Totalitarianism in 2021? Christians and Jews…a warning…

Concerning the demonic underpinnings of the Democrat-Communist Party seeking a totalitarian government in January 2021; that is, if President Trump’s lawsuits relevant to election fraud fail in the courts across America. (A warning concerning antisemitism and America’s fall into the demonic)

A discussion…

As most Christians practicing discernment are already aware, any political party, organization, sect, cult, religion, that advocates for the mutilation of babies in the womb; supports-advocates-radically celebrates the defilement of God’s Marriage Covenant, the Biblical family unit, while simultaneously infusing the debauchery of LGBTQ sexual perversion-confusion into a society, celebrates same in the streets and directly attacks the posterity of said society with sexual defilement-gender confusion-pedophilia, necromancy via blood cult practices involving children; when these practices are integral to any organization, the astute Christian should immediately suspect demonic leadership and guidance as the initiator and sustainer and protector of that organization, but let’s not forget the primary telltale sign of the demonic in a political party or political organization; that is, without fail…a political party that is under girded by the demonic will always seek antisemitism, anti-Semitic policies-laws-edicts aimed at dehumanizing, intentionally endangering and/or eradicating the Jewish people, the children of Jacob, while directly attacking the sustainability and sovereignty of the Nation of Israel.

As America exponentially falls to the will of Satan in Judgment subsequent to having rejected Jesus Christ as King, Christians…watch your “six” and be alert because you are hated and despised by Satan’s servants in the Democrat-Communist Party of America almost as much as Satan hates the children of Jacob. America’s posterity has been taken captive by Satan, Darwin, Marx, Lenin, the Globalist, the Communist, the Atheist, the Nihilist, the effeminate; therefore, I fear that persecution with extreme prejudice is coming for those of us who believe that Jesus Christ is Lord…let’s be a people group who endure to the end for the glory of God.

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