My “White Privilege” and Black America…some Truth PLEASE?

Concerning my “White Privilege” and Black America…

There is NOT a race of people on the face of the Earth that has more privileges “given them” by legislation than the 21st-Century Black American yet they have squandered and defecated on every opportunity provided by the White tax payer. How many White men and women were and are currently denied jobs, raises, promotions, due to reverse discrimination i.e. “Affirmative Action” mandates and these families have lost hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars in income and retirement benefits simply because their skin tone is pale? How about the White children of White fathers and moms who were denied benefits and monies they EARNED because they’re White in a Nation of mindless, guilt-ridden, Progressive Democrats that have lost any semblance of wisdom, discernment? White privilege? Really?

How long will the guilty-minded White liberal pander to a people who refuse to walk-away from the slums and refuse to stop suckling the government tit and refuse to stop murdering one another and refuse to stop mutilating their babies in the womb and refuse to stop perverting the family unit and permitting their children to grow up fatherless, addicted and in filth culminating their lives in jails and prisons?

How long will Black America remain slaves to the Democrat Party?

Until Black America decides to get with the program and become citizens of the United States and strive to live a life espousing sustainable mores, norms, values, essential to the sustainability of America’s Constitutional Republic…until the Black community in America decides to seek a life of honor, respect, dignity, morality, patriotism…I’m sorry, but God and White America and protests and riots cannot help you.

How can Black Lives Matter when LIFE does not matter to Black America?

black abortion
democrat - black crime statistics not racist

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