America’s Death via Darwin, Marx, Lenin, Roe, Obergefell (video attached)

Darwin’s idiocy is the most efficient progenitor of atheism ever known to mankind and Darwin’s deceit forced into the “biological sciences” (1963) by Progressives/Secular Humanists in combination with Marx, Lenin, revisionist history, in the “humanities” has morphed the Millennial and Gen-Z generations into lost, godless, atheistic-secular humanist-communists who will lead the way in America’s whoredom with China, Russia, Islam and the death of our Constitutional Republic and the alienation of Israel. FBI Director Hoover and Senator McCarthy tried to warn us in the 1950’s but America laughed them off as fools and conspiracy theorists; now, America is reaping what we have sown in our abortions via Roe, our sodomy via Obergefell, our prostitution with Communists and Globalists via the Democrat Communist Party of America. I discuss America’s options in this video:

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