An Atheist’s Rant – A Christian’s Rebuttal

The following rebuttal is in response to a YouTube video/article published by a mindless, lustful, lost and deceived Atheist that prowls Twitter with the user name “Godless Mom.”  Though she is much like every other vulgar, arrogant, Atheist I’ve confronted on Twitter and various Websites, I thought it would be interesting to respond to Godless Mom’s “My 5 Pet Peeves As An Atheist.”  (Click highlighted area for link access – warning, a vulgar Atheist rant of absolutely NO consequence other than emanating from the pit of Hell, but you will hear Godless Mom’s enumerated “Pet Peeves.”)

A brief response to Godless Mom’s atheist rant…

Confronting Satan’s Army – either fight or allow these vulgar, moronic, Satanic, Trash-talking deceivers to spread their lies and deception unencumbered…Atheists are the enemy of America and their spiritual destruction to our Nation is unfathomable as the souls of Billions around the World have been relegated to the portal of Hell as a result of their demonic ideology.

Jesus - you are of your father the devil

Note: Though Godless Mom is of the Canadian Atheistic breed, understand that the prevalence of Atheistic deception in the United States finds its catalyst in the SCOTUS decision of Engel v. Vital (1962) when the United States opted to completely evict the Lord Jesus Christ from America’s public schools.  It was the following year, 1963, when our Politically Correct, deceived, educational administrators infused Darwinian deception i.e. Evolutionary Theory into the hearts and minds of America’s innocent youth and there is irrefutable evidence that Evolution and Atheism are the blood decedents of Satan for an Evolutionist cannot be a Bible believing Christian…Evolution and Creationism are antithetical to say the least and it is also a fact that Evolution and Atheism are joined at the hip and they cannot be separated.  Combine Evolution/Atheism with pervasive Historical Revisionism and the Progressive-Socialist-Elitist agenda has been completely successful in brainwashing America’s youth and turning them into anti-American, Socialist advocating, God-hating, Morally Relativistic robots.

atheists - actually believe nothing made the Earth

Jesus - Romans 1 without an exuse nature
The Atheist, at his Judgment before Jesus Christ in Eternity, will have no intercessor or excuse, v.20.

gay history for kids

democrat - saul alinsky creating a socialist state by the numbers

As a result of the infusion of Evolution/Atheism/Historical Revisionism into our public-school system in 1963, the United States has lost two-generations of American’s to the Satanic Ideology of Moral Relativism resulting in a rejection of the Christian God, Jesus Christ. Having reaped what we have sown…America’s younger population is deceived, ignorant of Biblical Truth, lost, hurting, self-destructive, seeking perversion/aberrant lust, diseased, suicidal, angry, rebellious, addicted, anti-God/anti-American, pro-Progressivism/Socialism; therefore, America is in very serious trouble and our Nation’s future is one of assured destruction considering the godless, deceived, clueless and unfit leadership that stands ready to take the helm of representation.


Fact: Jesus Christ has walked away from America’s holocaust of having tortured, burned to death, mutilated, dismembered 60-million American babies since Roe v. Wade (1973) and our Lord’s wrath is upon our Land while pervasive Atheism and sexual deviancy via the deathstyle of LGBTQ stand as evidence of our Lord’s absence.  Without Jesus Christ as King and Lord over the United States, America has no hope.


abortion - baby on table top

god hates hands

transgendered youth and suicide

Trans, Teen and Homeless: America’s Most Vulnerable Population

An estimated 70,000 transgender youth lack secure housing – this is what life on the streets is like for six of them See:

lgbtq - trans teens americas most vulnerable population

Lgbtq - bsa lifts ban

queers kissing

mary and abortion


Aborting Baby Jesus in the Street

lgbtq hypocrisy

atheist - photo due i knocked up my own mom
This is the (polite) blasphemy of the Atheist, I won’t publish the semen laden Bible and semen laden Nun or other such hate from the Atheist subculture.


Christian Nation - Calvin Coolidge

atheist - photo on twitter wanting god dead

atheist photos he died for our sins - a roach


Responding to Godless Mom’s video: “My 5 Pet Peeves As An Atheist”

1) Yes Godless Mom, shout and curse, shake your defiant-deceived fist at the Heavens, but Atheism is a religion and the god of Atheism is Satan (the god of this World).  Atheists are insulted and lash back at my statement that Atheism is a religion.  Fact is, though the Atheist, in self-deception, claim to have no belief in any god…they do in fact express “belief” and “faith” in their religion of impotence.  Not believing is still “belief” and it takes incredible “faith” to believe the perfection of Creation evolved from chaos; therefore, the blind and deceived Atheists of the World are a religious group expressing unfathomable faith and their god is none other than Satan himself.

atheist 6 what if i told you atheism was a religion

2) Contradictions in the Bible? Godless Mom, please, bring forth those stated “contradictions” in the Holy Bible one at a time and let’s discuss them…I challenge you. Note: No one is truly interested in your vulgar Atheistic rant…so we won’t be checking back into your timeline…sorry!

Jesus - gods word is truth

atheism - darwins concerns over the monkey minded man

atheist 2 did you know

3) False!  Godless Mom, the reason you’re unable to understand the Holy Scriptures lies in the fact that you, as an Atheist, are spiritually dead. Those who humble themselves and seek the wisdom of the Holy Spirit before embarking on a reading/study of the Scriptures find the greatest Truth and the most awesome love in their life. The Scriptures are spiritually appraised, in other words, God’s Word is spiritual and without the insight of God the Holy Spirit, the Scriptures are meaningless, BUT for the lost and genuinely searching/those seeking God with an honest heart…by humbly seeking Truth with your whole heart…you will garner the attention of God’s Spirit and the Truth will be made readily available to you for God desires that you know Him personally, see (Jeremiah 29:13 and 1 Corinthians 2:14). In the case of our featured Atheist – Godless Mom, she is a spiritually dead Atheist who does not seek God’s Truth, but searches only for fodder to fuel her disgust with a God who has preeminence over her life and a God, Jesus Christ, who stands against her lust and sexual sin.

jesus - for i know the plans i have for you

jesus - spiritually dead man

4) Those of us who love the Lord Jesus Christ are not concerned in the least with what a godless mom-atheist thinks about them personally or her opinion relevant to their faith, for Godless Mom is living a life of deception and self-loathing – a life that will end in futility and an Eternity that will be filled with regret, remorse and suffering unless she repents and seeks the loving grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.

Jesus - blessed are you when men

Jesus - if the world hates you

jesus - I am the way the truth the life

Jesus - Enter through the narrow gate

Jesus - god desires that all men be saved

5) Atheists intuitively know that God exists yet the Atheist, in their rebellion/lust/sensuality, fervently fight against this knowledge planted in their heart and mind by Jesus Christ (Hebrews 10:16). This is why you will observe Atheists fighting with shouts of vulgarity and obscenity against anything Christian, anything Scriptural that convicts them of their sin and their debt to God.

jesus - law written on our hearts

Jesus - Romans 1 without an exuse nature
Again: See. v 20 – The Atheist is without excuse!

Conclusion: Atheism is the resultant of a rebellious, arrogant, irresponsible, lustful, heart that seeks the pleasures of the flesh in lieu of the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, the Atheist denies the fact that they have chosen a path of deception and death while rejecting the greatest Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace, Fulfillment, Meaning, available in Time and Eternity via a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jesus - there is a way that seems right


Jesus - eye hath not seen

There is ONE God and ONE Mediator between God and man…Jesus Christ…all others are constructs of Satan and their end is an Eternity in Hell.

Jesus - one god

Jesus - cast into the lake of fire
Atheists express their manufactured disdain for a God who would send anyone to a “Hell.” Fact is, Hell was NOT created for mankind but for Lucifer and the rebellious angels that followed Lucifer in his revolt against God that occurred before the creation of time.  Mankind goes to Hell by choice, but first man must climb directly over the Cross of Christ to enter the Portal of Hell.  God the Son, Jesus Christ, suffered a horrific death to set mankind free from the righteous judgment of sin, death and Hell; therefore, if man, in his rebelliousness, “chooses” to reject the Gift of Jesus Christ, that man will reap what he sows and he has NO ONE to blame but himself!!!

atheists - biggest con-men evolutionists

Evolution - statement by Peter Bowler

Christian Nation - John Adams 2

Rickey D. Holtsclaw @RDH_HPD (TWITTER)

One thought on “An Atheist’s Rant – A Christian’s Rebuttal

  1. I VERY much thank you, sir, and anyone that agrees with you. But I think this AMERICAN movement needs some more bite. People at the FEDERAL LEVEL have to get involved.

    Heck, Someone could run for senate on this issue and win!

    ITS GONE WAY, WAY, WAY, BEYOND just motorcycles ! I drove out to a smaller town today, — and almost half the vehicles ARE DEAFENING ! My lord. See what this has DEGENERATED Too? Thanks police departments. I vote YOUR ALL FIRED!!!


    1. Bikers need safety argument? Fine, put them in Bright Yellow outfits, and
    orange helmets, and red boots! And stock mufflers. Done.


    __ Dmv or insurance SLAPS MAJOR FINE, notice of LICENSE
    / registration TERMINATION.

    3. SOLUTION 3 __ Insurance companies END insurance on second noise offense.

    4. ENFORCEMENT __ A tow-able dock is needed. Tow to a roadside
    enforcement AREA . ALL VEHICLES MUST DRIVE THROUGH. the lane
    in this dock. SENSORS read db levels.

    Voila !! Computer prints violation, tickets, and forwards to appropriate agencies.!!

    GET Politicians involved at the FEDERAL LEVEL!

    I ALSO WANT A FUND from fines for all those WHOS QUALITY OF LIFE HAS

    Liked by 1 person

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