Schumer, Satan emissary, threatens the Court – a discussion

In response to Senator Schumer’s threat directed at the conservative originalist’s seated on the Supreme Court; a threat relevant to restricting abortion access in Louisiana…

As one who loves Jesus Christ-Yeshua and is sensitive to the will and direction provided by the Holy Spirit, I must testify to the truism that a very vivid and stark spiritual differentiation exists in today’s America, a Nation and a people that have lost their way in demonic deception. This deception has been in-play for a Century beginning with the defilement of Progressive advocate John Dewey (1900) and the godless advocates of progressive socialism-Leninism-Marxism that followed him; A systematic brainwashing of America’s youth via socialistic ideological thought infused into the American classroom along with the destruction of faith in God via Darwin’s idiocy i.e. Evolutionary Theory.

Today, this demonically inspired Leninist-Marxist strategy has come to fruition in the Progressive-Socialist-Democrat Party of the United States and its power and influence grows daily with the exponential influx of brain-dead, morally defunct, ethically crippled, atheists-nihilists-moral relativists, flooding through the doors of higher-education with useless degrees and a mindset of hate and loathing for anything/everything American, Godly, decent, lovely, sustainable. These are Satan’s hoard of destructive, godless, radicals who are the resultant of God’s wrath upon America for our shedding of innocent blood via unconstitutional Roe v. Wade (1973)…61,000,000 mutilated deaths thus far of America’s babies whose right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has been ripped from them at the hands of a demonic abortionist. This is the demonic defined and demonstrated openly as Satan revels in victory.

The cosmic struggle between Yeshua v. Satan is also observable in the stark differentiation between the two-major political parties in today’s America. There is no doubt that the Progressive-Socialist-Democrat Party is the Party of Satan in Time as this bastion of defilement fanatically endorses…

1) The unrestricted mutilation of babies in the womb…an unconscionable act of murdering America’s most innocent void due process; this is Satan’s prized achievement and God’s wrath on the American people is the resultant.

2) The promotion and radical demands for unrestricted, unconscionable, sexual perversion; homosexuality-lesbianism i.e. personal and national defilement in sexual debauchery that rivals Sodom and Gomorrah and spits in the face of our Holy God and His Covenant of Marriage established from The Beginning of Time.

3) The promotion and demands of Leninism-Marxism to replace Capitalism; Capitalism which has lifted more people out of poverty and hopelessness than any other socioeconomic format in the history of mankind. Socialism – a demonic ideology responsible for the death of 100-million people in the previous 100-years; Socialism – an ideology of greed and power and deception and suffering and death!

4) Open-borders via the ruse of “compassion” when the true motive of the Progressive-Socialist is total POWER and CONTROL over the masses in order to infuse a radical demonic agenda and destroy America’s Constitutional Republic forever. Open-borders is nothing more than the Progressive-Socialist’s desire to import a Democrat voting base that will ensure Satan’s rule over America in perpetuity.

Make no mistake about this…Progressive Socialism finds its origin in the demonic and those who worship at the throne of the Democrat Party also worship Satan and will suffer a similar fate as he lest they repent and turn to Jesus Christ as Lord for the mediation of sin.

democrat - democrat v. republican compared side by side

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