Civil War 2.0 in America?

America is dying in apostasy; unfortunately, Civil War is possibly the only viable option to restore America’s historical foundations! Following, is a proposed list of demands to be made by Patriots to the leadership in Washington, D.C. ……

1) Abortion via Roe v. Wade (1973) is unconstitutional and is fetal homicide, an unconscionable violation of the aborted child’s 5th and 14th Amendment “due process” protections; therefore, the United States Government must be extricated from participation in this vile and demonically based procedure immediately!

2) Legislated Sexual Perversion via Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) must be repealed. Homosexuality/LGBTQ is sodomy and will destroy America’s posterity; therefore, this perversion must not be celebrated publicly. Legislated sexual perversion is shameful to the honor and dignity of America.

3) United States Borders are to be meticulously secured by barriers, manpower, technology and illegal immigrants deported.

4) Islam is an enemy of the United States; therefore, Islamic Mosques will be closed and ultimately destroyed Nationwide. Those men and women espousing an Islamic ideology will be prohibited to serve at any level of Government.

5) Progressive Socialism/Communism is treasonous and must be eradicated from all levels of Government.

6) Darwinian Evolution/Socialism/historical revisionism will be removed from all public educational curriculum and Federal funding prohibited for institutions failing to adhere to this edict.

7) Constitutional Originalism restored and the Globalist ideology will give-way to a Nationalist framework of America First.

8) The Democratic Party and the Republican Party of the United States put on notice that subversive unconstitutional behavior will not be tolerated.

9) Special Interests will be strictly prohibited from influencing our elected officials at all levels of Government and any elected official caught politically prostituting themselves with Special Interests will be impeached, removed from office for graft.

Meetings with US Military Staff and Law Enforcement Leadership must be forthcoming to establish protocol and alliances if demands are not met by our elected officials in D.C.

I’m willing to stand and fight, I’m disheartened by those who refuse to do the same; after all, it is our posterity and America’s survival that weigh in the balance! If there are Patriot organizations in the United States willing to coalesce and initiate demands upon the elected leadership in Washington D.C.; if these organizations are willing to enter into negotiations concerning the health and welfare and future of the United States of America, please contact me at @RickeyDale07 on Twitter or

Thank you,

Rick Holtsclaw  @RickeyDale07 (Twitter) or for as long as these sites remain active.

baby in arms REPEAL ROE 2


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