The Rainbow – LGBTQ & The Lie

Gilbert Baker, creator of the rainbow flag, dead at 65

Comment to article by Rickey D. Holtsclaw,

Fake news! The LGBTQ Cult[ure] and/or Gilbert Baker actually stole the “rainbow” symbol from God, Elohim, Jesus Christ, who placed that symbol in the sky as a promise, as a sign of His covenant with mankind that He would never destroy the Earth again with a flood. Genesis 9:13

Just as the LGBTQ Cult[ure] has stolen its symbol from the Lord, LGBTQ is a curse of the Devil…the behavior is the result of Moral Relativism – a demonic ideology of confusion, self-destruction, perversion and “the lie.”

LGBTQ Cult[ure], your ONLY hope for life now and life in eternity is to repent of your sin, seek the righteousness of Jesus Christ, His forgiveness and His love; otherwise, you will die in your sins and you will ultimately spend eternity in Hell.

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

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