Atheist suggests Catholicism is Christianity; A Christian Response…

An Atheist, cognitively and spiritually crippled by his hatred for God and by a serious lack of knowledge concerning Christianity, suggests his visit to a Catholic Church is representative of true Christianity.  Let’s discuss that…

Atheist, Mark D, continues in his servitude of Satan as he unashamedly displays his lack of knowledge relevant to Christianity. Mark D stated, “A good way to learn about Christianity is to visit a church with a person of another faith. I visited a Catholic church with a friend of mine who is Hindu. When we entered the church, the first thing that caught his eye was Jesus on the cross. He could not believe that God would be depicted as suffering clothed in rags. In Hindu temples, the gods are smiling with their consorts and they wear fine clothes. Every Christian should visit a Hindu temple, because only then will they see how others think about God. With some thought, they should come to the realization that all gods are products of human imagination, and like all things that are imagined, they will one day be gone. What say you?”

Christian response to Mark D…

Mark, your alliance with and servitude to Satan in conjunction with your hatred for Jesus Christ and your war against Christianity will not bode well for you when you stand in the Judgment of the Condemned before Jesus Christ-Yeshua (Revelation 20:11-15; Romans 14:11). A man or woman possessing at least a modicum of wisdom and discernment would consider the evidence for Jesus Christ and His Deity and even if one refuses to believe, a wise person would exercise caution relevant to their rhetoric in the event their Atheism proves to be an Eternally deadly error subsequent to death of the body constrained by Time. But Mark and his Atheist brethren insist on blaspheming Jesus Christ and mocking Christianity in hatred for the doctrine of faith and their loathsome disdain for believers; the Atheist truly is a servant of Satan and for their loyalty to God’s most prolific enemy, the Atheist will certainly reap what they sow (Galatians 6:7-8).

An overwhelming number of Atheists express a complete lack of knowledge concerning Christian doctrine and it’s very possible that these servants of Satan swallow thoroughly in naivete the demonic rhetoric of evil men like Ra, Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris, Gervais, Ehrman, while these naïve Atheists seek a similar fate in Hell as the demons they idolize. If an Atheist is endeavoring to judge Christianity by visiting a “Christian Church,” they would do well to actually visit a CHRISTIAN Church, not a Catholic Church which is an exercise in paganism.

I fear that deceived and naïve Atheists, modeled by men like Mark D, not only lack wisdom and discernment but they are a foolish man or woman and unlearned concerning Christianity, faith and holiness as they daily die in sin and seek a second death in Hell in futility (Matthew 7:13-14). Though Jesus Christ and God the Father patiently wait for the rebellious Atheist to repent and seek life in Jesus’ Name, the Atheist exists in a world of hopelessness and self-deception dying daily in sin and seeking a second death in Hell in foolishness (2 Peter 3:9).

For the record…

Catholicism has never been Christian. Catholicism was founded by Constantine in 312-313AD via the Edict of Milan by merging Babylonian Paganism/Roman Paganism with elements of Christian and non-Christian (Apocrypha) doctrine in order to make the pagan cult more palatable to the masses.

The Mass; The Sacraments; Transubstantiation; Purgatory; The Rosary; Statues in Worship; The Perpetual Virginity of Mary as the Goddess of Heaven; The Idolatry of Mary Worship; the deception of Infant Baptism; calling Catholic Leadership as “Father”; Confessing sin to a Priest; The Magisterium; Indulgences; these are NOT Scriptural and undermine the purity and simplicity of salvation by grace through faith, alone; in other words, Catholicism is a pagan cult and the antithesis of Christianity.

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

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