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Sunday, January 14, 2018 The Most Difficult Questions When It Comes To Being Saved By Faith

Excerpt from Atheist’s article:

The major religions of the world, particularly Christianity and Islam, emphasize the importance of belief in the right god and right religion at the moment of death. Christianity is split between whether belief alone gets you saved, or whether belief plus the right deeds and behaviors gets you saved. Either way, the right belief upon death is almost always part of the equation.

So what does god do when you have a person with two heads?

Response to article – an explanation and answer to the “Most Difficult Questions When It Comes to Being Saved By Faith”

by Rickey D. Holtsclaw, @RickeyDale07 (Twitter) (Editing in progress)

The corruption of the Human Genome resulting from sin/rebellion does not thwart or negate the plans and purposes of our Omniscient and Omnipotent Creator. When there exists two-minds and one-body there exists two-spirits, one for each cognitive entity that will give an account to the Lord Jesus Christ at the Eternal Judgment.  Though these beautiful ladies strive in one-body while constrained within this realm of “time,” if they trust and obey the Lord Jesus Christ, they will each be blessed with a sinless body of perfection in the soon to come Kingdom of God…for in the coming Kingdom, the blind will see, the deaf will hear, the crippled will walk and give glory to our beautiful and compassionate Creator-Jesus Christ…paradise lost in the Genesis of Mankind will be paradise restored in the coming Kingdom of God.

Jesus - rev 21 4 he will wipe away every tear from their eyes and there will no longer be any death

Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ – Explained

In response to the false description of salvation articulated within paragraph-one of the attached Atheistic article…

True Christianity, that which is exclusively obedient to the Gospel of Jesus Christ void the demonic influence of denominations, cults or sects, is NOT confused regarding faith and works.

No man or woman can find righteousness (a right standing) before our Creator-Jesus Christ void faith and obedience. The man or woman seeking forgiveness of sin and righteousness with our Lord must FIRST approach the Lord with “faith” by believing that our Lord Jesus Christ is exactly Who He has said He is in His Word [God] and that our Lord is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. In other words,


1) One must diligently seek the Creator in faith by believing that Jesus Christ is Lord-God and that He died for our sins.

Jesus - he that cometh to god must believe tht he is and a rewarder of those who seek him

Jesus - you will die in your sins
Note: In this Scripture, understand that the “He” is italicized and added for clarification, but Jesus Christ is saying here, unless you believe that “I AM,” you will die in your sins. In the Exodus, when Moses inquired of the Lord seeking the Lord’s Name, our God said…”I AM WHO I AM”; and He said, “Thus you shall say to the sons of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.'”  (Exodus 3:14) Jesus Christ  is saying that unless you believe that “I AM” [God], you will die in your sins.
Jesus - Confess with your mouth believe in your heart

Gift of the Holy Spirit…

2) Subsequent to “believing” and trusting that God is True, that person receives the Gift-the Guarantee of their relationship with our Creator by receiving the Holy Spirit who takes-up residence within the believer and renews and strengthens the believer to live a life that is worthy and reflective of the holiness of our God.

Jesus - holy spirit received the holy spirit of promise after confession trusting in jesus

jesus - holy spirit will guide you in truth
It is ONLY by the indwelling Holy Spirit that man can understand the deeper truths of God’s Word and form a loving, trusting, obedient, relationship with God the Father, through the Son, Jesus Christ.
jesus - spiritually dead man
The “natural man” is anyone man or woman who has not trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ and is therefore lost and absent the power, knowledge and wisdom only available through the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Repentance – Obedience

3) In the process of redemption-salvation, REPENTANCE IS MANDATORY! In other words, the one who comes to God seeking forgiveness of sin must agree to repent/stop/turn away from their sinful/rebellious behavior. This is ONLY possible by obedience to the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Jesus - repentance - Luke 13 3-5 unless you repent you too will all perish

Works – Obedience: A Sign of Salvation’s Authenticity

4) Behavior/works then, and only then, becomes relevant in that the believer does not trust in works to find a right standing with God, but “good works” and “good behavior” and “good deeds” are the manifestation of having a secure relationship with our Loving and Compassionate God…the “good works” are the “evidence” of one’s authentic salvation. As it is written, “Faith without works is dead.”

Jesus - faith without works is dead

jesus - you will know them by their fruits or works

Again, mankind can NEVER “work” or be good enough to find favor in the sight of our HOLY, Just, God, but “good works” follow faith, redemption through “obedience.” There is no salvation or relationship unless one is “obedient” to the Son of God, Jesus Christ. As it is written, “He who believes in the Son has Eternal Life, but he who does not obey the Son shall not see life but the wrath of God remains on him.”

Jesus - by grace through faith not works

jesus - he who has the son has life but he that does not obey son shall not see life NASB

Clarification: I don’t want the reader to believe that absolute perfection in behavior and thought is expected from the believer in order for salvation to be made possible or maintained for this is not possible in our sinful bodies. Why? Though a man or woman has trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ and received the indwelling Holy Spirit, we must continue to deal with, to struggle with our sinful nature inherited from our father, Adam. We will not rid ourselves of this rebellious nature until the death of this body of flesh, but…with that said, the truly faithful, the redeemed, those who have received the indwelling Holy Spirit CANNOT continue to live a life of “wilful sin and disobedience.” The redeemed child of God is no longer a slave to the desires of this World…but…do we still sin??? Unfortunately, yes! There are times when we, in our flesh, in a moment of weakness, will disappoint our Lord – BUT – the relevant distinction or differentiation between a child of God and one who is lost and “in the World” is the “response” to our sin.

When the lost-unredeemed individual sins…there may be a hint of remorse, generally nothing more, but when the child of God sins, there is IMMEDIATE conviction by the Holy Spirit and the child of God seeks forgiveness for their sin…NOT to maintain their salvation, but to maintain a close, intimate, relationship with our Lord. You see, once the believer has experienced the love of God in their life, this love is so consuming and over-powering and intimately beautiful that the child of God wants NOTHING to interrupt that relationship. Our sin creates a relational chasm between the Lord and the believer…the believer’s salvation is “SECURE” for Eternity, but sin drives a wedge between intimacy-relationship – there is a loss of joy and peace; therefore, the child of God confesses his/her sin to our Lord and requests forgiveness and in response our Lord is faithful and just to forgive us of our sin and restore the intimacy of relationship.

jesus - if we confess our sin he is faithful and just to forgive us of our sin

jesus - all that come to me i will in no way cast out

Jesus - no one snatch them out of my hand
Our Lord’s beautiful promise to those who truly love Him and seek to honor Him now and throughout Eternity.

Please don’t misunderstand my meaning here…simply because an individual makes a profession of faith or “believes” they are a Child of the Living God – A Christian, it is the behavior, the works, the deeds, the “lifestyle” that is the “evidence” of true salvation and relationship with our Lord. Be warned, many will approach the Lord Jesus Christ in the Day of Judgment and find that they have lived in self-deception for they were never truly a child of God and my Lord will order them to depart from His presence because He never knew them as His Child. It is their disobedience to my Lord’s will that is the indicator, the tell-tale sign of their unfaithfulness and lack of belief. As my Lord has warned, only those who endure to the end will be saved.

Jesus - many will come to me on that day

jesus - he who endures to the end shall be saved

jesus - sower and the seed matthew 13 18-23

A true, faithful, child of the Living God has the assurance of God’s Salvation by the change in desire/life’s priorities that comes from knowing and loving the Living God and the power and strength of the Holy Spirit living within them. As a Christian matures in their knowledge of God through study of God’s Word and prayer and obedience, that maturity is accompanied by assurance, understanding, strength, knowledge of the Spiritual, an all encompassing love for our Creator-Jesus Christ and an all encompassing desire to live and serve the Living God…by this, we “know” we are children of God.

jesus - we know we are children of god

In the following Scripture, note the confession of the Apostle Paul, one of the most committed and beloved men of the Bible who penned most of the New Testament. Listen to his heart and confession about our struggle with sin…

Jesus - Romans 7 14-25

See Paul’s answer to this most profound question…“Who will set me free from the body of death?”

Jesus - Romans 7 21-25

Again, as those who love and adore the Lord Jesus Christ, we will never attain absolute perfection in word and deed while encapsulated within this Earthly body of sin and death, but the believer no longer lives in sin or desires sin and strives moment-by-moment with the power of the Holy Spirit to live a life that is honorable to our Lord. When we fail, we acknowledge our failure through prayer and our Lord is faithful to restore us, to support us as a loving and compassionate Father who desires to provide us an abundant life of joy and peace, now and throughout Eternity.


5. The believer, in obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ, should submit to “baptism” as a public profession of their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord. Baptism does not “save” anyone; baptism is simply an act of obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ and His will for every believer. In the act of Baptism, the believer is symbolically participating in and publicly acknowledging their faith in the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

jesus - baptism go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the

In Conclusion…

Finally, the process of salvation is critically important because every man and woman has sinned against our Holy, Just, God; therefore, we are under a death-penalty. Jesus Christ-Yeshua is God who entered time from Eternity and clothed Himself in human flesh to live a perfect, sinless, life thereby meeting the only acceptable standard for the payment of sin…the shedding of innocent blood. Jesus willingly walked to the horrific death of Crucifixion on a Roman Cross to pay the sin-debt of mankind (your debt, my debt)…a debt that mankind could NOT pay. When a man, woman or child humbles their self before the Lord and believes that Jesus died for them and prayerfully asks God the Father to forgive them of sin and save them from Eternal death, God will NEVER turn away anyone who honestly, truly, faithfully, humbly, seeks Him for our God desires that all men, women, children, be saved and come to a knowledge of the Truth.

Jesus - for all have sinned


jesus - all men be saved

Jesus - God did not send the Son to condemn the world
Jesus is proclaiming why He left Eternity and entered Time, not to condemn mankind but to save mankind and provide everyone who trusts in Him with an abundant life – knowledge – wisdom – understanding – peace – contentment – assurance – LOVE and RELATIONSHIP for Eternity. The “thief” spoken of by Jesus is Satan – a liar, a thief, a murderer and deceiver.

Remember this, it is not OUR good works/our OUR self-righteousness that “saves” us from the death penalty of sin, but when we trust in Jesus Christ as Lord, we receive the imputation of Jesus’ Righteousness over our life and God the Father, through His grace (unmerited favor), chooses to no longer see our sin but He sees ONLY the righteousness of His Faithful Son – Jesus Christ-Yeshua our Lord. With Jesus Christ as our Mediator, we are therefore, NOT GUILTY!

Jesus - one god

To God be the glory for His Compassion and Mercy,

Rick Holtsclaw, Questions? @RickeyDale07 (Twitter)

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