“Solutions” to Motor Vehicle Noise Problems in the United States

Solutions to Motor Vehicle Noise Problems

Our police won’t intercede and protect us for they’ve compromised their integrity with the Illegally LOUD motor vehicle cult[ure] and are apathetic and unconcerned as are their supervisors; Our elected officials compromise their integrity and oath of office for profit; Our Courts have turned their back on the common man and woman seeking the guarantees, the protections enumerated within the Federal and State Constitution; Our legislators, from Capitol Hill to the State Houses, buddy-up to the well-funded lobbyists of the Motorcycle Rights Organizations; therefore, what can be done? The “domestic tranquility” of our posterity certainly looks bleak when one considers the power, influence, unity, money and legal counsel available to the special interests of the Motorcycle Rights Organizations compared to the voice-less, divergent, unorganized, vehicular noise beleaguered American citizen.  What are our options?

sheep wolves

stand up for something

Elected officials have two primary concerns – their political longevity and money.  Political longevity is contingent upon a happy and satisfied constituency. The secret or the key to STOPPING the exponential growth of illegally LOUD, illegally equipped motor vehicles currently operating unencumbered on our public roadways is firmly in the hands of America’s Dads and Moms who must STAND UP, SPEAK OUT and complain, complain, complain, write, write, write and keep on complaining to their local, county, state and federal representatives and demand that law enforcement do its job i.e. enforce the applicable muffler laws and STOP these narcissistic motor vehicle NOISE bullies from abusing our children, our elderly, our handicapped, our families. If you don’t care – the police won’t care! STOP MOTOR VEHICLE NOISE ABUSE! The solution rests with you – the American citizen!

The American Quality of Life Act – 2017


During the week of May 16-19, 2017 – I presented the following Congressional Bill Proposal to certain representatives on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. while lobbing there for the protection of the vehicular noise beleaguered American citizen…your support for this Vehicular Noise Bill would be much appreciated, see: The American Quality of Life Act – 2017 (A Federal Motor Vehicle Muffler Mandate): https://view.publitas.com/p222-12679/american-quality-of-life-act-2017-congressional-bill-proposal/

baby in arms

revving-motorcycle-loud thug biker with cigarette


Thank you,

Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired
Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles – Facebook, YouTube and WordPress/Noise Free America (Answer Man)

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