Communist Atheists accuse Trump of Mass Murder, really?

President Trump has killed no one. COVID-19 is a politically-hyped SCAM by Communist Democrats and their Atheist demons and the mainstream media in an election year. Latest statistics from the CDC verify that recovery rates for those infected with COVID-19 under 20-years of age is 99.997% and those between 1 and 69-years of age is at least 99%. At least 35% of those reported 200,000 COVID deaths are in error as comorbidity killed the patients; that is, respiratory-hypertension-diabetes-cancer-accidents were the causation for death but the victim was identified as a COVID death if they tested positive for the disease…we don’t even know the false positives that are out there and who knows how many were reported as COVID for profit and were NOT actually COVID positive. Hospitals were receiving good money to report usage of ventilators and COVID deaths…there was apparently tremendous FRAUD in COVID reporting. The death totals are generally focused and relevant for those over 75-years of age and many who are interned in convalescent homes where goofy democrat mayors and governors like Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo actually sent COVID positive patients into these rest homes and murdered many thousands through unnecessary exposure. Blasio and Cuomo are your Communist gods…you should be so proud

President Trump saved many lives by stopping interface – travel with China early in the pandemic. You communist-democrat atheists have swallowed the lies of the MSM, your godless communist professors and your gods Biden and Harris. You’re all a bunch of communist enemies of the State and I am ashamed you’re called Americans. Wear your silly mask, cower in fear and leave Americans alone…we’re tired of your liberalism and mindlessness and communism.

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