Native Americans – LGBTQ – Obfuscation

Following is my comment to this article attempting to justify and legitimize the demonic cult of LGBTQ in America…

Before European Christians Forced Gender Roles, Native Americans Acknowledged 5 Genders

Response to article…

Though I don’t believe the historical revisionist for a moment, I do know that the Native American’s worshiped the Moon, the Sun, the Stars, idols and created things…this in no way legitimizes sexual perversion. The sexually perverse and those seeking to undermine and destroy American Democracy make every attempt to obfuscate and deny the ugly truth relevant to the demonic cult that is LGBTQ in America.
American Indians, Europeans, did NOT define marriage nor did they distinguish between male and female or assign gender roles via an XY or XX chromosome pattern.
It is the Lord Jesus Christ who defined marriage and male/female roles in the Genesis of time and He reiterated the perfection and purpose of these roles while embodied in flesh and walking among men…My Lord specifically said a man would leave his mother and father and be joined to his wife and that these two would become ONE flesh – and what God has joined together let no man separate.
It is the deception of man’s fallen nature and the deception of Lucifer that under-girds the vile, nasty, demonic Cult of LGBTQ. During my 31-year career with the Houston PD, I policed the largest homosexual community in the United States on four different shifts – I can testify, via experiential knowledge as a police officer, that the LGBTQ Cult[ure] is a deathstyle of self-loathing, deception, anguish, an obsessive-compulsive infatuation with the sexual genitalia, self-destructive behavior, with Trans-youth attempting suicide at a 40% ratio while higher suicide ratio attempts are consistent with adult Transsexuals.
The rampant/unencumbered LGBTQ Cult[ure] is indicative of a curse on the United States and is the resultant of America’s involvement in the murder, torture, burning to death, mutilation of 60-million American babies since Roe/1973.
Understand this: As long as the United States Federal Government remains a co-conspirator via Roe in the murder of babies, Jesus Christ will not prosper, protect or provide for America…we will ultimately consume ourselves in hatred, confusion.
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Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired

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