Pray for the Progressive Socialist Democrat Atheist…

God Bless President Trump and may God have mercy and change the heart and worldview of the many millions of demonically deceived atheistic Progressive Socialist Democrats that have been brainwashed by Darwin, Stalin, Marx, Satan, Historical Revisionism; those lost and deceived men and women who endeavor to destroy America’s Constitutional Republic and continue the wrath of God upon the American people by their advocacy for unconscionable child mutilation in the womb in accordance with demonic Roe v. Wade (1973) (61-million babies murdered as of 2020); aberrant-perverse sexual debauchery in accordance with Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) that is destroying America’s posterity and the Biblical family unit – the bedrock of America’s sustainability; with their advocacy for socialism-communism that has destroyed the lives of/murdered 100-million people in the last Century.

Please pray for the demonically deceived Progressive-Socialist-Democrat who is seeking to destroy our posterity and bring tyranny and suffering and hopelessness upon the American people. Without Jesus Christ as our King, America’s Constitutional Republic will surely fail and the American people will fade away in tyranny and hopelessness.

christian nation - Calvin Coolidge 1 void credits

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