LOUD Motorcycles – Illegal Exhausts – Conspiracy – Dealers – Causation?

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Where Are You – U.S. EPA?

The attached article by Dealers News, “SHADES OF GRAY: Selling and installing aftermarket exhausts, and the legal liabilities for dealers,” (URL subsequent to this explanatory narrative) suggests that the retail of NOT FOR ROAD USE aftermarket exhausts to be fitted to street-use motorcycles is a “Gray” area, but, truth be told, the illegality is “black and white.” Fact is, there exists a clear and irrefutable “criminal conspiracy” among the…

1) Manufacturers of NOT FOR ROAD USE exhausts that are fitted for street-use motorcycles and “covertly” intended for use on our public roadways…

2) Distributors of NOT FOR ROAD USE exhausts…

3) Retailers of NOT FOR ROAD USE exhausts…

4) Installers of NOT FOR ROAD USE exhausts…

5) Operators of NOT FOR ROAD USE exhausts…

It is the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) who is directly responsible for providing a “national uniformity of treatment” and it is the U.S. EPA, a regulatory agency, who has failed for some thirty-years to regulate the illegal, criminal conspiratorial, marketing tactics of the motorcycle aftermarket muffler manufacturers in the United States…and the people suffer!

The U.S. EPA via the Code of Federal Regulations requires a sample(s) motorcycle, one that is representative of the make and model motorcycle seeking certification to be operated on America’s public roadways, be tested for “total” noise emissions output via a scientifically controlled testing procedure identified as the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J331a Full-throttle drive by test. The U.S. EPA requires this motorcycle noise emissions test in response to concerns for the health and welfare of the general public. The SAE J331a testing procedure provides a more “real world” analysis of motorcycle noise emissions exposure by the general public.

EVERY production, street-use motorcycle to be operated on the public roadways of the United States is restricted to a “total” motorcycle noise emissions of 80 dB(A) (1986-production year forward) – safe and respectfully quiet.  Every production motorcycle for use on America’s public roadways is shipped to the retailer with an approved, compliant, properly labeled, respectfully quiet, motorcycle muffler affixed to that motorcycle and it is the responsibility of America’s Local and State Law Enforcement Community to ensure those production motorcycles maintain their approved, factory-installed, safe, quiet muffler or a muffler conforming to the acoustical dampening characteristics of the factory-installed muffler subsequent to retail and FOR THE LIFE OF THE MOTORCYCLE.


EPA muffler label
U.S. EPA Muffler Label (roadway use motorcycles)
honda epa label on frame
Motorcycle Frame Label


epa closed course label on muffler
Not all aftermarket manufacturers use the NOT FOR ROAD USE label thus demonstrating defiance of the Federal regulations while demonstrating absolutely no concern for regulatory intervention.  The U.S. EPA is first and foremost culpable for this dangerous, illegal, motor vehicle aftermarket exhaust conspiracy playing a major factor in the destruction of good daily quality of life standards as well as recklessly endangering the health and welfare of the general public.


NOT FOR ROAD USE exhaust mechanisms for retail today that are fitted to street-use motorcycles and ILLEGALLY operated on America’s public roadways easily emit between four-eight-ten-twelve+ times the legal, “total” motorcycle noise emissions of 80 dB(A) (dB differentials measured on a logarithmic scale) and it is that 80 dB(A) which is the “minimum” level of protection for the general public.  Subsequent to 1981, there has been an incremental yet consistent de-prioritizing of research and enforcement relevant to the dangers of environmental/transportation NOISE in the United States; as a result, the following decades witnessed an exponential increase of illegally equipped/illegally LOUD motor vehicle operating unencumbered on America’s public roadways. In conjunction with the increase of illegally loud motor vehicles, the quality of life and the health and welfare of the American citizen has deteriorated proportionally. Motor vehicle NOISE enforcement and regulatory control is, for all intent and purpose, absent in American society and again…THE PEOPLE SUFFER…WHY?

A “partial list” of available NOT FOR ROAD USE aftermarket exhaust Manufacturers can be viewed in the Addendum section of this article.  For information/resources regarding the negative physiological/psychological effects of transportation noise in the United States and in Europe, please see my article “The Truth About Loud Motorcycles the Police Won’t or Can’t Tell You” – the URL for this document is among the “relevant articles” listed below.

stubbs comm

See featured article:

SHADES OF GRAY: Selling and installing aftermarket exhausts, and the legal liabilities for dealers



For examples of this criminal conspiracy, please see the following relevant articles and video:

1) My LOUD Evening at the Harley Dealership – the Truth Shall Set You Free: https://rickeyholtsclaw.com/2016/08/08/my-loud-evening-at-the-harley-dealership-truths-a-killer/

2) Video: Evidence of Arkansas Motor Vehicle Noise Conspiracy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZ–8v2S784

3) The Truth About Loud Motorcycles the Police Won’t or Can’t Tell You: https://rickeyholtsclaw.com/2016/03/10/the-truth-about-loud-motorcycles-the-police-wont-or-cant-tell-you/

4) Loud Motorcycles and the EPA: A Letter & Plea for Intercession: https://rickeyholtsclaw.com/2016/09/16/loud-motorcycles-the-epa-a-plea-for-intercession/

5) EPA Sues Harley for $15 Million Dollars: Better yet, the Aftermarket Scam is Out of the Bag: https://rickeyholtsclaw.com/2016/08/20/epa-sues-harley-for-15-million-better-yet-the-aftermarket-scam-is-out-of-the-bag/

6) Motorcycle Noise Enforcement – 101: https://rickeyholtsclaw.com/2016/09/12/motorcycle-noise-enforcement-101/

Thank you,

Rick Holtsclaw – Houston PD/Retired  –   Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles – Facebook

me at lubys

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Following, is a partial list of aftermarket motorcycle exhaust manufacturers flooding the motorcycle market and our streets with illegal, egregiously LOUD and DIRTY non-compliant motorcycle exhausts…why is this permitted to continue? Where is commonsense and common decency?  Where is the care and concern for the vehicular NOISE beleaguered American Citizen? List was last edited in April/2009.

List acquired from: http://pnwriders.com/threads/exhaust-company-list.50742/

Akrapovic – http://www.akrapovic-exhaust.com

ANR – http://www.anrperformance.co.uk/

Arata – http://www.arata-ex.com/

AreaP – http://www.areapnolimits.com/home.html

Arrow – http://www.arrow.it

ART – http://www.artexhausts.com

Axcial – http://www.axcial-sport.com/moto/moto.html

Barabbas – http://mysite.freeserve.com/barabbas

Beet – http://www.beet.co.jp/index2.html

Black Hole Exhaust for BMW – http://rbracing-rsr.com/bmwexhausts.html

Black Widow – http://www.bwracing.com

Blue Flame – http://blueflameperformance.com

BOS – http://www.bos-exhausts.com

Boxer BMW Performance – http://www.boxer-performance.com/products.htm

Boz Bros – http://www.bozbros.com/exhausts.cfm

BSM – http://www.bsm-exhausts.com

Carbon Can Co – http://www.carboncan.co.uk

Cobra/Eagle Exhaust – http://www.speedpro.de/auspuffset.htm

D&D – http://www.danddexhaust.com

DAM – http://www.damexhaust.com/

Delkevic – http://www.delkevic.co.uk/

Devil – http://www.devilbikes.com

DPM – http://www.dpmsilenziatori.it

Dynomite- http://dynomite.co.uk/Dynosite/HTMLfiles/home_fin.html

E PRO – http://www.eijyupro.co.jp/toppage.htm

Erion Racing – http://www.erionracing.com

Cobra F1 Exhausts – http://www.cobrausa.com/

FC Racing – http://fc-racing.com/

FRC – http://monsite.wanadoo.fr/frc.echappements/

FMF Racing – http://www.fmfracing.com/

Foran (AU) – http://www.dropbears.com/f/foran/index.htm

Formula 1 – http://www.formula1mc.com.au/

G & G – http://www.gegbike.com/

G-Force – http://www.gforceexhausts.co.uk

Gianelli – http://www.giannelli.com/

Graves- http://www.gravesport.com/index.html

G.P.R. – http://www.gpr.it

Hard Rock Pipes – http://www.hardrockmotorsports.com/HR1_web/HR1_web_home.html

Harpoon – http://www.harpoon.es/

Harris – http://www.harris-performance.co.uk

High-Tes Exhaust (Spain) – http://www.jacmotors.com/

Hindle – http://www.hindle.com

Dale Walker’s Holeshot – http://www.holeshot.com/

HMF – http://www.hmfengineering.com/

Indigo Sports – http://www.indigosports.com/

Invader – http://www.trikbitzracing.iofm.net/invader.htm

Ixil – http://www.ixil.com/

Jack Lilley – http://www.jacklilley.com

Jardine – http://www.jardineproducts.com/home.asp

Jolly Moto exhaust (IT) – http://www.jollymoto.it

K-Factory – http://www.k-factory.com

Krieger – http://www.krieger-competition.com/

Laser/Jama – http://www.laser-jama.nl/

Leo Vinci – http://www.leovince.com

M4 – http://www.m4exhaust.com

Marving – http://www.marving.com/

Maxx – http://www.morini.com.au/maxx/index.html

Mecatwin – http://www.mecatwin.com/

MHP – http://www.jacklilley.com

Micron – http://www.micronexhaust.com

Mig – http://www.mig.fr

Mihara Specialty – http://www.mihara.co.jp/

MIVV – http://www.mivv.it/

Moriwaki – http://www.moriwaki.co.jp

Motad – http://www.motad.co.uk/

Muzzy – http://www.muzzys.com

Nikko – http://www.nikko-racing.com/

Nikon – http://www.nikonexhausts.co.uk/

Ninja – http://www.ninja.tm.fr

Nojima Japan – http://www.nojima-japan.co.jp/

NWS – http://www.n-w-s.com/#

Oshiro – http://www.oshiroridingtools.com/

Over Racing – http://www.over.co.jp/over_racing/index.html

Powermax – http://www.powermaxexhaust.com

Power Plant Fabrications – Super Maxx Race Exhausts – http://www.tyler6.freeserve.co.uk/

Predator – http://www.predatormotorsport.co.uk/

Promotive – http://www.promotive-exhausts.co.uk/

Quill – http://www.jbracing.co.uk/index.htm

Raven Racing – http://www.ravenracing.co.uk/

RC Koshien – http://www.rckoshien.co.jp/

Redline Exhaust (AU) – http://redline.vcsweb.com/index.html

Another company called Redline (UK) – http://www.redlinewunoff.co.uk/

Remus – http://www.remus.au

Renegade – http://www.renegade-exhausts.com

RS Product – http://www.rsproduct.com/nouveaute.php

Sato Racing – http://www.satoracing.com

Scorpion – http://www.scorpion-exhausts.com

Sebring Technology – http://www.sebring.de/

Side Kick – http://www.sidekickperformance.co.uk

Silmotor – http://www.silmotor.com

Spec A (Yamamoto Racing) – http://www.yamamoto-eng.co.jp/

SP Tadao Racing Parts – http://www.sptadao.co.jp/

Staintune – http://www.staintune.com.au/index.html

Sudco – http://www.sudco.com/

Sugaya – http://www.srs-sugaya.com/

Supertrapp/Kerker – http://www.supertrapp.com/

Superpole – http://www.superpole.nl/

Swona – http://www.swona.com/

Taylormade –

Thunder – http://www.thundercompetition.com/

Ti-Force- http://www.tiforce.com/top_page.html

Tigcraft – http://www.tigcraftusa.com/

Termignoni – http://www.termignoni.it/

TSR – http://www.tsrjp.com/

Tsukigi Racing – http://www.tsukigi.co.jp/

Tubi/HPE – http://www.tubistyle.it/home.htm

Two Brothers Racing – http://www.twobrothers.com

Vance & Hines – http://www.vanceandhines.com

Venom – http://www.venomexhausts.com/

Wolf – http://www.wolfracing.co.uk

Wiley Co – http://www.wileyco-racing.com

WRP – http://www.windtrading.it/

Wunoff – http://www.wunoff.co.uk

Yoshimura – http://www.yoshimura-rd.com

Zorstec – http://www.zorstec.net/

Ztechnik exhaust for BMW – http://www.ztechnik.com/


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