Trump’s Travel Ban & Liberal Lunacy by the Numbers

muslim ban 2

muslim ban protest

obama and judge
Socialist/Muslim Barrack Hussein Obama and Hawaii Federal District Judge Derrick Watson who blocked enforcement of President Trump’s Travel Ban – Executive Order 2.0 designed to protect the American Citizenry from Radical Islamic Terrorism.

Comment by Rick Holtsclaw to the ACLU, Ninth-Circuit Court of Appeals, all relevant Federal District Judges and every Liberal-Socialist-Democrat in the United States who have undermined the authority of the President of the United States and the United States Constitution as our President has made every effort to secure our borders and provide protection for the American people via a Constitutionally valid Travel Ban. By the numbers…


I. It takes a special kind of lunatic to advocate the immigration of a people group into the United States from Nations whose major religious ideology demands the worship of a Satanic Deity i.e. Allah and this Deity’s insane prophet, Muhammad…the Religion, the Satanic Cult of Islam.

islam cult

II. It takes a special kind of lunatic to advocate the immigration of a people group who honor and worship, to the death, the religion of Islam who is the sworn enemy of Western Civilization and possesses a visceral hatred for American mores, norms, values and passionately seeks America’s destruction and the death of all Americans and America’s ally, Israel and the Jewish People.

death to america

III. It takes a special kind of lunatic to demand the immigration of America’s sworn enemy when an overwhelming number of these Muslim immigrants will be indigent, lacking any formal job skills and dependent upon America’s welfare system for sustenance while members of Radical Islam shelter in their Trojan Horse and discern the most advantageous strategies to kill American Citizens as they suckle the Government tit for daily sustenance and shelter.

no democracy

IV. It takes a special kind of lunatic to demand an open immigration policy and the mass immigration of the Muslim people who are brainwashed from youth to adhere to the tenets of Islam and the inhumane tenets of Sharia Law – knowing full well that these Muslim-Islamic immigrants have absolutely no intentions of assimilating into American Culture but desire to usurp the authority of America’s Constitutional Republic and replace same with the tenets of Sharia Law.


V. It takes a special kind of hypocritical lunatic who adheres to the Leftist-Socialist-Democrat Ideology of Moral Relativism, a demonically based Ideology which radically advocates abortion on demand and every aberrant form of sexual perversity yet spits in the face of President Trump and his efforts to secure America’s borders and provide protection for the American people from Radical Islamic Terrorists who, under the auspices of Sharia Law, hate homosexuals – the LGBTQ Cult[ure], Christians, Jews and believe that the faithful Muslim must cut the throats of these “infidels.”  How confused must the Liberal-Socialist Homosexual pandering Left be in order to demand the immigration of a satanic cult that demands the death of homosexuals?



VI. It takes a special kind of mentally sick, hypocritical lunatic, Socialist-Liberal-Democrat to obfuscate and compromise the security of the American people by demanding that the immigration of the Muslim is a humane, philanthropic, honorable endeavor – “it’s the humane thing to do,” that is, open the American border to Muslim immigrants, their children, their elderly, for “compassionate” reasons when the hypocritical lunatic Socialist-Left-Democrat knows full well that the demands for Muslim immigration is not for humane reasons but to secure and systematically increase the Socialist-Democratic Party’s Base – the Socialist-Democrat Vote every two-years…knowing full well that these Muslim immigrants will be wholly dependent upon the welfare state and that it is the Socialist-Democrat who will pander to the financial needs of the Muslim immigrant community in exchange for their vote.  See:


VII. Breaking News: If the bloody-perverse Socialist-Left-Democrat truly cared for “humanity,” they would not advocate the torture, dismemberment, mutilation, burning to death of 60-million American babies since Roe v. Wade (1973).  If the perverse-Socialist-Left-Democrat truly cared for “humanity” they would not radically support the deathstyle of the LGBTQ Cult[ure] that infects our youth with aberrant sexual confusion and gender confusion where some 40% of Trans Youth attempt suicide – a sexually perverse cult[ure] of death that is replete with disease, mental illness, confusion, self-loathing yet these perverse Leftist-Socialists seek to legitimize this sexual debauchery via legislation (Obergefell v. Hodges – 2015) in lieu of providing compassion, care and demanding the LGBTQ Cult[ure] seek psychological intervention.




I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the Socialist-Democratic Party in the United States is a Domestic Terrorist Organization – this Political Party has become nothing more than a hoard of obstructionists, Socialists, Atheists, abortionists, sexual perverts, welfare pandering racists, radical feminists, haters of God, haters of Christians, haters of Jews, haters of Israel, haters of the Holy Bible, haters of democracy.  If America’s Patriot men don’t coalesce and make demands on Washington to get this hoard of anti-American Socialists under control and put them on notice, America will not survive another Generation void a civil war to drive the destructive ideology into the Pacific Ocean.

refugees are men

America’s financially broken, godless, confused, divided, consumed with hate, angry, accusatory, Washington-Congress is impotent and gutless, our Military is depleted, we’re morally bankrupt and worst of all, America’s rejected the love and provision of the Lord Jesus Christ…but one thing is for certain, a Nation will reap what is sows!!!  May God be Glorified and “May God be found true, though every man be found a liar.” (Romans 3:4)



Related article: “Less Christian America = Worse America?” See:

Just my opinion,

Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired.


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