White “racist” Cops killing Unarmed Black suspects – What do the Statistics say?

Do the actual statistics substantiate the allegations of Police racism, systemic Law Enforcement RACISM concerning the shootings of unarmed Black males in America?

The race-baiting Democrat Progressives, the lying mainstream media, liberal mayors, liberal police chiefs, liberal governors, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, globalists-socialists, guilt-laden liberal White-elitists…they will all cry systemic racism and bemoan George Floyd as just another example of White-racist cops murdering innocent, unarmed, Blacks…insisting that racism in American Law Enforcement is out of control…BUT WHAT IS THE TRUTH?

Are America’s Police murdering unarmed Blacks at an alarming rate…do we have any proof that the Democrat-Progressive-Socialist-Liberal-Atheist-Abortionist-Sexually Perverse-Nihilist-race guilty White Liberals are telling the Truth or is this racist hype and just another HOAX designed to fracture America with hate through racism and lies?

2019 Crime Statistics (Washington Post Data Base)

Concerning unarmed Blacks shot by police,

2019: Total of all police shootings, all races = 1004.

2019: Total of 802 police shootings documenting race of suspect/victim and officer as recorded by the Washington Post.

371-killed by police were White.

236-killed by police were Black – vast majority of Black suspects were armed with a weapon.

Blacks suspects were overwhelmingly more likely to be in possession of a weapon than White suspects yet more White suspects were killed by police.

2019 – Total of ten (10) cases of unarmed Black suspects killed by police > 9-Black males/1-Black female

Circumstances surrounding these ten-shootings of unarmed Blacks in 2019,

1) Black male suspect used a taser on the police officer before being shot by officer. Five-witnesses corroborated the officer’s testimony. Officer was “No Billed” by the grand jury.

2) Career criminal, Black male, wanted on drug charges ran from police and when confronted in wooded area, suspect fought with police and was shot and killed. Officer was “No Billed” by the grand jury.

3) Female officer approaching a Black male suspect was attacked and knocked to the ground; suspect was shot and killed by the female officer. Officer’s body camera substantiated the officer’s statement. Police officer was “No Billed” by the grand jury.

4) Black male suspect evading officers backed his car into a deputy who was then trapped by the back door, suspect was shot by deputies on the scene. Deputies were “No Billed” by the grand jury.

5) Black male suspect drove at officer at a high rate of speed and the suspect was shot. Officer was “No Billed” by the grand jury.

6) Black male suspect, completely naked, broke into a home and when officers arrived the suspect fought with officers; suspect was tased but kept attacking officers and was eventually shot and killed. Officer’s were “No Billed” by the grand jury.

7) Black female calls police in reference to a possible prowler or burglar. Police arrive and noticed door to residence ajar…police perform perimeter check and see armed Black female through the window and officer immediately discharges his weapon killing the Black female. Black female was the home owner and the officer was charged with homicide.

8) Black male robbery suspect fought with arresting officer and the officer’s weapon accidentally discharged in the struggle. The officer was also Black and was “No Billed” by the grand jury.

9) Black male suspect who had history of shooting at police was barricaded and threatening to shoot the arriving officers. Suspect was shot and found to be unarmed. Officer was “No Billed” by the grand jury.

10) Officer alleged that Black male suspect had pointed a gun at him but no weapon was found on the suspect at the scene. A weapon was later found in the suspect’s car. Officer charged with aggravated manslaughter.

Of the ten-deaths of unarmed Black suspects, five-resulted from the Black male attacking the officer, one-was an accident, two-officers were charged.

Understand that out of 225-million people in America, ten-unarmed Black people were shot and killed by police in 2019…IS THIS WORTH RIPPING AMERICA APART FOR FALSE ALLEGATIONS OF SYSTEMIC POLICE RACISM AS PER POLICE SHOOTING UNARMED BLACK SUSPECTS?

Since 2015, police shootings are declining. 2019 was the safest year since 2015 (Washington Post records) for unarmed suspects.

In 2019, 48-police officers were murdered…that’s more than all unarmed suspects of all races killed by police in 2019.

In 2018 there were 7407 Blacks murdered in America. If this trend continues to rise for the 2019 statistics totals; that will mean for every Black shot by police there were more than 700-Blacks murdered by someone else…overwhelmingly by another Black male.

A police officer is 18.5-times more likely to be murdered by a Black male than a Black male is be killed by a police officer.

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