Progressive Socialism in America and the Christian-Jewish Holocaust of the 21st-Century?

America! CAUTION: Beware of Progressive-Socialism and their “useful idiots” i.e. the American atheist, secularist, socialist, evolutionist, nihilist, moral relativist. American Patriots be warned…suffering and death are coming to a town near you.

As an American Patriot who loves Jesus Christ-Yeshua, Family, America; having trained/served as a United States Marine Infantryman, 31-yrs as a Houston Police Officer, received my graduate degree in the progressive-socialist public school setting within the previous 15-years, it is my obligation to warn every Christian-Jewish-faithful-patriotic-American-man-and-woman that our future in America will be one of potential unconscionable suffering, horror and mass death at the hands of the Progressive-Socialist-Democrat/Islamist now vying for positions of authority in the White House down to the Municipal Mayors Office in hometown America.

Though America is not quite sociologically and politically prepared for a radical Progressive-Socialist-Democrat to take the reins of leadership in America at this time, the useful idiots of the Progressive-Socialist-Democratic Party are entering the voting booths across America in exponentially increasing numbers. These young, naïve and historically ignorant atheists, secularists, progressive socialists are exponentially increasing with each graduating class from America’s institutions of Socialistic Indoctrination i.e. the American University.

I do not want you to be unaware of this truth…there is a demonically-based political movement in America i.e. Progressive Socialism not unlike the political movements of:

Hitler (17-million dead)

Stalin – (20 to 30-million dead)

Mao Zedong (70-million dead),

Pol Pot – (1.5-3-million dead)

Kim regime – N. Korea (3.5-million dead from 1945-forward)

American Patriot, those of you who love and respect God, Family, America…do not be naïve and underestimate the potential, unconscionable, evil of those Progressive Socialists seeking political power in America e.g. Joe Biden, Cory Booker, (Saint) Pete Buttigieg, Julian Castro, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders, Elisabeth Warren, Andrew Yang, Michelle-Michael? Obama…DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE these benign and rather innocent looking faces and their façade of Progressive-liberalism touting care, concern, empathy, sympathy, for the American people and the ever-increasing illegal immigrant and Muslim-Islamic population. DO NOT be naïve and neglect to understand that in their lust for power and dominance and complete control through Progressive-Socialism/Communism that these benign faces of the 2020-candidates possess the potential to easily morph into the face of Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot…if you deny this truism, you’re a historically ignorant fool.

An overwhelming number of the Progressive-Socialists seeking the 2020 Presidential nomination hate God, hate the Biblical family unit, hate America’s Constitutional Republic, hate America’s founding and America’s Founders and they unanimously advocate for the mutilation/murder of America’s babies in the womb up-to-and-beyond the 9th-month of gestation; so then, why would you find it beyond their murderous agenda of mutilating babies to utilize this same demonic mindset to murder/slaughter Christians, Jews, Conservatives i.e. “Deplorables” as these Socialistic-demons in their demonic blood-lust covet POWER at any cost? If you deny the murderous potential of an atheistic, demonically inspired Socialist-Communist to exterminate those who love God, Family, Country and Morality…you are a naïve fool.

Why does America’s Christian, Jewish, Conservative, population find it impossible to envision the Progressive-Socialist-Democrat disarming the American people through forced gun-confiscation, lining-up masses of God-honoring, Capitalistic advocating, Pro-life supporting, American-loving, Traditional-Marriage supporting, American citizens and employing the US Military and specialized Black-shirts similar to a Socialist-authorized ANTIFA to conduct mass-incarceration and extermination of those who refuse to comply with the Elitist-Bourgeoisie, a ruling-class of Socialist-Communist elites who are satiated and obsessed with power and control over the rebellious pauper class of the proletariat? Why is the faithful in America unable to make the connection between the horrors of Socialism-Communism in recent history with the potential for that same horror and unconscionable suffering to become a reality through the demonically inspired Progressive-Socialists seeking power in America today?

Beginning with John Dewey in 1900, the Progressive-Socialist Elites have successfully strategized a re-education program in America’s classrooms via the removal of Jesus Christ – the Bible – Prayer and the forced infusion of Darwin’s idiocy morphing atheism and historical revisionism; a Progressive strategy of dumbing-down America’s posterity while simultaneously morphing them into mindless, godless, faithless, atheists – secularists – humanists – abortionists – socialists – moral relativists who hate God, hate America, hate life in the womb, hate traditional marriage/values, hate the Biblical family unit, hate capitalism and actively war against those values, mores, norms, essential for a sustainable Constitutional Republic.

Patriots of America, the United States is dying daily in apostasy under God’s wrath and the Progressive-Socialist-Atheist-Secularist-Humanist-Moral Relativist-radicalized sexual pervert, is exponentially increasing with every graduating class and these are the “useful idiots” that will ultimately destroy America and seek the incarceration and/or death of America’s Patriots, Christians, Jews and fight for totalitarian control over our posterity.

American Patriots, my personal advice to you is…be faithful to our God, Jesus Christ, VOTE Republican/Conservative, DO NOT surrender your weapons to the Federal Government, be prepared mentally and physically for the days of suffering that are to come; it is better to die a free man fighting for God’s Truth, our family, our beautiful America, than grovel for life at the berm of a mass-grave under the totalitarian boot of a Progressive-Socialist-Communist demon.

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

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