Are we in the Last Days?

Question concerning eschatology on FB: “Do you believe we are currently living in the days of Matthew 24:21-22?”

Christian response…

As America incrementally falls into socialism and our economy is devastated, our health-our military is compromised, our Nation seeks civil war…this will alienate and orphan Israel; then, Allah-Satan via Islam, Russia, China, an Arabic coalition, will come against Jerusalem, Israel in a nuclear war, as prophesied by the prophet Zechariah, and there will be no one to intercede on behalf of Israel but their Messiah-Yeshua whom they have rejected for 2000-years.
There is a horrific nuclear war preparing in the Middle East and Jerusalem will be the focal point…this will initiate Messiah’s Millennial Reign and our Lord’s prophecies concerning these days will have been fulfilled.

Jesus - nuclear war in Zechariah

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