Science v. Evolution and the Demonic

Controversy concerning Science v. Evolutionary Theory: “There is disagreement, however, on whether the formal sciences actually constitute a science as they do not rely on empirical evidence.”

One Christian’s perspective,

Excellent. This is why Evolution is NOT “science” but a religion mandating incredible faith and belief. Evolutionary theory is not subject to empiricism, the scientific method nor can it be as Evolution is based upon man’s presuppositions by observing current phenomena and “guessing” relevant to the origin of that phenomena; suppositions published, peer reviewed, emanating from a biased and skewed worldview possessing an agenda emanating from the demonic.

Truly, Evolution is a demonic cult and atheism is its demonic sect and Evolution is the most proficient progenitor of atheism known to mankind. Evolution and the foolishness of atheism are a ruse for the the secularist, the hedonist, nihilist and narcissist, the sexually perverse, the abortion advocate, the Communist i.e. the Progressive Democrat, as they desperately seek to justify their sin and rebellion by denying the Creator they intuitively know exists (Romans 1:18-32).

Those who espouse, teach, Evolution and it’s demonic refuse, atheism, these are your Communists – Marxists in America’s streets, destroying property, assaulting our police, murdering our citizens, demanding Marxism replace America’s Constitutional Republic; these Evolutionist’s-Atheist’s having been brainwashed in America’s public schools by Darwin, Marx, Lenin, revisionist history taught by vile and evil Progressive professors and teachers…these are the death of America’s Constitutional Republic. Shun them and their evil. Only another Civil War will cleanse the Land of their demonic intent; otherwise, America and our posterity will suffer and many will die with the infusion of their Communist-Secularist demonic agenda.

evolution - religion of evolution

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