Abortion v. Water-Boarding = Hypocrisy! (Liberal/Conservative-Lunacy)

I was listening to the interaction between Senator Graham and SCOTUS nominee Gorsuch a few minutes ago, 21 March 17 11am (CDT), and the topic of Roe v. Wade (1973) was initiated by Graham.


The gist of the conversation was Graham’s suggestion that new legislation would be forthcoming regarding the interests of the State relevant to a 20-week abortion limit. In other words, according to Graham, new technology confirms that a fetus/child in the womb can feel pain at 20-weeks.

The medical community confirms that a child born at 20-weeks must be anesthetized before any surgical procedure; therefore, does it not stand to reason that a child in the womb subjected to burning to death or mutilation/dismemberment by the abortionist’s instruments also feels pain?


What makes me so viscerally angry and consumed with unadulterated hate and disgust for Liberal/Conservative-Lunacy is the fact that we’re even having this discussion…how can we as a “civilized society” subject our most innocent to this torture and in the same vein of questioning between Graham and Gorsuch condemn “water-boarding” as an interrogation technique that is far too cruel and inhumane i.e. torture? Is this not the epitome of hypocrisy?

baby in arms

How have we, a “civilized society,” legislated any semblance of justification/rationalization for the murder/torture of our children? Even in the cases of rape-abortion justification, since when did we as a civilized society murder the child for the crime of its father?



Scotty…please…beam me up – I’m completely out of my environment – I don’t recognize this place any longer!!!

With anger and contempt for Congressional compromise in America,

Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired


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