Veterans Day – A Message to the Progressive-Socialist

A message to the Progressive-Socialist on this Veterans Day Holiday (2019)…

God Bless our Veterans and Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!

To every Progressive-Socialist Snowflake falsely claiming the title “American Citizen,” I wanted you to know, on this Veterans Day Holiday, that your support and advocacy for Socialism-Leninism/Communism-Marxism i.e. Progressive-Socialism represented by the Democrat Party defiles you as one who defecates on the grave of every American man and woman who fought and died to defend America and our allies from the demonic perversity that is Socialism-Communism.

The Progressive Socialist is not a thankful or appreciative individual but they should be very thankful that I am not in a position of authority concerning their status as a citizen of the United States. Socialism-Marxism-Islam are enemies of America’s Constitutional Republic – America’s representative democracy and if I were in charge, every Progressive-Socialist traitor in the United States would lose their citizenship immediately and be provided one-of-two-options concerning their future:
1) Incarceration for life for treason.
2) Deportation without appeal or the ability to recant and remain.

The Progressive-Socialist in America is representative of the most bloody (abortion-child mutilation), sexually perverse, historically ignorant, Darwin deceived – godless, sissified-spoiled, generation to have existed in the 243-year history of the greatest Nation God has given mankind i.e. the United States of America.

The Progressive-Socialist will be the death of America and because of their defiled and demonically-based ideology under girded by ignorance-aberrant lust-selfishness, our posterity is destined to suffer horrifically; this, because cowards and corrupt men and women in our Federal-State-County-Local Government did not have the courage, tenacity, love of Country, to crush the head of the demonic snake – Satan represented by Progressivism.

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

See: Progressive Socialism – Party of Deception and Death:

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