Progressive Democrats & Iran – What is the bond?

Progressive Socialist Democrat, Dianne Feinstein, US Senator from California, is attempting to convince President Trump to send financial aid to Iran to assist in controlling the COVID-19 virus that has ravaged the Iranian people. These are the same people, the same Nation that shouts death to America and refers to the United States as “the Great Satan.” I understand that we’re to love our enemies in accordance with Jesus Christ as Lord but should we support a enemy state whose primary objective in life is the acquisition of nuclear warheads, the destruction of Israel and the United States and the annihilation of their citizenry?

Why do Progressive-Socialist-Democrats seek to enrich an enemy state? What is the bond between Progressive-Socialism and Iran-Allah-Satan other than the demonic; after all, the Progressive Democrat Socialist that revels in the murder of babies in the womb and the celebration of sexual perversion obviously serves the same god as Islam i.e. Allah-Satan? This spiritual bond is powerful.

Ironically, it will be Islam-Iran/Allah-Satan, Russia, China, an Arab coalition that will, in the near future, come against Jerusalem, Israel in a nuclear war and according to the Scriptures, there will NOT be a power from the West to ally with Israel, Israel will have been orphaned and alone…only Yeshua will save Israel and in response, the Jewish people will worship their Messiah Whom they have rejected for 2000-years.

America is dying/suffocating in the blood of 61-million babies slaughtered subsequent to Roe/73 and God is using the demonic Progressive-Socialist-Democrats as an instrument of His wrath upon a perverse, bloody, lost, people who have rejected God and His Covenants. There is no doubt that the bond between Progressive Democrats in the United States and Iran/Islam is none other than Satan himself.

Jesus - nuclear war in Zechariah


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