Satan’s Emissaries Serving in America’s Government, How is this possible?

Comment to the article below…

When America walked away from Jesus Christ in the early 60’s and began infusing the minds of our children with Satan’s evolutionary theory as mandated in the public education system; when America began mutilating children for convenience subsequent to Satan’s and SCOTUS’ unconstitutional Roe v. Wade (1973); when America began celebrating the perversity of homosexual marriage via Satan’s SCOTUS decision of Obergefell v. Hodges (2015), what did we think would happen? America, have you not learned anything subsequent to all these years? Don’t you know that our God is not mocked? Satan has arrived to fill the void and his representatives are now in our Government. Shame on America for She is now reaping what we have sown! May God have mercy on America’s posterity.

Featured article:

America’s First Two Muslim Congresswomen Will Both Be Fundraising For Hamas-Linked Organization (20 February 2019)



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R.D. Holtsclaw

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