Nancy Pelosi, representative for the Party of Satan, warns America. A Christian response…

The representative for the Party of Satan, Nancy Pelosi, has allegedly said: If there is ‘collateral damage’ for those who don’t share our views, ‘so be it.’ (, 2018)

Concerning the Democrat Party in the United States…

The Party of Satan, the Progressive Democrats, are the advocates and causation for America’s “collateral damage” consisting of 61-million mutilated, dead babies subsequent to Roe/73. It is this same Party of Evil that forces unconscionable sexual perversion via Obergefell/2015 down our throats, no pun intended. There is nothing new to be had from this Party of demons…they will destroy America’s Constitutional Republic and the remainder of our posterity yet to be conceived.

I am convinced and I believe I testify with the Spirit’s admonition that God the Father is using the Party of Satan, the atheist, the infidel, the naturalist, the moral relativist, the perverted, to bring forth His wrath upon America for our shedding of innocent blood. We, the American people, are reaping what we have sown and the Progressive-Socialist-Democrat Party is the agent by which God’s displeasure is manifest. You can take that truism to the bank and the Christian community, the Christian Church, in America has NO ONE to blame but themselves.

We, Christian America, have permitted Satan to conquer our schools, our government, our families, our children; therefore, don’t cry and wail at what is coming upon America; God warned us long ago in the second-giving of His Law that to whom much is given much is expected…we have failed God (Deuteronomy 28) He has NOT failed us…God cannot lie and He will keep His word (Numbers 23:19).

abortion - 60 mil babies aborted and no church backlash

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