Homosexual appointed to lead the US CIA? What?

President Trump Names Richard Grenell as Acting Head of Intelligence, 20 February 2020. (The New York Times)

America, we have a problem!

With the exception of President Ronald Reagan, there has never been a President that I’ve respected and supported and had affection for like I do for President Donald Trump. With that said, even though there may be a political strategy in the mix, appointing an avowed homosexual to head-up a strategic agency i.e. the CIA within the United States Government is not a wise decision.

If a man or woman is absent the moral, ethical, discernment-wisdom to differentiate between “natural” physiological sexual behavior and if a man or woman rebelliously rejects God’s Covenant of Marriage as the only acceptable form of sexual union, this person is NOT morally, ethically, psychologically, spiritually, fit to provide oversight and strategic leadership involving the lives and destiny of 320-million American men, women and children!

Grenell, a proud homosexual, is touted as a conservative and is endowed with prestigious support from a number of Washington’s elite, but it is the naive and dangerously politically correct, America’s WOKE immoral misfits, that compromise with the lives and safety of the American people by placing those lives in the hands of one lacking moral and ethical discernment.

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

christian nation - Calvin Coolidge 1 void credits

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