Who is Allah?

It is imperative that one understands the manifestation of the cosmic-Spiritual struggle between Lucifer and Yeshua and how said struggle has manifest in Time.

The following information regarding the Truth about Allah is copied from my article: “In the Beginning, God….Why?” https://rickeyholtsclaw.com/2017/09/27/in-the-beginning-god-why/

1) Ishmael is the illegitimate son of Abraham and Hagar who was born not by the will of God but by the impatience and disobedience of Abraham and Sarah.

2) Ishmael is the genealogical genesis of Islam and he is not the son of promise but ONLY through Isaac who is the “son of promise” (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob “Israel”) did our LORD bring forth Messiah-Yeshua who died to redeem mankind unto Himself and forgive sin for all that trust in Him as Savior-God and grant them the privilege of eternal life.

Jesus - ishmael

Jesus - Isaac son of promise only

3) Allah, the god of Islam, is not Creator but created…Allah is Lucifer-Satan.

islam - lucifer was my name now i go by allah

Jesus - you are of your father the devil

islam - i was born to islam the religion of eace i am required to kill jews christians hindus buddhists atheists sodomites lesbians transexuals then peace

islam - quotes from koran to kill and murder

islam - muslims have murdered over 669 million non-muslims since 622ad

4) Muhammad is Allah’s false prophet who plagiarized the Jewish Torah to construct the Quran.

islam - real mohammad

5) The current struggle between Islam v. Israel/the Jew/the Christian is the Spiritual struggle initiated by Lucifer’s rebellion in Eternity that has been translated to Earth/Time to be dealt with by our Creator apart from His Eternal Kingdom. The severity and destructiveness of sin mandated the removal of this struggle from the Kingdom.

islam - massacre those who insult islam

jesus - syria v israel

jesus - iran v israel

6) Islam will ultimately be the “spark” that ignites the coming Apocalypse that will be initiated in the City of Jerusalem…the coming Nuclear War that will engulf all of the Nations that come against our LORD’s chosen people, the Jew.

Jesus - nuclear war in Zechariah


Finally, all available evidence in Scripture leads to the conclusion that had Lucifer not rebelled, there would be absolutely no reason for the creation of Time, the Universe, Earth, Mankind or Hell.  This LIFE constrained by Time is nothing more than preparation for Eternity. Every man, woman, child has been provided a unique opportunity to take part in God’s Plan of redemption where our Creator is currently seeking those who will be faithful to serve Him throughout Eternity. The Key to finding life and purpose in Time and in Eternity is Jesus Christ and trusting in Jesus as your personal Savior and LORD…there is no other way for mankind to find righteousness (a right standing) before God the Father and there is no other way to find life in Eternity without Jesus Christ as your Mediator for sin.

jesus - flood for the lord was sorry he had created mankind

What can a man give in exchange for his soul? .

A Brutal Warning about Islam: http://www.israelislamandendtimes.com/brutal-warning-to-america-from-egyptian-woman-wake-up-or-be-wiped-out/?fbclid=IwAR1ZHhvIJKqm4y-DunTXhz-5Np-trhsW_0pUd0g9tPKkztCT2PTnLDuwdGg

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

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1 thought on “Who is Allah?

  1. This is a correct version of what the king james bible says about how Ishmael became the Islam people and why they are always fighting all people.. The Lord sees into the future and lets us know,( The Children of Jesus Christ,) how certain things come about and what the end of these things hold for the whole Creation.Only people thats born again can under stand the lord`s scripture. BORN AGAIN means :except Jesus Christ as you personal Savior, Otherwise these truths are hidden from your heart. I`m just telling you the truth.The Bible says ,Taste and see the Lord ( Jesus ) is good. This is a challenge to all. You got nothing to loose except your soul in HELL.

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