Tenn. – LGBTQ and Sexual Perversity – the Struggle Continues for Sanity and Morality

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) attempts to silence opposing views/Conservative views/Christian views to their support of LGBTQ perversity and has thus deleted my comment to the following article twice; therefore, I will post my comment via this article on Twitter, Google and Facebook…

Article: Anti-LGBTQ Bills in Tennessee Attempt to Undermine Supreme Court’s Marriage Equality Ruling

by HRC Staff, April 26, 2017


Comment to article by Rick Holtsclaw…

In the absence of the Lord Jesus Christ there is confusion. The LGBTQ Cult[ure] and their demonically inspired deathstyle is indicative of a pervasive curse over America in response to our Federal Government’s conspiratorial involvement via Roe/73 in the murder, torture, dismemberment, mutilation, of 60-million American children since 1973. As long as Roe remains the law of the land, America will continue in its downward spiral of confusion, hate, dissension and aberrant sexual perversity…ultimately self-destruction.

save roeabortion

baby at 12 weeks in palm of hand

Though the Liberal-Socialist-Left continues to wave the flag of the LGBTQ (stolen from God’s rainbow) by the deceptive arms of “tolerance” and “diversity,” understand that LGBTQ is a mental illness, a demonic deception of death, self-loathing, self-destructive behavior that cries for compassion and spiritual/psychological intervention – NOT – legitimization through legislation. If HRC truly cared for the LGBTQ Cult[ure] in America, they would purse interventionist strategies for the mentally ill rather than promote their death and destruction. America, in its compromise with sexual debauchery and thus confusion, now recognizes some 69-different gender classifications…….Please stop the LGBTQ lie in America and protect our youth…



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