Reading the Bible – Overwhelming? Not Really…

As one who loves and adores the Lord Jesus Christ-Yeshua, I understand how anyone can feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of words contained in the Canon Bible, 66-Books written over some 1500-yrs. by some 40-authors. Where an overwhelming number of new readers of the Bible make their first mistake is purchasing a difficult-to-read version of the English Bible translations.

jesus - the word of God is sharper

The 1611 “Authorized Version” of the Kings James Bible (KJV) is absolutely beautiful in its construction and easily memorized, but it is NOT the “best selection” for a beginner. The KJV uses archaic terminology that restricts or prevents clear understanding. I highly recommend the new student of the Bible purchase a New American Standard Bible (NASB) or the New King James Bible (NKJV).

jesus - he who has the son has life but he that does not obey son shall not see life NASB

Personally, I have found the Hebrew-Greek Study Bible in NASB to be my best resource for study and understanding God’s Word using the original languages for clarification of difficult passages. The Hebrew-Greek NASB uses Strong’s number locators for very important words that references to the Strong’s Hebrew-Greek Dictionary thereby permitting the reader to actually see what that particular word looks like and its original meaning…this is Eternally relevant. You will discover that an overwhelming number of supposed “contradictions” or claimed “errors” are explained by studying in “context” and understanding key words in the original text from extant manuscripts.

The next big error the new Bible student makes is attempting to read through the Bible beginning in Genesis through Revelation. Don’t do this…you will inevitably become bogged-down in the Levitical Law and Numbers and History…these are incredibly important but best studied once the student is grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus - john 3 16 nasb

I always recommend new students of God’s Word begin reading, with fervency, the “Gospel of John.” Why? John’s Gospel introduces Messiah-Jesus Christ as our Creator and step-by-step defines and articulates our Lord’s Deity.

Once the student completes a thorough study of John’s Gospel I recommend reading and studying very intently Paul’s letter the Church at Rome – “Romans.” Roman’s introduces and explains the foundation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in my personal opinion, one of the most powerful chapters in the Bible is Romans 1:18–32.

Jesus - Romans 1 18-32

Once the student completes Roman’s, I suggest turning to The Book of Beginnings, Genesis, and enter into the genesis of Time/Creation/Life and Redemption. Read a Book in the Old Testament then read a Book in the New Testament…intersperse and you won’t get bogged down and lose motivation to continue…


Now, for the most important aspect of understanding the Bible. If you have not entered into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ…UNDERSTAND THIS: you do NOT possess the power and knowledge available through the Holy Spirit for the Holy Spirit is only given to those who are Children of God through faith-repentance and obedience to Jesus Christ. It is NOT possible to fully understand the deeper truths of God’s Word void the guidance and tutelage of the Holy Spirit.

jesus - holy spirit will guide you in truth

Also, I highly recommend before opening the Bible for study, that the student seeking knowledge, wisdom, understanding, humble themselves and pray fervently to the Lord that their mind and heart be enlivened and open to hear what our Creator is articulating through the pages of Scripture. Again, it is NOT possible to understand the Bible’s Eternal message void the Holy Spirit’s assistance. The Word of God is “Spiritual” and emanates from the unseen-spiritual World; therefore, the deeper truths of God’s Kingdom can only be internalized through spiritual understanding…not of this Earth or in the realm of time.

Jesus - seek ye first the kingdom of God

Finally, if anyone is interested in a simplified explanation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I have provided same void any input from denominational-sect-cult influence…simply the pure, unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ here: Atheist asks “The Most Difficult Question”

I envy the new student of the Holy Bible for if you approach God’s Word with a diligent and seeking heart, you will find every answer to every question mankind has ever asked…the Holy Bible is the most unique Book ever provided mankind and the Holy Bible truly is God’s “owners manual” to His Creation…you are in for the ride of your life and you will find the Greatest Love known to mankind…the Love of our God, Jesus Christ!

To God be the Glory,

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

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