Senate Democrats refuse to assist small business in time of need, why?

Headline: “Senate Democrats block $250-billion for coronavirus small business loans” NYPost 9 Apr. 2020

Christian-Conservative-Patriot response…

When you seek power over the distribution of all goods and services in a society of free people, you must first bring your servants, the proletariat, to their knees thereby making them completely dependent upon the god of government for sustenance and life. The Progressive-Socialist-Democrats in the House and Senate are Leninist’s – Marxists, the bourgeoisie, and they are in control of an exponentially increasing number of brain-dead, atheistic-Darwinist-nihilistic-socialists graduating from almost every school of “higher education” who will eventually put these corrupt nitwits into absolute power, Executive-Legislative-Judicial, then, the useful idiots i.e. Progressive-Socialist-Democrat voters, will understand the meaning of suffering and loss; unfortunately, our children and grandchildren will suffer as well under the unrestrained tyranny that will come upon the American people. Boomers…we’ve no one to blame but ourselves for not driving these godless buffoons into the oceans.

democrat - american students celebrating socialism

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