The Church and LGBTQ Leadership – Heretical or Inclusive?

Methodist Court Rules Openly Lesbian Denver Bishop Violates Church Law

Mary Westwood states the following…
From a young age, I was taught, as a Methodist, not to judge anyone, and that each human being was a beloved child of God, worthy of happiness, love, respect and an equal opportunity to use his or her God-given talents to make the world a better place. In my own way, I have tried to do this. But today, I am very disappointed in the judicial council of my church. Someone seeking and supporting true justice must sometimes stand up against the “law” as promulgated by a less well-informed generation. Though I have never met Bishop Karen, I am not blind to the injustice done to her by the so-called law of my church. So I will pray that the conference I belong to is willing to recognize the reality of what God truly calls us to do . . . to act justly in the face of injustice and support a Bishop who is, after all, a beloved child of God , just exactly like every one of you and the rest of the human race, whatever your or their private personal religious beliefs.
My response…

Rick Holtsclaw

Only those who do not know the Righteous, Just and Holy God would suggest that our Lord winks at sexual perversion, especially so in His Church. I’m not sure when or how this pacifist, weak, impotent Christianity slithered into the Church, but though Matthew does chronicle Messiah’s words about judgment, removing the plank from our eye to see the speck in our brother’s eye, Messiah also elaborates on judgment in John’s Gospel where we are told to judge using a righteous standard i.e. the Word of God.

Call sin what it is – an affront to the Living God and tell the homosexual, the lesbian, the gay, bisexual, transsexual, the queer that their behavior is detestable in the eyes of a Holy God and that unless they repent and seek the forgiveness of their sin through faith in the shed blood of Messiah spilled for us some 2000 years ago on a Roman cross outside the gates of Jerusalem…the LGBTQ participant, like any other sinner, will die in their sins and spend eternity in Hell…don’t be a weak and pacifist Christian!

How hypocritical and the obfuscation used by a so-called Christian who suggests that we don’t judge every single day – for how does one discern between evil and good? No, as Christian’s we are to judge and we are to keep ourselves unsullied by the World as being in the World but NOT of the World…to stand for righteousness and to glorify our God, not defile His holy Name by advocating sexual perversion…shame on you!
The LGBTQ Cult[ure] is a demonic deceptive lie of confusion, a deathstyle that is destroying our youth and undermining the very pillars of our Constitutional Republic. 40% of our confused Trans-youth attempt suicide and the rates are higher for Transsexual adults. I policed the largest homosexual community in the United States and the LGBTQ behavior is vile, obsessed with the sexual genitalia, full of self-loathing, regret, shame – again, LGBTQ is demonic and very much deserving of compassion, spiritual and psychological intercession, but NOT legitimization via legislation and CERTAINLY NOT AS A LEADER/TEACHER/PASTOR/CLERGY in the House of the Living God – SHAME ON YOU FOR DEFILING MY LORD’S WORD AND HIS HOUSE!
Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired

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