How is it possible that a reported 50%+ of the American voting public will vote for abortion, sodomy, communism, in the 2020 election?

As a Christian conservative, former Marine Infantryman NCO; retired 31-year veteran of a major American police department; one who loves God, Family, America, I find it absolutely mind-boggling how such a vast number of the “American” populous supports a political party/a worldview that advocates for the mutilation of babies in the womb up to and beyond the 9th-month of gestation when our Creator and science have clearly affirmed that life begins at conception; supports self-destructive, immoral, LGBTQ sexual behavior that destroys mind, body, soul, of the participant while directly attacking the sustainability of the American family unit and destroying America’s posterity through mass confusion leading to unconscionable rates of youth suicide; supports Marxism-Communism that has proven itself to be infinitely inferior to Capitalism while Marxism is nothing more than a progenitor of centralized governmental tyranny, suffering and death for the masses culminating in a complete surrender of personal freedoms and a debased quality of life.

I  do understand that at least two-to-three-generations of American youth (today’s Millennial and Gen-Z generations thus far) have been completely brainwashed in America’s “progressive” educational institutions; this having manifest through the deliberate removal of Jesus Christ our Lord and the Scriptures from our public schools (Engel v. Vitale – 1962 – Atheist – Madalyn Murray O’Hair) in conjunction with  the infusion of Darwin’s evolutionary theory, Marx and Lenin, revisionist American history, into our classroom curriculum in the early 1960’s, but how has this demonically-based progressive strategy been so incredibly successful in such a relatively short period of time? Is it possible that eschatology is in play and God’s wrath is coming to fruition before our eyes as our Lord is preparing for that Day concerning China-Russia-Islam’s assault on Jerusalem, Israel in conjunction with the weakening of America’s military and monetary might preventing Her from interceding on behalf of Israel in that horrific Day of Tribulation? As one who loves God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and His words, I think we’re observing God summing all things up unto Himself as so eloquently prophesied by His servants in the Canon of Scripture. MARANATHA Lord!

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