Why are the “educated” people so blind?

Question posited on FB concerning societal blindness: “Why are most of the “educated” people so blind?”

A retired cop’s perspective subsequent to policing this morally and ethically sick society for 31-years,

America is under God’s wrath and the “educated” and their godlessness, their abortion, their moral relativism/perversion and rebellion to sustainable mores, norms, ethics, are part and parcel as to why they’re “blind” as they seek to destroying the foundation that has under girded America for 244-years.It is the break-down of the American family unit through divorce; single parent households absent a father; abortion; drug abuse/addiction; LGBTQ sexual-gender confusion; a lack of discipline; lack of a work ethic; identity politics; fictitious-obsessive claims of societal racial inequality; the attack on Christianity giving way to a society that embraces moral relativism; having surrendered authority and responsibility relevant to our children to our public schools and institutions of higher learning. It is our public middle schools, high schools and Universities that offer the demonic deceit, brainwashing, through forced instruction in Darwin, Marx, Lenin, revisionist history via godless, progressive, teachers and professors who are liberal traitors to the United States.

Thus far, America has lost the Millennial and Gen-Z generations to communism and atheism via Darwin’s evolutionary theory in the “biological sciences” and Marx/Lenin + revisionist history in the “humanities” and the resultant is American youth brainwashed in atheism-nihilism-naturalism-secularism-progressivism-worthlessness, as these “students” are advocates of infanticide via Roe/73 – sodomy through Obergefell/2015 – communism via Marx-Lenin and an overwhelming majority are not going to “mature” and internalize any sense of patriotism or sustainable mores, norms, ethics, values, as these brainwashed puppets (useful idiots as per Lenin) of the Communist-Globalist worldview will be petulant, perpetual, persistent, enemies of the United States’ Constitutional Republic unless they are driven into the oceans by Civil War 2.0 and the fires of Hell are allowed to become their arbiter.

America has given birth to Her own traitors, Her own enemy and Her own death and America’s Federal Government – its Intel and its bureaucracies, absorbed and influenced by the same godless demons, has morphed into one of the most corrupt institutions in the free World; this, while the Darwinist’-Socialists-Progressives-Communists-Islamist’-Atheists infused their demonism into the soul of America’s posterity right under our noses while America’s Christians and Patriots did NOTHING to stop it. May God have mercy on those who love Him.

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