More LGBTQ Insanity on Display…

This article is a very good example of the confusion and self-destructive nature of the human heart when an individual and a Nation rejects the love, protection, guidance, provisions of the Lord Jesus Christ. The LGBTQ Cult[ure] is successfully infusing a destructive lie i.e. “Moral Relativism” into the dying heart of American culture – a demonic ideology that espouses no restraints on human behavior, teaches that there are no consequences to our behavior – now and in eternity; therefore, our youth and far too many adults have become so confused that they can no longer differentiate between male and female nor can they choose the correct bathroom in which to urinate while in a public place. America is in serious trouble…


Our Nation was founded on Christian principles, regardless of what the godless historical revisionist might say, and our democratic experiment, our Constitutional Republic cannot survive apart from an overwhelming number of American citizens having been redeemed through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Our Founding Fathers envisioned a Nation with a very limited, tiered Government that was controlled by the people and for the people. Our Democratic Experiment depends on the citizenry seeking peace, righteousness, loving one’s neighbor, honor, justice, goodness, morality, dignity, patriotism, faithfulness…our government was never designed to be the all intrusive watchful eye of justice…without the righteousness of Christ ruling and reigning in an overwhelming number of hearts…there are simply not sufficient police, prisons, prosecutors to keep us safe and thus our Constitutional Republic will fail.


Please stand against the LGBTQ perversity (Obergefell v. Hodges-2015) and government sanctioned infanticide (Roe v. Wade-1973) that alienates our Lord, His sovereignty over America thus destroying our Nation and undermining our most basic values, those values being essential to our survival and the survival of our posterity.


gender identity



Rick Holtsclaw


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