American Loud Biker – The Personality Behind the Facade

Introduction – Warning

The following article, American Loud Biker – The Personality Behind the Facade, is taken from my in-depth article, The Truth About Loud Motorcycles the Police Won’t or Can’t Tell You The following article contains selected quotes, lewd – sexually explicit – vulgar comments from the Loud Biker Cult[ure] which are taken from my article, Loud Biker Comments to the C-CALM Facebook Page.

I apologize upfront and have somewhat reluctantly included these vulgar biker comments seeing that my motivation in the context of this article is to provide you with an accurate perspective/understanding of the personality-type of far too many in the Loud Biker Cult[ure] who, along with their antisocial brethren in the illegally LOUD Auto and Truck Cult[ure], motivated by narcissism, hedonism, arrogance and selfishness, destroy the daily quality of life and recklessly endanger the health and welfare of millions of American citizens on a daily basis.  I have provided ample warning prior to any vulgar, obscene, comments, but…if you are easily offended or simply would rather not be exposed to the vulgar narcissistic nonsense, please forgo reading this article.

Thank you,

Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired (Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles – Facebook C-CALM)

Loud Motorcycle Problem? Your Rights

Understand that…

  1. NO ONE in the United States, a Constitutional Republic, has the “right” or the “privilege” to ignore the protective intent of the “rule of law” enacted specifically for your protection. NO ONE is above the law.
  2. NO ONE in the United States has the “right” to abuse you or deny you and your family the right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and “domestic tranquility” as that venerable concept relates to community.
  3. NO ONE in the United States has the right to modify a motor vehicle to emit dangerous, intrusive, illegal, NOISE emissions in violation of well-established Federal and State Law then proceed to operate that illegally modified motor vehicle on a public roadway.
  4. NO ONE has the right to operate an illegally modified, illegally LOUD, motor vehicle on the public roadways of the United States and with intent, or negligence, or carelessness, or recklessness, use that illegal motor vehicle NOISE as an instrument of assault to violate the Constitutional rights of America’s children, the elderly, the handicapped, our families – NO ONE!
  5. The First Duty of Government is “protection.”
Riding and Driving illegally LOUD is actually the antithesis of American values, mores, norms that define our heritage, our culture. Honorable American “men” and women don’t modify a motor vehicle to emit illegal, intrusive, dangerous, NOISE emissions and proceed out onto a public roadway and use that illegal noise as an instrument of assault – abuse against children, the elderly, the handicapped, our families. Honorable American men don’t mock the protective intent of the rule of law – the rule of law being the foundation of America’s Constitutional Republic. The behavior of the Loud Biker Cult[ure] is not only UN-American, it’s more closely aligned with the ideology-definition of “Domestic Terrorism.”

Caution: Vulgar Biker Comments…just a mere sample…

Loud Biker Comment: Phil McAfee “Hey Rick, Too bad you didn’t take one in the face while you were on duty. Its not to late for us to hope.”

Loud Biker Comment: Mohammed JihadFuck your children fuck you elderly and fuck your family go fuck your mother’s grave you fucking scumbag.”

Loud Biker Comment: John, 12 July 2017: Die in a fire, Rick, you unAmerican, fascist piece of shit. I mean that with nothing but love, of course.

Loud Biker Comment: Brian Mackenzie 16 July 2017: I put the loudest pipes I could get on my bike because fuck you and my neighbors.

Most recent LOUD Biker Comments…

  • Bobby Schneck 13 July 2017 FB: Don’t you assholes have anything better to do?
  • Peter Higgins 12 July 2017 FB: Fuckheads only allowed to join pussy group.
  • Peter Higgins 12 July 2017 FB: You are the type of dickhead that needs a brain.
so many idiots
peter's photo
Peter Higgins 12 July 2017
  • Aaron Laird 09 July 2017 Fuck you, fuck your page, BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAP!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kristopher Heerdt 08 July 2017…Loud pipes saves lives!!!!!! What a shit of a site lmao. Even if loud pipes become illegal do you really think people will stop having loud bikes… fuck no. People break the law all the time. So BRRRRAP BRRRAP bitches!!!!
  • flipstyledsm22 View Post 10 July 2017:  I’ve got loud pipes on my bike and I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about it either. My property, my money, my choice to live how I want to and do what I want to. It’s my American dream, so you can eat a fat dick if it’s too loud for your queer ears.
 the worst evil...


Loud Biker Comment: Scott Wildash commented 6/10/17: “hey shut the fuck up rick I’d rev bomb you straight into hell you old fuckboy”


The Loud Biker Cult[ure] – An Honest Perspective

Okay, let’s be very clear and frankly honest with ourselves. The members of the Loud Biker Cult[ure] span every rung of the socioeconomic and educational strata, but societal positioning or even intelligence is not an accurate indicator of one’s personal values, integrity, patriotism, respect, dignity or honor. “You will know them by their fruits [or works].”

loud pipes just because

biker bitch







The way in which a man or woman rides or drives is very telling relevant to the condition of their heart of hearts. Honorable-Ethical-Moral Men, Patriots, Philanthropists, Christians…do NOT illegally modify motor vehicles to emit intrusive, illegal, dangerous noise levels then, with volition, proceed out onto our public roadways and carelessly, negligently, audibly assault children, the elderly, the handicapped, our families with those illegal noise emissions.

Though certain members of the Loud Biker Cult[ure] involve themselves in social, patriotic, philanthropic, religious, oriented activities, remember that it is their “illegal NOISE” that acts as the cohesive element, the icon that fuses this rebellious Group Dynamic.

evil one biker shirt



Though certain members of the Loud Biker Cult[ure] are initially receptive and kind in their interactions, remember that it is the illegal motorcycle NOISE that functions as their cohesive element, their Icon; therefore, should law enforcement actually require the members of the Patriot Guard, Rolling Thunder, BACA, Bikers for Trump, Bikers for Christ or any other of a sundry of LOUD biker affiliates/gangs or organizations to obey the rule law and ride with their legal, quiet, factory-installed muffler…sit back and observe an overwhelming number of these patriotic and philanthropic bikers leave their respective organizations – why? Because it’s ALL ABOUT MACHISMO, the BIKER BROTHERHOOD, SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT and it is the illegal NOISE that gives this behavior purpose, unity, cohesiveness. Don’t be deceived by the facade!

Regardless of the pervasiveness of illegal motor vehicle noise on our public roadways today resulting from the destructive ideology of Moral Relativism, the behavior can only be attributed to a narcissistic, selfish, irresponsible, bully personality-type that is void of respect for the rule of law as well as the quality of life, the health and welfare of their fellowman. This antisocial mindset naturally promulgates behaviors that are the antithesis of mores, norms, values, critically necessary for a healthy and sustainable Constitutional Republic.

familysleep with a biker

Loud Biker Comment: Mohammed Jihad:  “Fuck your children fuck you elderly and fuck your family go fuck your mother’s grave you fucking scumbag.”

 Overview of the Loud Biker Personality – Generally – A Cop’s Perspective

The Loud Biker Cult[ure] in America is comprised of narcissistic, irresponsible, men and women who are obsessively/pathetically controlled by the ideology of Moral Relativism and are in need of the affirmation, acceptance, approval, provided by the Group Dynamic.  The Loud Biker Cult[ure] has assumed a false sense of “entitlement” due to forty-years of law enforcement apathy, compromise, nonfeasance/non-enforcement as well as having been “enabled” by the prostitution/ethical compromise of our elected officials with this Cult[ure] of selfish, LOUD, disrespectful, bully-thugs.

american biker loud and proud

See: Loud Biker Thuggery on Parade:  (Use the previous page/back arrow to return to the article subsequent to viewing videos)

Deception – pervasive…

It is truly unfortunate and disheartening to see a sizeable portion of the American public fall victim to naiveté as they worship and adore the Loud Biker Cult[ure] while foolishly perceiving this antisocial group of narcissists to be courageous, honorable, representatives of Patriots, Philanthropists, Christians i.e. “true Americans.” Yes, some members of the Loud Biker Cult[ure] initially put forth a receptive and kind facade as long as they, like a third-grade bully, receive no push-back to their false sense of “entitlement” and ridiculous “machismo.” Don’t fall victim to the facade.

sheep wolvesride of the patriots 2017

Truth is, honorable, faithful, loyal, Patriots, Veterans, Police Officers, Firefighters, Judges, Doctors, Lawyers, Philanthropists, Christians, blue collar – white collar American men and women, don’t mock the protective intent of the rule of law by modifying a motor vehicle to make illegal, intrusive, dangerous, NOISE emissions then, with volition, proceed out onto America’s public roadways and use that illegal NOISE as an instrument of assault against societies most innocent thereby destroying their quality of life and recklessly endangering their health and welfare. No Sir – No Ma’am, that is the behavior indicative of an irresponsible, narcissistic, bully-thug.

Warning – Vulgar Comments

Loud Biker Comment: Recent quote from a Loud Biker to the Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles Facebook Page: Mr. Dan Stolze 6/23/17  “[I] i would watch who you accuse of assaulting children. I am not only a biker, I am a gun owner and I have no qualms about using them. You stupid fucking pussies have no idea.”  

Loud Biker Comment: Robert West Aug 26th, 11:53am
If you would shove your head deeper in your ass you probably wouldn’t be able to hear the motorcycles. So do us all a favor and just try it. Thanks, have a great day.”

Loud Biker Comment: Michael LogginsGo: go [to] Bikes Blues and BBQ and spew this. See how long you last. Punk bitch”

Loud Biker Comment: Michael Loggins: “Rick sucks cocks in hell while his mother gets tag teamed by the devil and a few Mongols and Hells Angels.”

Loud Biker Comment: Adam Schwarz: “Loud Motorcycles Suck fuck youre moms mom in the ass youre mom in the ass youre dad rape you fagg??”

Loud Biker Comment: Dan Fridenberg:Your wife makes about 103 dB when I plow her from behind and she likes my bike aldo.” 

Loud Biker Comment: Jim FullerWhat’s the difference between this guys wife n Jesus………..the look on there face when your nailing them!!!!”

neighbor's bikebiker's lifestylebrass knucks


my bikes too loud










smashing exhaust
This would be a good start to eradicating illegal motor vehicle noise in the United States:

A Word of Caution

Warning/caution: As a retired law enforcement officer who has dealt with the LOUD motor vehicle cult[ure] in an enforcement capacity, Please: DO NOT PERSONALLY CONFRONT THOSE WHO SELFISHLY ABUSE SOCIETIES MOST INNOCENT VIA THE ILLEGAL OPERATION OF A MODIFIED, ILLEGALLY LOUD MOTOR VEHICLE ON AMERICA’S PUBLIC ROADWAYS.  Any form of confrontation can easily escalate/manifest into violence and possibly death; therefore, please leave the narcissistic, irresponsible, bullies alone – pursue the matter through verbal and written complaints to your Local, County, State, Federal, Representatives and Local/State Law Enforcement Community — again, please do NOT confront the narcissistic, entitled, bully-behavior of the LOUD vehicle cult[ure] on our public roadways…you will eventually/ultimately lose your freedom or possibly your life!

ACAB – A popular chant/acronym in the Loud Biker Cult[ure] meaning “All Cops Are Bastards”
bandidos and cossacks

outlaw biker cartoon

Playing “dress-up”…

The Facade – defined!

An overwhelming number of men and women involved in the Loud Biker Cult[ure] are NOT affiliated with criminal biker-gang activity – BUT – many desperately seek the “association” – the “facade” – the “machismo” of biker gang thuggery/anti-establishment defiance hence the “biker dress code” – vulgarity/obscenity/bravado – a desperate and obvious clamor for attention/affirmation/acceptance/respect by the venerable Group Dynamic and society in general.  It is the illegal motorcycle NOISE that is the Icon of the Loud Biker Cult[ure] and it is this intrusive NOISE which under-girds, bonds, provides cohesiveness to these want-a-be bad boys and girls of the “biker brotherhood” who lack the gang-banger rebellious, violent, mentality/mens rea but desperately desire and ingratiate themselves via the coerced-bully “respect” and “fear” from society that accompanies true biker-banger thuggery and debauchery.  An overwhelming number of men and women participating in the Loud Biker Cult[ure] are simply psychologically deficient in the area of self-worth, maturational-paternal-peer acceptance/acknowledgment and self-confidence hence the bravado, the machismo, the dress-code and the obsession-compulsion with the venerable, powerful, Group Dynamic.

no no no

highly dangerous

Truth be told, the Loud Biker Cult[ure], for the most part, is comprised of men and women playing “dress-up” in a pathetic attempt to garner attention and affirmation to themselves; with that said, do not underestimate the persuasiveness, influence and power of the Group Dynamic if you unwittingly challenge these want-a-be “bad boys;” If you challenge them they may very well, out of pride and an obsession with the Group Dynamic, demonstrate violent behaviors that in any other setting they would cower and flee.  The wisest and most discerning tactic is to smile, pity them and file a verbal and written complaint with your Local, County, State and/or Federal Representatives.  It bears repeating…honorable men and women do NOT modify a motor vehicle to make illegal noise and use that noise on our public roadways to assault societies most innocent; therefore, no amount of bravado, toughness, leather, tattoos, acts of patriotism/philanthropy or Christianity can negate or distort the fact that only a narcissistic, irresponsible, bully-thug would engage in such antisocial, reprehensible, conduct.

bathroom closed


Don’t lose your cool…

don't lose coolSee:


Relevant examples for clarification…

Following, are recently forwarded videos (video 1 & 2) from a “concerned citizen” whose neighborhood street, like communities across the United States, has become almost uninhabitable due to unrestrained, illegally Loud Biker, Loud Automobile, Loud Truck Thuggery.  The behavior displayed on these videos and the obscenity, threats, articulated within the Loud Biker comment compilation (#3) are not unique by any means, but are simply behaviors commensurate with the rebellious Loud Biker Cult[ure] in America subsequent to four-decades of antisocial conduct absent sufficient restraining, disciplinary intercession by the representatives of government whose first duty is “protection” of the American citizen.

(1) Again, be careful…don’t lose your cool…

Illegal activity

(2) It’s impossible to win an argument with an “entitled,” narcissistic bully…don’t waste your time…

“Do not answer a fool according to his folly, Or you will also be like him.” (Proverbs 24:6)

“Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”
– Mark Twain

be careful

(3) Loud Biker Attitude defined: Loud Biker Comments – the Wall of Shame –

high ape hangers and big pipes

ride loud ride proud

Loud Biker Comment: Adam Owen 9/2/16: “Yeah, I’ll join everyone else with a big FUCK YOU!!!!! This is America ass wipe!!! We need less micromanaging from government as it is!! I’m sure you’ll look for our tax money to fund your fight too!? Stay retired and get a hobby that actually interests you and doesn’t impose your opinions on others!!”

noisy tail pipeloud exhaust 2

loud exhaust 4

loud exhaust 3

crazy pipes

Featured Image -- 6147

Loud Biker Comment: crashdjmc74 Jun 16, 2016: Truly “faggot” you are right, thank God. You’re a worthless cum guzzler and I’m not. Run along, piggy and ply your insignificant lifestyle down in Orlando, where no doubt, you’d fit right in! LOL”

Loud Biker Comment: John Bostdorf 9/18/16: “This jerk needs to go fuck himself in the ass!”

Loud Biker Comment: Ross Edel 9/3/16: Shut the fuck up. Loud pipes save lives. Go soundproof your house and stay in it. My bike will be loud no matter what the law says. And there no baffles in the pipes so go head and fuck them since y’all ain’t getting any pussy with your stock exhaust. Oh shit, your dick wouldn’t reach the baffle anyway, BITCH!!! Did that hurt your feelings as much as my pipes?”

Posted online as a suggested option to stop my vehicular noise enforcement initiative in Houston, Texas


Thank you and please be careful out there,

Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired
Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles – Facebook, YouTube and WordPress/Noise Free America (Answer Man)

me at lubysfor FB cover


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