.

See video: Civil War 2.0? Threat Assessment >

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