LGBTQ – The Cross – Bigotry or Compassion?


04/25/2017 11:20 am ET | Updated 1 day ago

Someone Chained A Cross To Gay Street In NY. What Happened Next Was Beautiful.

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Comment to article by Rick Holtsclaw,

A quick note of clarification to the LGBTQ Cult[ure] before I begin my comment relevant to the article above.Β  I read a series of responses/comments to the article on the original page from members of the LGBTQ Cult[ure] who incorrectly refer to themselves as Gay Christians or LGBTQ Christians – this is a lie of Satan and a deception with eternal consequences.Β  It is impossible for one to be actively involved in sodomy or anyway involved in the LGBTQ Cult[ure] as a participant in the deathstyle and suggest that you have a relationship with our Creator.Β  LGBTQ behavior is an affront, it is detestable to our Lord and this sin, like any other sin, will damn an individual to an eternity in Hell unless forgiveness is sought, repentance is pursued and a relationship with God the Father is established through faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ as remittance, payment, for your sin.Β  This is eternally important, forgiveness and repentance are the precursors to a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit.Β  Don’t be deceived and fall for “the lie” of Satan for you will surly die in your sins if you fail to seek the righteousness of Jesus Christ.



I do appreciate the intent of this community to do the right thing. What I find sorrowful is the confusion that exists between “love” and “deception.” I don’t know the heart of the man who brings the cross to this LGBTQ community, but to immediately interpret his motives as hateful is presumptuous.

It is possible that the cross-bearer intends the cross, a symbol of suffering and bloodshed for sin, as the example for those trapped in the LGBTQ Cult[ure] as means of escape and freedom from a deathstyle that will ultimately culminate in an eternity in Hell unless the participant seeks the forgiveness and righteousness of Jesus Christ made available by Messiah’s shed blood on a Roman cross outside of Jerusalem some 2000 years ago…in other words, it is very possible that the cross bearer’s intent was one of compassion and love – don’t be too hasty to judge.

I do sincerely pity the beautiful people in the photo, that is, those who are practicing members of the LGBTQ Cult[ure] for they have been deceived by an ideology of Moral Relativism that wars against their soul, their health and welfare, their psychological and physiological well-being as well as their eternal destiny.

Yes, I know, my message will be interpreted as one motivated by hate and bigotry…that’s expected…but know this. The pervasive lie and deathstyle of LGBTQ America is the resultant of our Federal Government’s involvement in the torture, dismemberment, mutilation, burning to death of 60-million American babies since Roe/73. For this infanticide holocaust, America is under a curse.

abortion on demandbaby

Obergefell v. Hodges (1973) was the day of confirmation for the United States that our Lord Jesus Christ was no longer King over America’s affairs and that He had left us so that we were free to whore after other gods and the depravity of our heart…thus…the LGBTQ Cult[ure] where 40% of Trans-youth attempt suicide and Transsexual adults attempt suicide at even higher rates – a Cult[ure] that is lost, confused, groping in darkness, obsessed with the sexual genitalia, vulgarity, self-loathing, hate – and organizations like the HRC and ACLU deny the mental illness aspect that is LGBTQ and make every attempt to justify and legitimize the vile and ungodly behavior via legislation…this is not love, this is deception through ignorance and Political Correctness.



A note to the LGBTQ Cult[ure]. Your behavior is offensive and detestable to our Holy and Just God; therefore, unless you repent and seek a relationship with Jesus Christ who died for your sin…you will ultimately spend your eternity in Hell.

Jesus promised: “All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out.” John 6:37

Rick Holtsclaw

me and cory flying

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