America’s Decline – Atheism & the Redeemed (2018)

In 2018…

There is NO greater decision to be made in the life of a man or woman than choosing their Eternal destination. Life in the realm of “time” is NOTHING but preparation for life in the realm of the Eternal and there are only two choices.

1) Eternal Life through faith in – and – obedience to Jesus Christ.

2) Eternal death in Satan via the rejection of God’s Son and His Gift of Salvation.

Beware, as a result of Satan’s fervor and prevalence in America and around the World in these last days, there is an overwhelming spirit of apathy, a subtle desensitization to evil while our senses are numb to the signs of the times and our need for invigoration by the Spirit of Truth. Believer and Atheist alike are increasingly numb to the call of God’s Spirit while we lull away the hours, days, months, years in a de-synthesized morass of sensory obesity.

As I converse with the deceived and spiritually dead Atheists on social media, I am amazed at the tremendous success of our spiritual enemy, Satan. Satan has successfully deceived many-MANY millions of young American’s by his infiltration of the public education system. Satan’s most prolific tool has been the infusion of the demonically based lie of Evolution into the American classroom in 1963, the year subsequent to the eviction of Jesus Christ via the SCOTUS decision of Engel v. Vitale (1962). Evolution is, without a doubt, the most devastating “ruse” to have been cast upon mankind subsequent to “The Lie” of Satan in The Genesis. Evolution promulgates Atheism and thus Eternal death – BUT – Satan continues his deception by means of the demonically inspired Progressive-Socialist-agenda by infusing “teachers” of deception into our public schools who espouse historical revisionism thereby exacerbating the deception of America’s youth into believing that America’s Founding was perverse and shameful.

I am old now and subsequent to a tour of duty with the United States Marine Corps and over three-decades with the Houston Police Department, it is almost overwhelming to watch my America systematically destroyed by the Evil One using our blood-lust via unencumbered infanticide (Roe v. Wade 1973) and our insatiable aberrant sexual appetite (Obergefell v. Hodges 2015) to defile our Land with innocent blood and unconscionable immorality, but then I remember…all of these things have not only been foretold by my Lord, but that I am to expect them and understand that this “falling away” is necessary so that “the day” of my Lord can be ushered in.

As America enters into a new year – 2018 – please allow this old Cop to offer a piece of relevant advice to those who love, trust, obey the Lord Jesus Christ. America, in spite of the booming Stock Market and a strong Executive Branch of Government, is knocking at death’s door for we have sinned against and alienated the God who not only founded this Great Land but has sustained it for over 240-years. If one understands our Lord’s “technique” in dealing with the unfaithful, you will know that our God patiently waits for a Nation’s iniquity to foam to the rim of the cup and when that point is reached, His wrath is invoked and great is the fall of those subject to same; therefore, in this coming year I plead with you to grow ever so close to God the Father through knowledge of His written word and His Living Word, Yeshua-Jesus Christ. I also ask that you not forget to look-up into the Heavens for our redemption is drawing near and as the World grows increasingly dark, lost and vile, thus positioning itself to seek the destruction of God’s Holy City and His Chosen People, know that these things must come to pass before the promise of His return is manifest. Smile and be joyful for having been blessed with God’s mercy and compassion for a New Earth free from the horrors of sin, disease and death awaits those who endure to the end.


Rickey D. Holtsclaw

Jesus - in the latter times some shall depart

jesus - in the last days perilous times shall come for men

jesus - as it was in the days of noah

jesus - end time prophecies luke 21 23 and when these things begin to come to pass look up your redeption draws near

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