21st Century Multiculturalism in America = Dysfunction/Destruction?

Is There Anything We Can Take for Granted (that All Americans Agree about)? A Challenge

Is There Anything We Can Take for Granted (that All Americans Agree about)? A Challenge


Excerpt: Call it nostalgia if you wish, but I remember a time when there were at least some beliefs one could take for granted—some beliefs that one could express and expect agreement. At least in America. True, some of them were false and badly needed correction. On the other hand, I worry about a cultural condition in which no such consensus exists about anything.

Response to article/question…by Rickey D. Holtsclaw

In American society today, 21st-Century America, there are no absolutes, there is no absolute truth, only gray, because we’ve rejected the only Giver and provider of “truth,” the Lord Jesus Christ who succinctly defined Himself as “the Way and the ‘Truth’ and the Life.”

The reason America cannot exist within the diverse social construct of multiculturalism is based on the fact that our Constitutional Democracy – actually an experiment in democratic thought, cannot exist apart from the heart of man having been redeemed by the Spirit of God. In today’s vision of multiculturalism, American society no longer expects the huddled masses to assimilate, but American Society, under the auspices of Political Correctness, seeks inclusion, diversity…herein lies a destructive element to the health and welfare of America’s foundational pillar of democracy.

This is the very reason America is spiraling into confusion and ultimately implosion – we have traded the Provider of absolute Truth for the provider of Moral Relativism – the cosmic struggle that has existed before the creation of time. In other words, America has left its first Love and sought to whore itself with Satan and his minions…America is no longer “beautiful” or inhabitable without absolute Truth…for everything else is a lie and the bed-partner of death.


Rickey D. Holtsclaw

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